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Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon: the most popular chef.

Modern Haute Cuisine - impossible to Joel Robuchon imagine without the name of Joel Robuchon. List of titles and awards received by them in the culinary field, is really impressive: the 1990 Gault Millau guide called the 45-year-old Joel chef of the century; 2003 - Mr. Robuchon awarded the title of Officer of the Legion of Honor. In addition, he is the holder of the Gold Medal and the National Prize of the French Academy of Culinary Arts. Corporation chefs of Paris awarded him a gold medal as well.

Joel Robuchon successfully combines the performance of their professional duties to the work of the Council, "the Order of Merit in the agricultural sector" and to work in the said Academy. Year 2010 was marked by the fact that the number of stars awarded to his restaurant rating publication Michelin Guide, he became the absolute record: a total of 26 pieces in the collection!

In addition, Mr. Robuchon owned satellite channel «Gourmet TV». He is also a leading TV program «Bon Appetite Bien Sur», broadcast on the public channel France 3. And all of this has reached the provincial Poitiers-born, educated only on cooking classes!


Born Joel Robuchon, as we have said, in Poitiers April 7, 1945. Of the four children in the family, two boys and two girls, he was the youngest. At age 12, in 1957, he entered the seminary, where he studied for 3 years. Determined to conquer the culinary world, Joel began his career at age 15, a pupil in the kitchen of the hotel «Relais Poitiers». There he rose to the position of "sous-chef", ie the deputy chef. But his irrepressible nature could not sit still, with the result that it has replaced more than one restaurant, perfecting his culinary skills.

Finally, in 1973, at age 28, he became the chef at the restaurant of one of the Parisian hotel «Concordia Lafayette». And two years later came the first recognition of his creativity: he was awarded the title of "Best Culinary Worker of France."

But it took another six years to Joel decided to open his first restaurant. So, in 1981, in the 16th district of Paris saw the light of his first child, named «Janin», and became for Mr. Robuchon kind of launching pad.
Joel Robuchon Joel Robuchon
In 1984, ie, after 3 years, Michelin Guide has awarded the gastronomy of this restaurant 3 stars rating, and Joel became the youngest chef of all his colleagues, honored such a high evaluation: he was not yet 40 years!

In the late 80's of the last century, he took up the question of entering foreign markets, fixing their gaze to the east. Note that as a result of carried out work had appeared quite a lot of potential partners, but the first real successes he has achieved in the course of cooperation with the Japanese group of companies "Sapporo." This enabled Mr. Joel opened its first overseas restaurant with a long name «Chateau Restaurant Taillevent-Robuchon» in 1989 in Tokyo. This was followed by 10-year hiatus, during which Joel has gathered practical experience outside France. These years were not in vain. Already in the first decade of the new, 21st century, one after another began to appear his copyrights restaurants in Las Vegas, New York, Monaco, Macao and other cities around the world, and all currently open 14 such institutions.

Credo Joel Robuchon.

Now, to spend time in the restaurant, Joel Robuchon Mr. Robuchon have to pay at least EUR 250 per 1 person! But despite such solid number, just to get into the hall of the restaurant, is almost impossible. To do this in advance (no later than one month!) To record, and only after that you can enjoy delicious dishes. What is the secret of Mr. Robuchon?

He, like all brilliant, simple and reads as follows: strict adherence to the credo worked out. And not only life, but also professional. The greatest interest among lovers of good food is, of course, his professional credo. It is as follows:

1. For cooking, use only high-quality products.
2. The recipe should be simple and understandable for each cook working in a restaurant.
3. The dish has to be recognized.

It seems, nothing complicated. But how many of the difficulties encountered in the way of implementing these rules! So, at the opening of the new institution is only the process of choosing the list of products and drawing up a list of approved suppliers can take up to six months (this is to talk about the quality of the products used).
Joel Robuchon Joel Robuchon

The unconditional implementation of the rules of professional credo just allow to turn ordinary dish into something magnificent and wonderful. The examples are not far to seek, will call only two of them: mashed potatoes, which experts from cooking called "the Great" and the famous cream made from cauliflower.

Open kitchen.

Note another idea which guided Mr. Robuchon, Joel Robuchon opening their new establishment. So, in his opinion, the future of restaurants is not in eating the food in sterile, formal setting. No! Visitors should see how the dishes are prepared, and to communicate with people that they are prepared.

For the first time this idea has been successfully implemented in the interior of the hall of one of the most fashionable and popular restaurants, the hotel is housed in the legendary «Metropole» in Monaco. The tables are arranged in such a way that visitors do not have views of the Golden Square - one of the attractions of Monaco, and ... in the open kitchen. Yes Yes exactly! According to them, the circus show does not go to any comparison with breathtaking spectacle cooking. Imagine: behind you and gloom muffled light from lanterns and cook in front of you, not clad in white, following the tradition, and in the black robe. They are like magicians create a culinary miracle! Moreover, you can ask them questions that are sure to hear the answers. Looking back, you will see dancing shadows on the walls of the hall, the kitchen produced a flashing flame. And this show is complemented by mouth-watering smells of of prepared dishes. No wonder culinary theater in the hotel «Metropole» in Monaco, awarded stars by Michelin!

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