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» » Japanese festival spreading beans.

Japanese festival spreading beans.

arrival of spring in Japan

Before the onset of Japanese festival spreading beans. Spring Festival in Japan carried out, which is called "Setsubun". It is a religious holiday, whose task is the expulsion of the evil spirit and the call of spring. Holiday associated with the awakening of nature, beginning of agricultural activities and the start of the year, ie in other words " Setsubun " - a Japanese new year.

Celebrating "Setsubun" from the third to the fourth of February. Emergence of religious celebrations relate to the philosophical concept of yin and yang. Has long been believed that it was at the junction of the seasons are generated all sorts of dark forces in this regard appeared ritual expulsion of demons.

In today's world many rituals specific to the festival are held, but some of them are still observed. Expulsion of evil spirits by using amulets and throwing beans.

As for the amulet, it is made from the branches of an evergreen plant with prickly leaves and a pungent odor. At this node taken stick dry fish head iwashi. It is this amulet able to drive away evil forces.

The most important part of the ritual is considered spreading the beans. For this pre- fried beans on the fire, then throw at the entrance to the house, in every room, at the corners, wherever they can be hell. After this, the beans are harvested and eaten as a ritual food that could take a variety of ailments. As a rule, one should eat beans amount equal to his age. This ensures the health, luck and prosperity in the new year.

For families with children this ritual turns into a fun game with disguises. A Japanese school students doing extraordinary masks of evil spirits.
Today, instead of beans can be used peanuts for the celebration. Besides Japan "Setsubun" mark in India, Nepal, Brazil, USA , Belarus and other countries.

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