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Best Restaurants Chicago

Best Restaurants Chicago

Chicago is recognized as one of the best cities in the United States, featuring a large culinary variety. The city is famous for its original regional specialties and numerous festivals of food, which are held in its historic surroundings. Every year a large number of people come to Chicago to see all the sights of this wonderful city and taste the local cuisine.

Restaurant Charlie Trotter's

Best Restaurants Chicago
Charlie Trotter's
816 West Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60614

Restaurant Charlie Trotter's, opened in 1987 and named after its discoverer, the chef, is located in Lincoln Park (Lincoln Park). The restaurant's cuisine is based only on the best products. A network of more than 90 vendors supplying masters of their craft fresh and healthy ingredients that inspire him to create more original and delicious culinary delights

The restaurant offers three tasting menus to identify the freshest and best food. The wine list and menu are created according to the culinary philosophy Trotter, which is the food and wine are created not only to complement each other, and most importantly, to inspire each other, making the choice and the interaction of wine and food an integral part of the lunch.

Despite the fact that the culinary style can be described as Trotter American food cooked by French technique and Asian influences, the chef offers two options menu: vegetable and grand tasting menu. The menu changes daily. Visitors are invited to enjoy steamed cod and mussels, olives Picholine, artichokes, nettles, poached egg, roast veal with spicy pumpkin and juniper, roasted rabbit with potatoes, turnip and mustard, as well as many other delicious dishes.
Best Restaurants Chicago Best Restaurants Chicago

To share my passion for food with visitors, Trotter allows some guests to dine on the most kitchen. Here in the corner for guests with table for 4-6 persons, where everyone can see all the work the chef and his assistants. These guests will receive a menu that is different from what is served in the main dining room.

At least looks fantastic restaurant interior. All tables draped with linen tablecloths, wall advantageous to look calm tones, combined with stunning bright bouquets.

Place in a stunning establishment must be booked in advance, at least 4 months. At the request of the party guests can enjoy a private room called Studio Kitchen, home of the cooking demonstration.
Best Restaurants Chicago

Charlie Trotter's restaurant has been and remains one of the "delicious" institutions of the city of Chicago, proudly bearing the title of world leader. The restaurant has won many awards, including the AAA Five Diamond Award and the James Beard Foundation in the amount of 10 awards. According to the magazine «Wine Spectator» Charlie Trotter's is the "best restaurant in the world for wine and cuisine" (1998) and "America's Best Restaurant" (2000) and the book «Restaurant Magazine» made ​​it into the top 50 restaurants in the world since 2004. " restaurant awarded third place in the list of the best restaurants in Chicago.

The whole team of the restaurant chef Charlie Trotter, Matthias Merges, Michael Rotondo, Jennifer Petrusky and Della Gossett never cease to delight its visitors and confidently work for a common cause.

Restaurant Everest

Best Restaurants Chicago

[b] Everest
Chicago Stock Exchange
440 Louisiana, 40th Floor
Chicago, IL, 60605

Another famous restaurant in the city of Chicago is known as Everest. The restaurant is located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Everest is ranked fourth among the restaurants as rated Along with the breathtaking view from the windows of the restaurant, an institution known for its great Alsatian wines.
Best Restaurants Chicago
Bronze sculptures by renowned Swiss artist Ivo Soldini adorn each table restaurant. Here you can see the paintings of Chicago artist Adam Siegel and sculpture Virginio Ferrari. As elegant as the dining room is a personalized kitchen head chef Joho, which exert influence on the roots as Alsace and France.

Edition of Chicago Tribune, nominated restaurant on top of the rankings notes that Joho plates are the most democratic, side -by-side pairing of ingredients working and aristocratic classes. Other local publications, including magazines Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago, also awarded restaurant Everest the highest honors .

Restaurant menu changes depending on the season. Guests can enjoy a tasting menu of seven dishes or vegetarian tasting menu. Every day at 5:30 pm or 5 pm on Saturday , guests can enjoy a menu of three or four dishes from the chef.
Best Restaurants Chicago Best Restaurants Chicago

Private dining rooms of the restaurant Everest distinguished by its luxury and unique style. Besides the main dining room, which can also be used for special events, the restaurant has six rooms that differ in capacity.

Known owner - chef J. Joho creates a menu that reflects the style and spirit of the kitchen that made Everest one of the best restaurants in the country. Impeccable service and the ability to meet all the needs of guests deserve some praise.
Restaurant allows each visitor feel the most important person in the evening.

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