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Daniel Robert Boome

Biography Daniel Robert Boom.

A former hockey player, model, attractive Denis Boom, Daniel Robert Boome one of the most popular parties of the Canadian culinary television. Daniel Robert Boome was born in February 1976 in Cambridgeshire, England county. Oddly enough, but he began his career as a professional hockey player. At the age of 16, having won the ice, Boome became captain of the England team.

Culinary Career Robert boom dates back to 1999, when Danny went to practice in Switzerland, where he was partial to European cuisine. To become a chef, he took an intensive training course.

After moving to Canada, he had the opportunity to experience a real culinary life. «West Wind Inn» - first job Daniel Boome. To complete his studies, Daniel returned to Britain and continued his education at «The Grange Cookery School». His first post of a young chef Boome was working in a trendy London hotel «St Martins Lane» in the restaurant «The Asia de Cuba».

"I advise everyone not to be afraid of food. If you feel comfortable in the kitchen, you can learn to use in everyday cooking healthier and preferred ingredients for you, allow you to control your eating habits and achieve new goals. "

Flash cameras.

After receiving the necessary skills in the kitchen, Daniel Boome returns to a media career. So, Daniel won a national modeling contest and became the official face of the company «Wella», he participated in the anti-drug advertising campaign in conjunction with the Association «the National Police Authority», starred in commercials for «Sky TV» and in advertising «Hellman's».

In 2003, television screens, thousands of people could watch documentaries Daniel Boome called «Wild and Fresh». The program was filmed in Canada. Following her 2004 series are new transmission «Norfolk Riviera», created for «Anglia Television» and «UK Food Channel».
Daniel Robert Boome
More recently, with the manufacturing company «Uncle Ben's», Boome developed three exciting recipe with rice and sauces of this brand. Proof of this fertile cooperation is a promotional video for «Uncle Ben's».

Moreover, in March 2008, Daniel Boome appeared on the channel «Food Network» in the transmission, known as «Rescue Chef». This program helped the audience get a lot of useful creative solutions and, most importantly, they learned understanding of the fundamentals required for success in the kitchen.

In 2005, on the screens of «UKTV Food» and «Anglia Television» Daniel Boome presented his show «Norfolk's Coastal Kitchen / Danny by the Sea», exploring the countryside, where he once spent his vacation, which awoke his passion for food and fresh produce. After a successful debut «Norfolk's Coastal Kitchen», in January 2006, Danny has launched a new transmission, called «Coastal Kitchen». The program was broadcast on TV «Anglia Television» and «Discovery Channel».
Daniel Robert Boome Daniel Robert Boome
In 2006-2007, Boome appeared as a regional leader and a judge in the transfer of «Local Food Heroes» channel «UKTV Food». Further telekareru Daniel maintains regular occurrence in such programs as «Summer This Morning» on «ITV», as well as his appearance on the channel «Children's BBC», «UKTV Sport» and «UKTV Good Food Live». In addition, he starred in the program «Autumn Ideal Home Show» and a number of outspoken commercials.

Training courses.

As an advocate, teaching healthy nutrition of Daniel Robert Boome children and parents, Daniel focuses on the importance of understanding the production chain, delivering products on our tables. Currently, Boome holds cooking classes for both beginners and professional chefs. He tries to convey his passion for cooking and eating habits through lectures, which are organized throughout the Americas. Daniel happy to share with others their new and practical recipes and culinary techniques.

In 2010, Daniel Boome launches a number of projects, one of which is known as the «Dorm Storm». This kind of show cooking game, held in various US universities and allows students to beat the Cubs culinary pursuits. Moreover, Danny opened a new New York culinary school, organizing training courses «Rescue Clinic day» and «Essential cooking».

A successful chef, TV star and entrepreneur, Daniel Boome implementing projects through its production company «Crash Bang Boome Productions», popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain.

Foundations - that's a start!

Through his hobby, among which highlights Boome communication, art, travel and, of course, ice hockey, he sought to convey to people the essence of the life principle.
Professional ice hockey player in the past, Daniel remains active athlete to this day who enjoys traveling and working with his non-profit organization «Better Fed Than Dead». During the 2011-2012 academic year Daniel Boome plans to implement a project called «The Better FED Project». This is a one-year training aimed at the study of culinary education program, and to help them to normalize the American way of life. The training program includes a national discussion on the topic: fitness, food, both in the classroom, cafes and homes.
Daniel Robert Boome Daniel Robert Boome Daniel Robert Boome Daniel Robert Boome
Daniel Boome, just as many Americans suffer from arthritis, so he has to stick to a special diet. "Being a chef - a great physical work. I believe that we must all more conscious of the fact that we eat. I learned how to substitute foods that aggravate my condition, healthier ingredients, in no way inferior in taste. "

The main advice that gives all Daniel Boome - It starts with the basics and then gradually adjust to the more challenging moments.

Danny Boome - Reel 2013

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