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Carmen Quagliata

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Carmen Quagliata

American cuisine with an Italian soul

The undoubted success of any establishment is the quality service, warm and friendly hospitality, the level of skill and professionalism of the staff, as well as the originality and sophistication of the dishes. Such professional components are inherent in one of America's most prominent chefs, Carmen Quagliata.
Carmen Quagliata

Carmen, Italian soul man and chef, was born in 1968 in a small town in upstate New York. His parents, an Italian father, a Polish mother, instilled in him a love of food and the habit of enjoying it from childhood. Childhood memories bring Carmen back to the days when he and his family visited his grandmother every weekend, who could always surprise with her homemade goodies such as fragrant Easter buns, homemade sausages and other delicacies.
Carmen Quagliata

It is only natural that Carmen J Quagliata's desire to become an outstanding chef was influenced by his love of preparing Italian dishes, as well as his desire to learn more about the benefits of Italian ingredients and the country itself. From the age of 17, Carmen began working in restaurants. The environment he found himself in, the partnership he joined, and the ability to make dishes tastier and better, irrevocably involved the young youth in this field of activity and gave him confidence in his ability to act independently.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute in 1988, Carmen became an apprentice to the distinguished chef, Hartmut Handke, at the "Greenbrier Hotel" in west Virginia. As early as 1990, the more experienced Carmen moved further south to work at the "Ritz-Carlton", located in Naples, Florida. In 1991, Quagliata worked with Michael Chiarello at the "Tra Vigne" restaurant in the Napa Valley. It was by working here that Carmen managed to combine its Italian roots, classic vocational training and fresh local ingredients to develop its own culinary style. Continuously developing, learning new things and working hard, Quagliata quickly progressed up the career ladder. Now he is not just an assistant chef, but an acting chef.

On the way to a dream

Carmen Quagliata Why do some people need to do only a little in order to become successful, while some have to work tirelessly on the way to their cherished dream. So, fortunately, roofing felts, unfortunately, had and still have to fight for their dreams, the famous Carmen J Quagliata.

In 2001, Carmen achieved what he had been striving for for so long. He was lucky to collaborate with the great Lydia Bastianich at her restaurant Felidia, located in New York. It was a great honor for Quagliata to work there. But after seven months of intensive work at Felidia, Carmen moved to Boston and became the head chef of The Vault. Quagliata's craftsmanship has earned the restaurant three stars from the popular Boston Herald and Boston Globe.

The most successful year in the life of the incomparable chef was 2005, when Carmen J Quagliata joined the team of skilled craftsmen at the Union Square Cafe. Here he still works as the chief chef of the kitchen. It is in this, the most beloved Carmen restaurant, that he can embody his passion for national Italian cuisine. With respect and honor to the past merits of the head chef of the Union Square Cafe, Carmen continues to work and invent new and most successful moves for the further development of the restaurant.

Striving for this goal, improving the reputation of the institution in which he works and becoming one of the best chefs in the world, does not allow the professional to relax and stop. Carmen is forced to work 12 hours a day in order to achieve incredible success. Quagliata's working day begins in the early morning, when he has a trip to the market, where, together with his students, he selects only the best products for cooking. Carmen must be constantly close to its apprentices in order to pass on their experience, knowledge and skills to them and provide them with the opportunity to become successful chefs in the future. Then, together, they return to the kitchen and begin preparing the intended menu. Carmen J Quagliata day is scheduled by the minute. Every day he goes to various business meetings, gives interviews to famous publications, and naturally tries to find a moment to pay attention to his family.

«Talk to the products you work with more often»

Teaching the secrets of the skill of its students and colleagues in the kitchen, Quagliata never ceases to remind that during the preparation of dishes, it is necessary to communicate with the ingredients and send them positive emotions. This wisdom has been known to all for a long time. Our grandmothers also advised not to start cooking in a bad mood, because it will pass on to the dish and the dish will not taste good.
Carmen QuagliataCarmen Quagliata
“Try what you cook. Listen to the foods you are cooking with. Talk to the dish. Maintain an internal dialogue with the products at all times. " This is what the expert advises us.

Carmen draws her passion and inspiration for food and products from everything around her, primarily from communication with people from different countries. By talking to them and constantly striving to learn something new, Quagliata helps to create and create tastes and dishes that have never been known to anyone.

Carmen currently resides in Verona, New York, with his beloved wife Palma and sons Tino and Gabriel. In his spare time, Quagliata is busy with his vegetable garden, the harvest of which he uses to prepare various delicacies for his family.

No matter how difficult it is for you on the way to your goals, do not give up, but just move forward, through the thorns to the stars. And let Carmen J Quagliata be a great role model for you.

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