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Jacques Torres

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Biography Jacques Torres.

In the world there is a well-known pastry Jacques Torres chef, Jacques Torres than - the chef world class known as Mr. Chocolate, whose passion for chocolate led him into the spotlight to other famous chefs.

Jacques gravitated toward confectionery art at an early age, when he was gathering intelligence as a student in a French bakery and the way back was not there ....

At this stage of his career, Chef Torres manages its businesses and continues to transmit his genius to the next generation as a teacher, being a rock star cuisine, combining traditional French recipes and extensive knowledge, a passion for the culinary arts, creativity, inspiration, innovative spirit and energy of the city.

Jacques early years.

Jacques Torres was born in 1960 in Algeria, Jacques Torres France and grew up in Bandol - a small town in the south of France. From an early age, Jacques Torres developed a passion for chocolate. When he was only 15 years old, he decided to try the world of baking, and began teaching in a small pastry shop called "La Frangiapane" in his hometown.

Two years later he completed his apprenticeship with honors - the first in its category and gained fame. After he continued his practice in "La Cadiere de Azur", waiting there compulsory recruitment into the army and received there his first official degree at the age of 17 years.

Call pays off.

Despite the small pre-service training, which consists of 3 years of apprenticeship, Jacques, considering himself a master, by the way and wanting to achieve something more in 1980 on a bet with a friend went over to Jacques Maximin, chef working in dvuzvС‘zdnochnom hotel В«Negresco "Nice, France, and innocently inquired about the work. Maximin gave him half an hour to get to work and cook to show off, then the next eight years he worked in the "Negresco" traveling the world collecting recipes. The hotel В«NegrescoВ» he worked his skills and developed his intuitive feeling for confectionery, confectionery artistry and ingenuity that have become a major fad of his career.
Jacques Torres Jacques Torres

Awards and recognition.

At the same time, since 1980 to 1983, Torres weekend attended culinary school to get a degree Pastry chef master class. After he studied pastry courses at culinary school in Cannes in 1983 and 1986. In 1986, Torres set a record by becoming the youngest chef who ever succeeded in the history of the so hone their skills to qualify for the prestigious medal В«Meilleur Ouvrier Patissier de FranceВ».

Growing list of culinary awards and achievements Jacques long and impressive, including:

- Participate in the ceremony century, the Statue of Liberty, along with French President Francois Mitterrand and the United States - Ronald Reagan;
- Awarding of the gold medal Japanese Pastry Chef Association;
- Winning the 1986 French Championship of Desserts;
- James Beard award winner in the category Pastry Chef of the Year;
- The award Chef's of America Pastry Chef of the Year;
- The recognition of В«Chocolatier Magazine'sВ» one of the ten best pastry;
- Membership in the Academie Culinaire de France;
- Participation in the culinary weeks in Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, and Spain;
- Providing advice on the development of chocolate products to В«Cointreau and ValrhonaВ»;
- Participated in a culinary cruise on the Mediterranean countries В«Le FigaroВ»
Jacques TorresJacques Torres

In 1988, Jacques Torrespereehal in the United States and began working as a corporate chef confectionery company В«Ritz Carlton HotelВ» (according to other sources - "Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage"). Behind all this stood the intention to carry out the American dream. He also began opening their hotel in Palm Springs, and later that year moved to headquarters in Atlanta.

In 1989, the legendary Sirio Maccioni invited Jacques to work in New York's most famous restaurant В«Le Cirque du SoleilВ» (in 1997 the restaurant changed its location and was renamed "Le Cirque 2000"). This restaurant beckoned Jacques kitchen custom confectionery. Over the next 11 years, Jacques served presidents, kings and celebrities in every day of his work in В«Le Cirque du SoleilВ». Just over the 11 years he has been awarded numerous honors and awards, was a judge at competitions and participated in culinary activities.

