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Ethan Stowell

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Ethan Stowell's biography.

Ethan Stowell's culinary gold

Ethan StowellEverything Ethan Stowell touches turns into culinary gold. This self-taught chef stands out from the crowd for his fanatical pursuit of excellence and attention to detail.

Simple food is the key to success

His cooking philosophy: "Keeping food simple while making it better than people can cook it at home!" Ethan specializes in new American and Italian cuisine. He never studied culinary art anywhere, but cuisine is his life and vocation, which is probably why Stowell was able to achieve such stunning results in just a dozen years.

Today, he owns five restaurants in Seattle and is unlikely to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, embodying his new ideas and opportunities in them. Etana restaurants always use only fresh, high-quality products, and they are focused on seasonal demand, so the menu changes here quite often.
Ethan Stowell

Ethan always knew what he wanted to achieve in this life and, working in restaurants as a chef at the very beginning of his culinary career, he set a goal for himself, which he was able to achieve in a few years. Stowell was sure that in order to open his restaurant, he first of all needed to develop a client base, win the love of visitors and establish himself as a talented chef, and earn a high prestige in the culinary field.
Ethan Stowell

And this tactic did not disappoint him, in 2003 he was able to find investors to open his first restaurant "Union". It can be called a kind of “test of the pen”, because today this restaurant no longer works, but it gave the first impetus for further opportunities. And the push was really colossal. Already after a short period of time, this restaurant won the love of not only visitors, but also critics and topped the list of the best restaurants in the city. Ethan is deeply committed to his beloved city and is committed to ensuring that Seattle's culinary establishments are nationally recognized.

Ethan can be called not only an excellent cook, but also an excellent leader, appreciating the efforts that he makes to encourage and improve the work of his employees, and Stowell has many of them. A talented chef himself, Ethan, through his restaurants, has created a good environment for young chefs and restaurateurs, encouraging new ideas and beginnings. At the same time, he can be called self-taught, because in the process of cooking, he uses exclusively home cooking skills, while creating tasty and affordable dishes.

At the same time, Ethan believes that it is very important for a chef to travel, not to sit in one place, and this is probably the only opportunity to gain real knowledge in order to achieve great success in his life. “I encourage all young chefs to make at least a few trips. Go outside and feel the world, get to know other cultures. This is very important, ”Ethan shares his experience. And hardly anyone will disagree with him.

Restaurants so different and so alike

Every Ethan Stowell restaurant, however similar, still specializes in different types of products. Only one thing unites them - Italian cuisine. "Tavolata" was opened in 2006 and after a while received three stars from the "Seattle Times", as well as great love from fans of Stowell's talent that had appeared by that time. Family-style pasta is served here, and the food is so delicious that small plates are recommended to avoid overeating.
Ethan Stowell

Without wasting time, just a year later his third restaurant, How to Cook a Wolf, was opened, which was immediately recognized as one of the best restaurants in the city. It is very similar to "Tavolata" but is easier to use in Italian cuisine. While Anchovies & Olives and Staple & Fancy Merchantile specialize more in seafood, which Stowell also adored. Recently, Ethan has started to focus more on fast food with the Ballard Pizza Company, preferring that it was not regular fast food, but better food that parents would not forbid their children to eat.

However, despite the success in the restaurant business, his own culinary establishments, for Stowell, is just a great opportunity to bring his new ideas and culinary discoveries to life, because, first of all, he is still an excellent chef who seeks creativity and independence. And one of the secrets of success revealed by Ethan is mineral water, which he uses instead of chicken broth almost every time he cooks dishes from vegetables.
Ethan Stowell

In addition, not so long ago, Stowell showed his literary talent, and his book "New Italian Cuisine" was published, which simply disappeared from the shelves of bookstores in just a matter of time. His book is not arrogant, as it describes recipes that include simple ingredients with a little twist. Plus, to get the best end result, along with the recipes, there is also a little training in cooking.

Some biography

Ethan was born in Germany into a family of ballet dancers, and most likely, his future profession would have been chosen by his parents to continue the family dynasty, if they had not realized in time that the dancer from Ethan was useless. But his work in the kitchen gradually led him to great success.
Ethan StowellEthan Stowell

They ended up in Seattle after escaping from the Pacific Ballet Company, deciding to settle in this city forever. Ethan's first job was at a family friend's restaurant. “I didn't know anything then. I didn't know how to cook, I didn't know how to hold a knife. The only thing I was good at was garbage collection and sweeping, ”Stowell recalls his early days. But from the very first day, he liked the way of life that he found in the restaurant, he loved to spend hours there.

He liked the fact that the kitchen is the place where you can get an unlimited amount of knowledge, constantly improving, and he did everything in his power to get this knowledge, including outside of work. “When I wasn't working, I read books,” says Ethan.
Ethan Stowell

An interesting fact is that Stowell's library includes over 1000 cookbooks. He didn't waste time at cooking schools, deciding that the practice would be much more useful and interesting, going to work in Atlanta at the Seeger's restaurant. After returning to Seattle after a while, he gets a job at the Nell's, later moving to The Painted Table, and all this time improving his skills and abilities.

His efforts were not in vain, and the prizes and awards received speak for themselves. In 2008, Ethan Stowell was voted "Best New Chef" and also won first place in the James Beard Foundation's "Best Chef" and received an award from Food & Wine. Considering the fact that both he and his restaurants constantly take part in various competitions and competitions, these are hardly his last awards.
Ethan StowellEthan Stowell

Today, Ethan boasts several restaurants, a cookbook, beautiful wife and co-owner of his restaurants, Angela Stowell, as well as the recognition and love of his fans.

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Ethan Stowell

Everything Ethan Stowell touches turns into culinary gold. This self-taught chef stands out from the crowd for his fanatical pursuit of excellence and attention to detail.

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