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Banana Diet

Banana diet.

timeDuration — - 3 or 7 days
laughingFeatures - easily tolerated by the body!
moneyThe cost - minimum;
lolEffect of diety- minus 2 - 4 kg;
recourseReferences - not more than once a year;
loveAn additional effect- cleansing the body and vitamins
noNot recommended - for diabetes, thrombophlebitis and flatulence!
Banana Diet

feel There are two varieties of banana diet - a tough banana diet 3 days duration and gentle banana diet, lasting 7 days, that is usually lost 2-4 kilos. This mono-diet is the main plus lightweight portability, due to the fact that bananas are quite rich product. But there are also disadvantages of this diet on which more below ....
Banana DietBanana Diet
*ATTENTION!*request Banana Diet - - absolutely contraindicated people suffering from diabetes. Bananas contain large amounts of sucrose from which diabetics should usually opt. Another category of people who are not recommended by the banana diet and eating this fruit in large quantities - it is suffering from varicose veins (thrombophlebitis). We should not stop your choice on a banana diet if a person suffers frequent flatulence (gas formation) or dyspepsia (indigestion).

smile Strictly adhere to the following rules - after 19:00 there is not recommended. It is also not recommended for spirits (allowed not a lot of dry wine), beer, sweet lemonade, flour, fried potatoes and white bread, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, grapes, sweet varieties and melon - such food is rich in calories, which is not going to benefit figure . It does not eat salty foods - salt retains water in the body.

Banana light diet

This simple diet designed for 3-7 days, depending on the number of kilograms, which need to lose weight. During the day, usually lost about 1 kilogram. During the day you can eat 1.5 kg of peeled bananas - ideally six receptions. Water and tea without sugar (preferably green) are allowed to be consumed in unlimited quantities. Last meal - 3 hours before bedtime.

Consuming so 1300 calories a day (the amount of calories it is considered sufficient to maintain the normal functioning of the human organism), you can get rid of the extra kilos without feeling any discomfort. Banana diet for 3 days will eliminate the extra 3-3.5 kg. If the diet lasts more than three days, the fourth and subsequent days is permitted to include in the diet of one or two boiled eggs or 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese: bananas contain very little protein needed for normal body function.

Banana strict diet

It is not recommended to adhere to a strict banana diet for more than 3 days. For three days it usually takes 4-5 kg ​​of excess weight. During the day (at any time) are allowed to eat 4 bananas. No other products can not be eaten. Drink only water allowed - ordinary or mineral without gas.

Banana Milk-light diet

Sticking to this embodiment of the banana diet can be up to 10 days. During the day, it lost about 700 grams. The daily menu consists of 4 banana and 1 liter of skim milk. Allowed milk substitute yogurt or drinking yogurt (yogurt is not more than 500 grams) in the case of intolerance or allergy to milk. This banana diet for 7 days will help to lose weight 4-4.5 kg.

Banana and milk strict diet

Banana and milk strict diet is designed for 3, maximum - 5 days. The daily diet consists of 3 medium sized bananas and 3 glasses of milk (skim). In this case also admissible milk substitute low-fat yogurt or yogurt. The products should be divided into several times (at least three or four).

Water and green tea without sugar should be consumed in any quantity. Last meal - no later than 18.00. Bananas and milk are allowed to use both separately and together - prepared with a mixer or blender cocktail and 1 banana 1 cup of milk. You can also freeze a portion of cocktail and consume it in the form of ice cream.

Banana Diet Gourmet

This unusual diet designed for those who like to experiment and try different cooked foods. Optimal term weight loss - 10 days. During the day, you can say goodbye to 500-600 grams of extra weight.

On the day, you can eat all three meals of bananas (recipe below), respectively, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Supper should be no later than 19.00. Naturally, green or black tea and water - in any amount allowed as one cup of coffee without sugar per day.
Banana DietBanana DietBanana Diet

The composition and the beneficial properties of banana

love Bananas contain some vitamins, but their main advantage - potassium. Also, bananas contain natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose together with fiber.

love Banana contains protein tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin. Serotonin improves mood, helps you relax, improve your mood and just feel happy.

love Due to the presence in the pulp of banana catecholamines (serotonin, dopamine, and others), bananas are widely used as a dietary product in inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, enteritis of various etiologies in children's nutrition.

love Bananas can help people quit smoking. B vitamins are contained in a banana, however, as the potassium and magnesium help the body cope with nicotine.

love Bananas are recommended for intensive mental and physical work. Banana has a large reserve of energy (calorizator). In just two bananas provide energy for one and a half hours of active work.

love Bananas are recommended to use in the diet of patients with diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension, liver and kidneys. Bananas cleanse the body of toxins, relieve edema, reduce blood cholesterol levels, strengthen immunity, help reduce inflammation of the gastric mucosa, reduced sleep and comfort get up to mischief nerves.

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