In 1993, Jacques Torres entered the prestigious New York Institute of French cooking, and in 1996 he began working in the same dean of introducing its own program lifted while their craft to an art form, as well as opening their own courses in the kitchen В«Le Cirque du Soleil "for beginning students and developing over there the same passion for the culinary arts, which he possessed. The courses he displayed special diligence in the work with the aim to give as much as possible future professionals in the field of cooking. Term papers of candidates for the pastry chef at the institute prove that Jacques Torres preparing them to work in their specialty. Thin lines patterns sugar, multiple variations of chocolate, and an understanding of the science of baking, as well as mastery of the principles of taste suggests that students receive intensive and comprehensive education. Cakes, cookies, puff, pastry, chocolate, bread and other bakery products are becoming second nature for institute graduates.
Jacques Torres Jacques Torres
В In January 1998, it is published in the premiere show (Dessert Circus with Jacques Torres), consisting of 52 episodes, which Jacques creates his masterpieces in front of the audience. The success of this program has been so great that Jacques wrote two cookbooks: (Extraordinary Desserts You Can Make At Home), in which the chef to share the secrets of his career (nominated in 1999 for the award James Beard) and (Dessert Circus At Home) in which Jacques offers ways to enhance desserts home bakers to the gourmet level (received in 1999 В«ICR World Cookbook AwardsВ»). Also in 1999, Jacques Torres appears in the eyes of the viewers in the second season of the show "Dessert with Jacques Torres."

He also participated in a number of television shows such as: Chocolate with Jacques Torres, Passion for Chocolate with Jacques Torres, Passion for Pastry with Jacques Torres, Decadent Desserts with Jacques Torres, Easter Sweets with Jacques Torres.

Independent businesses.

The new millennium brought Jacques another Jacques Torres adventure. In December 2000, Jacques Torres, having 20 years of experience in the field of chocolate and confectionery products, has decided to concentrate its forces on their own independent businesses and left the В«Le CirqueВ» to open his own chocolate factory that acts both on the wholesale and retail markets.

Factory proudly begins producing natural indigrientov highest quality handmade chocolates that do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors and extracts. Jacques gave new life to classic recipes without taking any shortcuts. He used-of-the-art technology in the design of its chocolate factory in Brooklyn, New York.

In February 2002, the publication of his Jacques Torres new show of 13 episodes on TV Food Network. In 2004, Jacques Torres opened the second chocolate factory on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. These factories produce not only sweets, but also your own chocolate from beans, ie the process of preparation of sweets begins with "root". When factories are Jacques cafe. Even if you're not a fan of chocolate products, or you have little money to visit these cafes is - it is still an event. Chocolate produced in these factories is really a joy to the eye. The cafe has a wide open window to passers-by in the street, which is a bar of chocolate handmade. Stay inside the cafe intensify smells and sounds.

The best way to appreciate the inside of the chocolate produced by factories, Jacques Torres, is to try it yourself, rather than to contemplate it through the shop window. The cafe is enough space to be able to walk on it, or stop for a cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate bar. Also, visitors can see the process "from bean to bar" - the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate batonchiki.V 2008 revenues of factories reached a level of $ 10 million, thus proving that the experience of Jacques Torres Chocolate on really invaluable.
Jacques Torres Jacques Torres Jacques Torres
In 2008 he published a new cookbook Jacques Torres "A Year in Chocolate" was written in response to the rave reviews, and in 2009 Jacques opens shop "Jacques Torres ice cream shop."

Jacques Wife - Mrs Torres founded his own chocolate shop "Madame Chocolate" in Beverly Hills, California. She also helps him to write books - he cooks, she writes.
Jacques Torres Cooking for President - skate Jacques Torres and May 13, 2010, Jacques Torres, Jacques Pepin, Alain Sailhac and Andre Soltner, prepared for 30 000 dollars a dinner for US President Barack Obama at the hotel В«St. Regis hotel В».

Throughout his career, Mr. Torres made generous donations to many national charities, such as the "American Red Cross", "Meals on Wheels", "God's love", "Association of assistance to children", "Children's Hospital of St. Jude ' and many others. He loves children and is committed to them for the reason that they support his well-being and happiness.

Jacques continues to appear in newspapers, magazines and other specialized media. He is a frequent guest on various shows and television programs catering. Jacques lives in New York City on a yacht, which stands on the Hudson River. He is interested in boating and fishing fan. On the water, he feels at home or on their chocolate factory.

How Jacques Torres Doubled His Business to $10 Million in One Year | Inc. Magazine

Chocolatier Jacques Torres shows off his new chocolate factory

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Biography Jacques Torres