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Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

Category: Diets

True or False ? Diet for good or harm.

How many more girls Myths about diets. Enough puff itself! will torture yourself in search of the most effective diet? In the flurry of silly gimmicks that promise to lose flab, the girls are ready for everything. In fact, to distinguish truth from fiction is not easy. Let's try to expose the most common myths about diet, but you must first understand what a diet what are the diet, and to whom they are shown.

Typically, for most of us diet - a way of eating that helps to reduce weight. In fact, under certain diet should be understood ruleset supply which is not always aimed at weight reduction. There are lots of diets : health, medical, and other rational

Depending on the human disease may appoint one or another diet that promotes rapid recovery of the patient.

However, the diet can bring significant harm to the body. They adversely affect the appearance, lead to metabolic disorders, etc. It says only that the DIET is a useful tool in the hands of knowledgeable SPECIALISTS . In this regard, recently, nutritionists professionals have gained immense popularity.

Now go directly to the most famous myths about diets .

Myth 1 . Do not eat after six in the evening.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

Sounds a little silly belief that during the day you can overeat by anything, but only strictly to six in the evening. Is the calories that you consume during the day, do not put aside in fat? Nonsense, and only. Even the smallest portion of food is sent instantly, so to speak, in the fat depot.
The human body is like when you consume calories, much more important than their number. Indeed, we should not overeat at night, but during the day you should not do. Remember that between calories and hours there is no connection.

Myth 2 . Avoiding harmful foods in favor of useful .

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

It is worth noting that uniquely "useful" and "harmful" products does not exist, it all depends on how they are cooked and in what quantities are used. Therefore, you should not even try to make a list of harmful products, excluding that you supposedly begin to melt before our eyes.

Myth 3. From greasy fattening.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

It is indisputable that in one gram of fat contains twice as many calories than a gram of protein or carbohydrate, and it makes a high-calorie fat dishes. But looking at it another way, is to say that this allows the fat to satisfy your hunger for a long time. Without fat the body can not exist. Especially that fat also can be different. Secrete beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and harmful trans fats that contribute to obesity or more serious illnesses.

Myth 4. The less carbs you eat, the faster you grow thin.

In this case too it is impossible to judge clearly. You should not give up carbs. Their number can be reduced in order to lose weight, but only if you work to increase muscle. Waiver of carbohydrates can lead to unconsciousness, fainting. It is proved that the people sitting on the low-carb diet, began to gain weight lost after only six months.

Myth 5. Reusable food in small portions helps to lose weight.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

As it turned out as a result of the research, between the standard and reusable food makes no difference. It depends on the total number of calories ingested food.

Myth 6. One fasting day a week will save you from extra pounds .

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!
Do you really believe that refusing to eat once a week, you will be able to rectify the situation ? Nothing, no miracles. On burning fat the body needs 72 hours, while the daily refusal of food, the body can not move to this important regime. Thus losing a little weight, you just empty out your stomach and lost weight will return to you after the first meal. Do not be so naive, do not believe that after six days of defoliation, the seventh day of fasting to work a miracle.

Myth 7. Method that will help make your stomach flat.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!
Do not believe that you will be able to make a total relief stomach obesity. It so happened that due to the genetic characteristics of the abdomen area is the most problematic for men and hips and buttocks area - for women. This means that the body gets rid of fat in problem areas in the last turn . Diets change this mechanism fails .

Myth 8 . Running promotes weight loss .

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!
The notion that fat is burned from running - another myth. Indeed, proper cardio activates the fat burning process, but not at the expense of calories. To lose weight , you need to create a negative calorie balance and spend more energy than getting it from food.

Myth 9. Plenty of water helps to lose weight.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!
If you have the habit to consume a lot of juices, teas, alcoholic beverages then replacing them with water, you will naturally reduce calorie intake. However, simply increasing the intake of water will not help you get rid of extra pounds. Water can trick your stomach and create a temporary feeling of fullness, but it is important to know that hunger - it is not simply a function of your stomach, your body can not do without nutrients, thus filling the stomach with water will not satisfy you for a long time. Sure, water is essential for the body and is necessary for its operation and maintenance of energy, but will not add excess fluid metabolism and relieve of flab.

Myth 10. Sugar leads to obesity.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

In fact, not all sugar same origin. Unfortunately, food labels do not specify the difference between added sugar and that sugar, which initially contained in a particular product. Unlikely to those who are dieting would buy goods, which is specified on the label of a sugar, for example, canned fruits. While, canned fruits contain sugar plant initially in the product itself. So before you look at the amount of sugar on the label, study the composition and components. Foods containing fructose, should be consumed at a minimum.

Myth 11. To lose weight, eat more grapefruit.

Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

Perhaps this myth - one of the most well-established. In reality there is no such product that is able to destroy the fat enzymes. Eat grapefruit as part of a diet - it is useful because these fruits contain lycopene, antioxidants. But do not abuse them.

Believe such myths or not - your business. Most importantly, remember that everything is good in moderation!

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Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!