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What you need to know about a separate feed?

Essence of the principle of a separate food

Our nutrients should be a remedy, and our remedies must be nutrients.

Everyone has long understood and know that health - is the most important thing in human life. No health - no joy, no fun, no reason to live. Losing health, perception of life becomes gloomy, gray, tasteless. Unfortunately, most people do not think about this value, up to a point, until they are fine as long as nothing disturbs them...
What you need to know about a separate feed?
Experts have proven that the majority of health problems associated with malnutrition. So we have to be more careful and choosy in their diet, the food we choose. This article will be devoted to a separate food and basic rules of eating. Perhaps we should start with the seven basic rules of supply.


Rule 1.

Remember that foods containing starch and acid should be used at different times.
What does this mean ? Bread, potatoes, bananas and other carbohydrate foods can not be combined with lemon, pineapple, tomatoes and other acidic foods.

Rule 2.

At various times, should eat foods containing proteins and carbohydrates.
What does this mean ? is not recommended to combine cereal, bread, potatoes with cheese, eggs, meat and nuts.

Rule 3.

For one meal you can eat only one concentrated protein foods.
What does this mean ? In such a meal can not include nuts in combination with meat, eggs, meat, cheese, meat, cheese or eggs. To those or other protein foods learned for each of them requires certain conditions in the stomach.

Rule 4.

Protein and acid should also be used at different times.
What does this mean ? You can not combine the meat, fish , eggs, cheese, nuts with lemons, oranges, tomatoes.

Rule 5.

Separately should eat protein and fat.
What does this mean ? is not recommended to combine the butter or vegetable with eggs, cheese, meat, nuts and other foods containing proteins.

Rule 6.

Sugar and starchy foods you need to eat at different times.
What does this mean ? In cakes, bread, biscuits, cereals, etc. Do not add any sugar, jellies, jams, preserves or fruit.

Rule 7.

Allocate a number of products that do not mix with others. This milk, melons, watermelons.
What does this mean ? All three products should only be used separately.
What you need to know about a separate feed? What you need to know about a separate feed?


Rule 1.

Avoid drinking fluids during meals.
Remember this important and useful rule. It is believed that drinking food, liquid from the body carries most of the dilute digestive juices, which in turn contributes to the weakening of the digestion process. The liquid drink is best for 20-30 minutes prior to a meal and after 1.5-2 hours after, namely 30 minutes after receiving the fruit, 2 hours after the starchy food and 4 hours after the protein.

Rule 2.

Proved that thoroughly chewed food instantly exposed to digestive juices , while quickly swallowed pieces of food requires much more time to digest. Moreover, chewed food promotes rapid feeling of fullness.

Rule 3.

It is not recommended to consume fatty meats and smoked . Prefer lean meats.

Rule 4.

Refuse numerous warming food. Cook on one meal. Meat, fish, poultry better steamed, boiled or put it out, if you want to bake, it's better on the grill.

Rule 5.

Eat fractional portions several times a day. The spacing between the meals must be approximately two hours.

Rule 6.

to gradually reduce the use of salt, pepper and other spices.

Rule 7.

If you do not want to eat, do not force yourself. Do not overeat especially before bedtime.
What you need to know about a separate feed?

BENEFITS separate food

Adhering the rules of separate supply you :
- There is no reason for intoxication;
- Will not have problems with being overweight, as the principle on which to base a separate food boils down to that the absorption of only one type of food at a meal decreases the amount of calories entering the body, and it helps get rid of excess weight;
- Improve health.
What you need to know about a separate feed?


Unfortunately, in a separate food has its disadvantages. Not all people are able to adjust to a new way of eating. According to some physicians, separate power supply could lead to a lack of nutrients in the body, primarily iron and vitamins. In addition, separate meals can lead to metabolic disorders. Should be especially careful with the rules of a separate food children and the elderly. Nevertheless, knowing their habits and characteristics of the body, you ought to make a decision to change eating habits or not. But before taking any decision, be sure to consult with experts.

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