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Drink and grow thin!

Category: Diets

Miracle drinks.

Girls who are constantly watching her figure, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, concerned about the amount of calories contained in the food or drinks they consume. Refreshing to quench your thirst in the hottest weather, but still no harm to figure a variety of ways. Today we will talk about what kind of drinks can be consumed in the heat with health benefits.

First consider
Top 5 cocktails, burning calories.

Let's start with a drink, which can be roughly Drink and grow thin! called green smoothie. To prepare one serving of this drink, take:
- Kiwi (1 pc.)
- 2 slices of lemon zest,
- 6 sprigs of parsley,
- 7 sprigs of mint
- 100 ml of carbonated water.


- Need to clean kiwi and cut it into slices.
- Put in a blender kiwi, lemon, parsley, mint leaves.
- Pour water. Grind until smooth mashed.
Use it as a drink preferably immediately after cooking, and if you choose to sweeten it with honey, but not sugar.

Next, learn how to cook tasty and healthy nemenee Tropical Cocktail.

You will need:
Drink and grow thin! - 4 large slices of pineapple
- Вј grapefruit
- 250 ml yogurt or low-fat yogurt,
- 30 g pumpkin seeds,
- 30 ml of coconut oil.


of the drink does not require any special tricks. All you need to do is put all the ingredients in a blender and grind them. This drink will not only bring a feeling of satiety, but also accelerate the process of metabolism in the body.

To cook the most delicious though not, but effective drink of yogurt you will need:
- 250 ml low-fat yogurt,
- a pinch of red pepper flakes,
- 0.5 tsp ground ginger,
- 0.5 tsp cinnamon.


Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous mixture. This is an excellent tool for cleaning the body, so it is better to drink before bedtime.

Next drink on the list of honey vinegar.

Drink and grow thin!

Necessary ingredients:

- 1 tsp natural apple cider vinegar
- 1 tsp liquid honey
- 1 cinnamon stick,
- 50 ml of water (room temperature).


to mix things up in the morning and drink in small sips. To avoid problems with digestion, do not exceed the specified dose of vinegar.

Cocktail with apple and celery you will need:
- 200-250 grams of celery,
- 2 green apples,
- juice of lime 0.5,
- Article 0.5 of cold water,
- Article 0.5 of ice.


Cut the celery, chop in a blender. Add peeled (without core) apples, lime juice. Beat all until smooth. Add water and whisk again. Crush ice and add it to the resulting mixture. The drink is ready.

The most important thing that you must remember Drink and grow thin! is that the presence of ice cream or cream in a cocktail not help you reduce the size of the waist. And the content of alcohol in cocktails only prevents the removal of fluid from the body . Therefore it is better to drink less tasty, but more healthy drinks.

Although, as we all know, every rule has an exception. At the same time tasty and healthy drink is a drink smoothies (Smoothie). Typically, this guctoy drink of berries, fruits, vegetables and fresh juices . Recently, " smoothie " became the most popular drink among girls. The advantage of this drink is that it can replace one meal ( breakfast or lunch ), is an effective tool for weight loss and maintenance of tone. Smoothies - a great vitamin charge for the whole day.

Prepare a miracle drink is not difficult. Below we offer you to get acquainted with several options cooking vitamin drink.

To prepare the curd - banana smoothies we need: 2 tbsp 1% kefir (or yogurt), 250-300 g fat-free yogurt, 1 banana.

Preparation: In a blender, mix all ingredients until smooth. Drink chilled cocktail.
Drink and grow thin!

For the blueberry-banana smoothie take 100 grams of blueberries, 1 banana, yogurt or milk 0.5. Method of preparing the same.

To prepare the citrus smoothies will need: 2 oranges, 2 tangerines, 4 bananas, 1 lemon, 1 lime, Вј tbsp milk and ice. The cooking process is the same.
Drink and grow thin! Drink and grow thin!

To withdraw excess fluid from the body, reduce appetite and get rid of cellulite cook fresh drink . Fresh juices is recommended to drink thirty minutes before meals. Here are a few ways to cook fresh drink .

Method 1 . Take half an apple, a handful of spinach , half a carrot , 1 celery stalk , a few drops of olive oil or cream.

Method 2 . Take one pear and juice of half a grapefruit.

Method 3 . Need 1 stalk celery , 1 cucumber juice 1/2 lemon , mint .

Method 4 . Use apple, carrot , a few drops of olive oil or cream.

Offer see a video where you can clearly see how to prepare such as " fresh " of ginger and lime

Fresh vegetable.

If you stick to a diet that will help you move it to the next drink. To make it, you need to take half a glass washed millet, pour him a glass of boiled water at room temperature, grain hands knead for 15 minutes until a white liquid. Drink white liquid similar to milk is necessary 1-2 times a day.

From the submitted list of drinks you can easily choose the most suitable for you a cocktail that will give you a boost of energy and does not allow to gain extra pounds.

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Drink and grow thin!