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Joachim Splichal

Biography Joachim Splichal.

Joachim Splichal: the original restaurant catering to the empire.

It seems that may combine a smallJoachim Splichal German town of Spaichingen and multi-million dollar Los Angeles? Experts on the history of culinary things at once will say they are united by the name of the celebrity chef Joachim Splichal.

In the first he was born, and the second gained recognition in 1991 profit organization James Beard Foundation has announced the winner in the nomination "Best Chef of California." And 4 years later, in 1995, his name was included in the prestigious list of «Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America".

But on the way to the recognition Mr. Joachim had pokolesit for many countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Restless youth and youth.

His career he began at the age of 18 in catering hospitality. Before entering in 1981 in the US, he worked in the leading hotels in Israel, Morocco, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Canada. However, a clear understanding of the fact that without the knowledge of the basic techniques used in the world's leading culinary schools succeed in this field will be very difficult, forced him to take decisive steps to achieve the goal: to become a great chef!

So, Joachim barely 20 years old, he moved to France to receive training in this area. His place of employment was registered in the «Michelin stars» restaurant «La Bonne Auberge», located in Antibes on the French Riviera Mediterranean Sea. Specialized future celebrity in the preparation of sauces.
Joachim Splichal Joachim Splichal
Talents young chef noted specialist in this segment of the cooking Jacques Maximin, which led to what is already in the age of 23, Joachim Splichal became a team leader for the production of sauces in the restaurant «Chantecler» at «Negresco» in Nice. Thanks to the active mentoring Mr. Maximin for 4 years to Joachim Splichal been awarded many prestigious culinary competitions, including the title Youngest and Most Creative Chef of the Cercle Epicurean Society.

Moving to the United States.

In 1981, with a few suitcases full of personal belongings, Joachim went to conquer America. And, despite his youth, he was immediately offered the position of chef in the newly created Regency Club in Los Angeles. His consummate skill and reputation have led to the unprecedented success of the establishment, located on the street 7 business part of the city, literally, from the ground up!
Joachim Splichal Joachim Splichal
And in 1984, he opened his own restaurant «Max Au Triangle», memorable dishes which were the subject of gourmet food fans in Los Angeles. Thank Splichala as Chef de Cuisine has spread with incredible speed. From the various agencies hotel and restaurant business began to receive numerous requests for their advisory services. But, because of their employment, some of which he had to refuse.


Many businessmen who have tasted success, Joachim Splichal stop its movement forward. Like, money, and so it is enough for a comfortable existence, what more strain? Fortunately, Ms. Christine, wife and business partner Joachim, which at the time received a diploma «Master of Business Administration» (MBA) with a degree in "International Management", had its own, alternative view of the values ​​of life. This enabled her to not only transform the mindset of a spouse, but also to prove that he had the strength to open more than one successful restaurant, and the whole of their network.

In addition, it is organically supplemented it a difficult experience in Europe and his knowledge of culinary affairs of their competence, their own knowledge of the nature of modern marketing, which, in fact, allowed the family tandem to create the world-famous network of business structures, dubbed "Patina".
Joachim Splichal

Looking ahead, we say that Christine continues to this day to provide Joachim Splichal invaluable assistance in opening new restaurants, and also takes part in the development strategy of the network of institutions catering as a whole, starting from the analysis of new ideas to the calculation of its potential profitability or unprofitability.

Company Patina Restaurant Group.

Today, the culinary scene in Los Angeles is hard to imagine without a catering company. Focusing on fresh seasonal products and impeccable quality of service, in 1989, Mr. Joachim Splichal opened his first restaurant of the future network of such institutions. Currently they number more than 60! We note one feature offers dishes: they include ingredients classic French cuisine, combined with ingredients typical of the area in which the institution is located.
Joachim Splichal Joachim Splichal

According to the columnist of the newspaper "New York Times", "such an unexpected, but at the same time, skillful selection of components allows us to call Mr. Joachim Splichal one of the most talented and creative chefs American cooking." This is primarily attracts visitors to the restaurant group Patina.

 A landmark for the Patina Restaurant Group began in 2003. It was then that her first-born above the restaurant moved to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This event clearly demonstrates that food manufactured chefs of restaurants in the Group, are popular not only in business circles but also in the arts, as well. However, the trouble at Joachim Splichal added.
Joachim Splichal

It is uniquely situated restaurant forcing staff to make every effort to keep the institution's reputation as a culinary jewel in the crown of the kingdom by the name of Patina Restaurant Group, the creator of which is the great chef Joachim Splichal!
Dreams Come True!

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