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Absolut Vodka

History brand Absolut

History of Swedish vodka takes beginningAbsolut Vodka in the XV century, when the Norsemen first began to make a product called "branvin", which translates as "fiery wine."

Initially, the alcoholic beverage of grapes and imported wine has only been used for medical purposes, but decades later, people realized that vodka can be useful for entertainment purposes. Thus, in the XVII century, vodka has become a popular national drink buffet.

Absolut vodka its existence owes to man, whose name was Lars Olsson Smith. It was he who in 1879 introduced a new kind of vodka «Absolut rent Branvin», which translated means "Absolutely pure vodka." This innovative product was different from their own kind for its revolutionary production technology. She was in continuous distillation , which allows you to clear the product from all sorts of impurities and keep it natural character.

Lars Olsson Smith was born in the south of Sweden in a poor family. From an early age he began to work hard. Lars featured incredible commercial acumen, which enabled him to form his own company, to lead all customers for a former employer and become its main competitor. By the age of 18 Smith took control of the sale of vodka in the south of Sweden. Because of this Lars nicknamed "King of vodka."
Absolut Vodka

Unable to compete successfully Smith, local authorities decided to expel him from the market. To have been introduced to the intolerable conditions of existence of Lars. This, in turn, has led Lars Olsson Smith to move their shops on the nearby island.
Absolut Vodka Absolut Vodka

A little later, Lars took control of several other plants, thereby blocking retail outlets selling lower quality products. Smith began exporting its products by the end of the century it became one of the richest people in the country.

Lars Olsson Smith died in 1913, leaving only debts. But his technical innovations did not die with him. Was a man who continued the work of Lars. His name was Lars Lindmark (Lars Lindmark) - President of V&S Vin&Sprit AB ( Swedish wine and spirits корпорации).

Lindmark began to modernize the old company and started exporting new vodka. Having no experience in design, advertising and product positioning, he gathered the marketing team, the purpose of which was to select a new position for vodka Absolut. Vodka planned to export to the U.S., which was complete madness. But despite the fierce competition in this country, the team was determined Lindmark aims to sell Absolut Vodka, as a premium product with the old traditions.
Absolut Vodka

April 17, 1979 was the first batch of Absolut Vodka, and after a further two months Absolut appeared on the shelves in Boston. Despite the fact that for the first year on the U.S. market only sold 10,000 boxes of vodka Absolut, already in 1982, Absolut ahead of one of the largest Finnish competitors, which has proved much earlier. In 1985 - one more victory , but on the brand of vodka "Stolichnaya", then Absolut Vodka has become a leader among imported vodka in the United States.

Incredible, but just six years after the appearance in Boston, Absolut vodka included in the list of 100 best-selling spirits in the world. Thus, since 1994 the brand firmly entrenched in the top 10 multinational premium brands in the category of alcoholic beverages.

Absolut Vodka is considered one of the best , but she became famous not only for its quality as an advertising concept.

Initially design concept revolved around the ideaAbsolut Vodka of ​​territorial ownership of the brand. Considered options for creating an image of the Vikings on the label and the idea of ​​a bottle wrapped in paper. According to U.S. experts, the bottle had to be framed in bright colors screaming that it would be allocated in the window of her kind. On the other hand, offered so popular at the time the royal theme. But the choice was made by accident. Bottle reminiscent of antique medical bottle, which compared favorably with the rest. This choice was based on the fact that in the XVI-XVII centuries. vodka sold in аптеках.

By design, the packaging had to be without a label, not to hide the crystal clear components. However, after lengthy discussions, the team worked on the creation of a new brand image, decided to decorate the surface of the bottle colored letters. Was chosen for this attractive blue color.

Original name. Advertising company.

Having defined the packaging for the product, the team was a new challenge - to come up with a memorable name. Since the original product had the name «Absolute Rent Branvin», which translates as "Absolutely Pure Vodka" is registered in the name of the United States could not pass. All the matter is that the word " absolute " - total adjective and by law it can not be trademarked. Therefore, to avoid problems, was dropped last letter "e" from the word "absolute".
Absolut Vodka Absolut Vodka Absolut Vodka

As for the advertising concept, its author is Geoff Hayes - Art Director of the New York advertising agency TBWA. For a long time he worked on the creation of a symbol for the popular brand. Despairing that nothing happens to him came an epiphany. He realized that the character must be a halo. Soon appeared and a slogan that sounds like Absolute perfection. TBWA agency specialists approved of the idea. Based on a single concept was created a huge number of copies.
Absolut Vodka

Special role in the advertising campaign played photographer Bronstein. He used quite simple, but the original pictorial effect while photographing track - highlighting the dark background. This created the illusion of volume transparent bottle. In this approach lies the originality of advertising Absolut. Even if a person does not know a foreign language, it can easily identify the brand, and brand recognition - is an important and indispensable part of the advertising concept.

Today Absolut - the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff, marketed in 126 countries. Largest export market is the U.S., where in 2003 he has sold about 73 million liters.

How Vodka Is Made: Behind The Scenes of Absolut Vodka

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