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» » Swans from apples - simple!

Swans from apples - simple!

Apple carving. Piecemeal excision of swans red apple.

To create a swan from an apple you will need: a thin knife, Swans of apples - simple! Apple, serving dishes.
Swans from apples - simple! Swans from apples - simple! Swans from apples - simple!

Option number 1.

1. Cut the apple into two halves. Neat movements remove core and cut apple half put down.
2. In the center strip on leave 1 cm, and the left and right of it makes an incision from the top down, not reaching to the end. Should get a corner. On the number of such corners depends elegance creation.
3. Since this is a very fine work, using, respectively, thin knife.
4. Next you need to cut the corner of the middle strip that mimics the neck and head of the winch.
5. Pre-cut corners to make the slide shapely figure.
6. Swan neck to be inserted into the incision. Place the finished product on a serving plate.

* No less impressive is the swan look of a green apple.

Option number 2.

The second way how to carve a swan out of an apple. To do this, take a large apple, carrot slices, the solution of 1/2 liter of water and the juice of one lemon pepper or a few grains of mustard seeds and toothpicks.
1. Cut off from the Eplan third part on the side where the hvostik.Lebedi apples - simple! Less often postponed from it will have to make the neck and head.
2. From the middle of the apple cut out an oval shape with pointed ends. Cut three pieces such as the first parallel. In general, you should have four oval shapes - this one segment.
3. Next, cut out like segments at both ends Eplan. Overview predefine the middle of each of them. Total segment goes three, four oval shapes. Set it aside, while not sharing.
4. To avoid browning fruit pulp of apples sprinkled with lemon solution. Ovals return to their seats, slightly shifting each of them.
5. Fix ovals with a toothpick.
6. Less than half of the apple, cut a slice of 1 cm wide slice attach form curved neck. Then insert toothpicks on both sides.
7. Carrots cut out beak and fasten it on the head, which sticks a toothpick. Attach the neck to the body and insert the eye of grains of pepper or mustard.
8. You're just another bird irrigate lemon solution.

Watch the video of how to cut an apple swan.

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