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» » All of puff pastry.

All of puff pastry.

All about puff pastry

Many simply All of puff pastry. love of pastries puff pastry croissants, pastries, puff ears, puffs with different fillings etc. Today we know what basic ingredients are part of the puff pastry, and what are the kinds of puff pastry.

So, how, in the puff pastry includes flour, water, salt, margarine or butter. This dough pick and requires much attention and precise proportions. Depending on the ingredients used and simplified isolated classic puff pastry. Preparation classic test - costly and time-consuming process. Kneaded dough of flour and water. It then roll thin layers of cold butter. Quality classical test depends on the number rolled layers. Average quality of the test is 140 layers. In rare cases, their number goes up to 240 layers.

How to achieve such a stunning result? Can not say that everything is simple and fast. Have to try. Main dough is rolled evenly, put a piece in the center of the cooled oil. Oil covered dough edges on all sides and the process rolling. Need to roll out a rectangle. Then it must be folded three times, ie middle of the reservoir served first left its third part, then right again and all folded in half. Thereafter, the dough must be put in the cold. After some time, the dough is rolled out and folded again, as described above. All steps should be repeated 4-5 times. In the language of professionals, this process is called - tyurnirovanie. Important not to forget to put the dough on a cold, to avoid sticking layers.

Regarding simplified puff pastry, the composition ingredients are distinguished:

• Puff pastry instant preparation.
For preparing such a test requires the ratio of flour to water ratio of 1:1. In fact the name of the test is not justified in practice. The process of preparation and time-consuming. To prepare the puff pastry instant preparation necessary to mix 250 gr. flour, 1 tsp and salts slices cooled oil. You then add 7-9 tbsp water and knead the dough. Substituted by the dough must be chilled . The dough is rolled out and subjected to standard tyurnirovaniyu. This dough is well suited for baking sticks with cheese, cakes, meat pies.
All of puff pastry. All of puff pastry.

• Yeast torn or puff pastry. Ratio of flour and oil is 2:1. Primarily kneaded yeast dough 50 g of flour. It is cooled and give a little " to wander." The finished dough is rolled out into a rectangle no thicker than 8 mm. One half laid oil, covered the second half of the dough and the dough tyurniruetsya. This dough is perfect for baking puff pastry with various fillings.

• Cottage cheese puff pastry. Ratio of butter, flour and cheese - 1:1:1. To prepare the dough is necessary to mix 250 g of flour, ½ tsp baking powder, a pinch of salt . Then added to the cooled oil. Before you add cheese he should settle, then it should be rubbed through a sieve. Then all the ingredients are kneaded into a homogeneous mass. Dough chilled and rolled tyurniruetsya as usual. Is better to use the dough for biscuits with sweet or spicy fillings, sausages / apples in puff pastry baskets for ' quiche '.

• Slivochnoesloenoe dough. Ratio of flour, butter and cream (can substitute sour cream ) equals 2:1:0,8. Ie you will need 250 grams of flour, ½ tsp baking powder, 125 g butter 100 ml refrigerated cream. Flour mixed with ¼ tsp salt is gradually added butter, sour cream. So prepare the dough. Dough also cooled. Tyurnirovat is enough dough 1-2 times. This dough for baking cakes, salty sticks. Compared with other species of puff pastry, butter puff pastry is prepared much faster.

Useful Tips :

Special sweet taste слоеномуAll of puff pastry. test gives butter, so check before making its shelf life. Carve puff pastry need sharp knives. During baking puff pastry should not open the oven often. The dough may settle the products do not rise up and will be flat.

Moreover, it is recommended to lubricate the edge of pastry with egg yolk. This also helps to reduce its volume. For tight connection edges, you can use a fork or to the rim with water. The optimum temperature for baking pastry puff pastry does not exceed 200 degrees. Clearly follow the baking time. The dough does not bubble and was even, when baking pierce the upper layers of the test plug.

Using ready-made puff pastry, should also carry out a number of rules. Usually ready puff pastry is sold frozen, therefore, before cooking it should be thawed. Best of all, if the layers are thawed individually for about 20 minutes. Then each layer of dough should be moistened with water. Then all the layers are connected and roll out into a single layer. Observe the direction of rolling out dough. Direction of movement must be as follows: right to left, in the opposite direction, from top to bottom and vice versa.

Remember that blank products to do larger as the dough when baking is reduced in size. Formed products before baking should be placed in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. In this case it is possible to avoid deformation of the test. Also remember that baking puff products do not need to grease baking sheet with oil, enough to moisten it with water. If you have a lot of leftovers puff pastry, they can be wrapped in foil and put in the refrigerator until the next baking.

Finally offer you a delicious recipe for Strawberry NAPOLEON

ДляAll of puff pastry. cook it you will need:
- 200 g sour cream,
- ½ cans of condensed milk
- 1 packet of butter,
- 1 packet of margarine
- 300 g flour
- 1 cup nuts
- 70 g strawberries,
- ½ cup strawberry puree
- 1/6 tsp vanilla sugar.

Preparation :

Spread the cooled margarine and flour. Then add sour cream and mix everything. The resulting dough into 8 equal pieces. Refrigerate. Roll each piece of dough into a thin cake. Bake at 250 ° C, pre -moistened with water baking. Cool the cakes.

To prepare the cream , you need to beat butter until smooth, gradually adding condensed milk. Then add the vanilla sugar and strawberry puree. Each cake smeared cream on all sides. Top of the cake can be decorated with roasted nuts and fresh strawberries.

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