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» » Carving in practice. Onion beauty.

Carving in practice. Onion beauty.

Culinary delights from the bow.

Bow transformed into a beautiful chrysanthemum

To make chrysanthemum need small bulb. At your discretion, you can use white or red onion. More beautiful flower turns from a small bulb. Also affects the quality of the flower wall thickness of onion. Petals of a thin-walled bulbs are more elegant.
1. First, clean the bulb, wash, dry.Carving in practice. Onion beauty. Cut about half a centimeter from the top and bottom of the bulb.
2. Using a thin sharp knife, cut the onion into two parts almost without cutting about half an inch to the end. It is best to make an incision on the upper side, the place where the pen increases.
3. Make another of the same incision, perpendicular to the first.
4. Next incised bulb on the number of parts, which is possible. Be careful, because when enough deep cuts, the flower will blossom bad, and vice versa, at a very deep cuts, flower just fall apart.
5. Now the bulb must be fully immersed in water at room temperature. Depending on the variety of onion, you will need from 40 minutes to several hours to onion blossomed chrysanthemum.
6. This flower can be dyed with beet juice, whole flower or dipping the tips of his petals. For coloring, you can use any other food dyes.

Delicate flower of white bulbs.

1. Clean, my dried white onion. TryCarving in practice. Onion beauty. to clean the bulb so as not to cut the root seal.
2 . Across the bulb do four or five deep cuts on two or three layers.
3 . Turn down the outermost layer, it will flower petals. Incised internal layers are removed using a knife. As petals fragile, do you need with the utmost caution.
4 . These cuts do staggered. And repeat the steps in the previous paragraph: turn down the first layer, the inner eliminate.
5 . Repeat these steps until you reach the middle of the bulb.
6. Thereafter, the bulb must be placed in hot water for a few seconds.
7. Then put the onion in the marinade of water, vinegar and sugar for ten minutes. * Number of ingredients for the marinade, add to taste.
8. Upon request, the flower can be painted with food coloring. We took out the flower from the marinade, shake off excess liquid fluff petals and decorate the dish.

Unusual flower leek

1. Cut off a piece of the stem length about Carving in practice. Onion beauty. 15 centimeters.

2. With a sharp knife make longitudinal incisions no wider than 1.5 inches.

3. Cut thin strips of petals do. To do this, turn down the strip and then tucked it to the center.

4. Petals can take up to three or four rows.

5. Once formed petals, you need to trim the excess part of the stem at about petals.
6. Stem can give volume by means of incisions.

Flower of green leek

1. Fold in half a stalk leeks.Carving in practice. Onion beauty. From the side of the fold make frequent cuts.

2. Roll up roll core it will flower.

3. Now we need to make the petals of the wide piece of onion, folded them in half.

4. Secure with toothpicks and a flower lay on a platter.

We hope that you will be able to repeat the offer color options for their holiday meals. It is best to first practice on a regular day while on holiday surprise all guests with its new creativity. Do not forget that to create culinary masterpieces in the style of carving you will be only professional tools.

We wish you success in the development of new business !

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