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History of carving

Carving in cooking. Theoretical course.

Recently, more and more often heard the term "carving". What it means and where applicable, try to find out in this article.

Carving can be stone, wood,History of carving bone, and in other matters, according to any cutting materials. It is worth noting that the carving is firmly entrenched in cooking. So, culinary carving we can characterize as art artistic cutting of vegetables, cheese, fruit and other products.

This art product has been known since many years ago in the East, later it became a part of national traditions and handed down. In fact, there are several versions about the origin of carving. The majority opinion is that it originated in Southeast Asia, more precisely - in Thailand. However, there are those who are convinced of its Chinese origins.

Theoretical course carving was declared a national art. To learn the technique of making such masterpieces organized special courses. Depending on the country, carving acquired its own characteristics. In some countries, the figures could be seencarving flowers and other vegetation, History of carvingand in others - animals and characters.

A little later, Art Cutting of vegetables and fruitswas to conquer and Europe, but unfortunately to no avail. Some speculate that the reason lies in the difference between the European and Asian tables, food and products in general. In Europe, the food looks delicious, and so without any pictures on it.

Active implementation of carving in Europe began with the appearance of the original restaurants, especially those whose orientation is oriental cuisine. To date, the beautiful shapes, colors, unusual shapes, created in an artistic manner, can be seen in almost every restaurant in Europe and America.

Differences between European and Asian carving

The main difference between the European and Asiatic carving is to use different materials.

As a rule, European carving done on those products that grow in Europe. Most often it is a radish, beets, carrots, zucchini, squash, onions, cabbage and other Asian Masters carving for cutting flowers and sculptures using melon papaya, melons, taro root ...

The same type of equipment considered Chinese and Japanese artists. As a rule, these countries are characterized by drawings of the dragon, people, animals that are cut using stencils and recesses. This significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of creation.

As for the Thai thread, it characterized by an abundance of orchids and other flower arrangements. Create such masterpieces allows thin narrow "Thai" knife, equipped with cutters of various shapes. It is thanks to hand-made paintings of these artists differ in their expressiveness, originality and quality.

Nowadays produced many books on carving also sell special tools and kits for it. Over the past few years, this art is becoming more and more popular in the world.
History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving
A large number of books and videos in Internet training carving, offer a lot of training courses. This means that anyone can easily comprehend this activity. Often this art is part of various culinary competitions.

How to start learning.

First of all, you need to acquire the necessaryHistory of carving materials for work, then you are going to create their own masterpieces.

Classical version are vegetables such as radishes, cucumbers, potatoes, squash, and fruit suitable apples, oranges, cantaloupe, watermelon... It is possible that for the first time will be difficult to decide and make the right choice to your creations have not lost shape and pleasing others as long as possible. Remember that some vegetables, fruits, and may darken the overall appearance may be spoiled.

In terms of tools, it is best to choose knives made ​​of stainless steel. Try to choose foods so that they blend with each other in taste, color. But do not overdo it with decorations and remember that all the original simple.

Do not even try to create something masterpiece for the first time. Try to create a simple flower, or shape, and after you've mastered the skill of the data in full, you will be able to embody the most unrealistic ideas. The main thing is not in a hurry, all the time.

One of the main advantages of carving is that they can acquire and engage people of all ages and gender. Especially exciting this activity for children. They are eager not only to create a fun track, but such beauty and eat much faster than food in its usual guise.

Important Tips for Beginners

As it turns out, not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for carving. Then what should they be? If you are going to experiment with radish, it must be large and desirable bright carrot choose a flat and smooth, cucumbers - smooth and dark color, with a smooth -skinned apples, pumpkins with thick rough skin.

Additional decorations should be in harmony in color and taste with the main course. For example, meat dishes recommended decorating cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, and seafood - lemons. With the fruit is not the case, they can be used both as decoration or as a separate dish.

When selecting products, prefer contrasting colors. This will make your song memorable and picturesque.

All fruits and vegetables that will be used in the work must be clean and dry.

Try to stick to the rules of the "golden mean." Believe that excessive pretentiousness will not fully appreciated.

Professional tools for carving

To cut a decorative pattern of any complexity it is necessary to get the right tools. As mentioned earlier, the main and perhaps the most important tool for every master - is Thai knife.

Besides the knife is recommended to use :

• Engraving knife
• knife kannelirovaniya , ie knife for applying grooves
• karbovochnye knives of different shapes : square, round broad and narrow,
• knife round and oval - knife - cut / nuazetka ,
• other .

The next time we get to the practical basics and try together to create something original .

That's fine art of carving creations.

History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving History of carving

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