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Irma Dütsch

Biography Irma Dütsch

Preconceived notion

It is believed that the abolition of the cooks Irma Dütsch were, are and will be men. Proof of this are the many star names in the male world of haute cuisine and other areas. Men try to limit women's access to the kitchen, because they are afraid that they can not cope with such a dangerous competition.

But the absence of a large number of chefs women does not mean that they can not or do not want to lay claim to this high rank. They write excellent cookbooks, coming up with new and creative dishes. The men continue to limit women's access to the profession, as trying to protect their status.
Judging because many new female names we recognize each year, it's safe to say that in a large or small number of successful and famous chefs will always be women. A worthy example of confirmation the above, is the unrivaled personality Swiss woman chef Irma Dütsch.

Irma was born in 1944 in a large farming family living in Gruyère. She was the youngest of six children. Her father was an excellent farmer and cheese maker. That's life on the farm was born in her passion for the magical world of cooking. Already at an early age, Irma knew she wanted to become a chef and manage your restaurant.

"To dream - at any price"

Despite the fact that before the high art of cooking was taught only to men, Irma Dütsch walked confidently towards its goal. Even without paying attention to the contradictions of his mother on the choice of profession daughter, aged 17 years Irma Dütsch left to learn the basics of culinary art in the small resort town of Rheinfelden. After studying there for three years, she became the first woman - the owner of the diploma of a professional chef. Thanks to the passionate desire to become a chef, thanks to his boundless love for good food and the joy with which she works in the kitchen, she was able to achieve the desired results.
Irma Dütsch Irma Dütsch

Work vs Family

After graduation, Irma Dütsch returned home Irma Dütsch and met her future husband, Hans-Gorg. Married lovers in 1967. Immediately after the wedding, the couple moved to live in Canada, in Montreal.

Irma Dütsch worked a lot in different cities (New York, Mexico, Acapulco). After 10 years of traveling and working all over the world, she was with her husband in 1980, he returns to Switzerland.

Irma Dütsch deservedly called «Grande Dame de la Haute Cuisine». Her career as legendary as her culinary skills: accurate, clear, natural and genuine. Irma Dütsch became the first woman in Switzerland, which has received a Michelin star and the title Cuisiniere de l'annee, as well as 18 points from 20 possible for their culinary masterpieces from the famous guide «Gault & Millau».

For over 30 years, Irma Dütsch with her husband successfully ran his own restaurant «Fletschhorn», located in Saas Fee, one of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland. Their restaurant gained popularity with long strides, not only among locals but also among many tourists.

What I learned in my youth, it is useful in old age

Over the years, Irma Dütsch still proudly bear the title of one of the most famous women in Switzerland. Now she is officially retired, he travels a lot and is a consultant. Moreover, Irma is the author of many cookbooks, one of which was written together with 23 friends, chefs, called «Amitie Gourmande». Also in the collection are Irma's books such as «La cuisine du Valais» and «Esprit de Cuisine».
Irma Dütsch Irma Dütsch Irma Dütsch
All her books diverge huge numbers, and bring it even more popular among successful chefs and gourmet cooks, Switzerland. Her recipes are inspired by the home cooking. Irma Dütsch was and still is a frequenter guest chef in many countries: the darling of London, Munich, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and others. So, it is actively touring the world with his culinary program.

Family pm

By virtue of his employment, Irma Dütsch not always pay due attention to their mother. But when there is free time, she does not lose the ability to surprise loved ones some new culinary masterpiece. The most prominent of its delicacies are the cheese fondue, beef tartare, seafood dishes and delicious desserts.
Irma Dütsch Irma Dütsch

To this day, Irma Dütsch remains inimitable culinary goddess!

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