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David Chang

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David Chang or "instant noodles will save the world."

Born David Chang, the future famous chef,David Chang August 5, 1977 in a family of immigrants from South Korea to the US town of Alexandria Virginia. His parents expect from the future of their child anything, but it is not known in the culinary business! But the activity in this sphere has brought worldwide fame to David Chang.

So, at the moment they reach 35 years old (!), It is neither more nor less, the owner of «Momofuku restaurant group», which consists of the following restaurants: «Momofuku Noodle Bar», «Momofuku Ssäm Bar», «Má Pêche», «Milk Bar», «Momofuku Ko» in New York and «Momofuku Seiōbo» in Sydney, Australia.

Search business life.

Unlike their colleagues - the stars of the culinary business, love of cooking came to David Chang in childhood, and almost 20 years of age. So, as a child, he dreamed of fame golfer, and even showed a lot of ability in this sport. At one time he spoke at youth tournaments in which he participated Tiger Woods (aka Eldrick Tonto, a living legend of course)!
David Chang David Chang David Chang David Chang
After graduating from «Trinity College», having the testimony of philosophical education, David went to Japan to work. He began his career as a teacher of English. Not having much success in this field, he returned to the States, and it is then it woke up craving for cooking. He understood that in order to succeed in this area of ​​human activity, it is necessary to obtain a proper education. So he becomes a student of the New York branch of «French Culinary Institute».
David Chang David Chang
After finishing his studies, he did not immediately start their own businesses, and changed a few jobs in the kitchens of such institutions as the В«Jean-Georges Vongerichten's MercerВ» and В«Tom Colicchio's CraftВ». In addition, he wrote letters to the Tokyo trading enterprises selling instant noodles, which offers its services as a seller.

Finally, he found a place in disgusting, he said, the dining room in Tokyo, which is fast enough left. New place of his employment was a shop that sells the aforementioned noodles. Seeing how popular the product, David Has become the choice as the object of its future work is on it. Back in the US, David Cheng took a job at В«CafГ© BouludВ», which is and should be seen as a launching pad for take off of its business.


The first restaurant Momofuku Restaurant Group «Momofuku Noodle Bar» was it opened in 2004 in East Village - one of the districts of Manhattan. The site of Mr. Chang, you can find this interpretation momofuku Japanese word "lucky peach". But most concurs that the word is used as a reference to Momofuku Ando - Japanese inventor of instant noodles. 2 years later, in 2006, just a few blocks from the first, Mr David Chang opened the second restaurant of the group - «Momofuku Ssäm Bar».
David Chang David Chang David Chang
After another two years, saw the light of the third group of Momofuku institution: В«Momofuku KoВ». A feature of this 12-seat restaurant is that you can get into it just book a seat no later than 6 days before the proposed date of the visit. But in order to reserve the table, there is no need to personally visit the restaurant. Moreover, the application will only be accepted through the Internet! Maintenance Mode visitors В«Momofuku KoВ» most democratic: first come - first served basis will be. A very limited number of seats in the restaurant, which is in New York, has become very popular, was the fact that many of its residents (and, in spite of the face: an influential person or an ordinary citizen) often can not book yourself a place on the date on which it is necessary, for example, for the birthday celebration. And this despite the fact that the cost of dinner, one person is on average $ 125, and lunch and even more: $ 175.

In that same 2008 «Momofuku Ssäm Bar» has been expanded through the use of the adjoining areas. And the expansion is not produced mechanically but on a conceptual level, there was opened another restaurant group called «Momofuku Milk Bar». Assortment Dairy Bar, along with homemade cookies includes, also, cakes muffins, cookies and other goodies. In May 2009, the Group's experts have applied the fact that some products of this institution have been registered as a trademark, owned by Momofuku. Their list includes: Crack Pie, Cereal Milk, and Compost Cookies. In April 2011 the «Momofuku Milk Bar» was moved from his "family nest." Now he is on the other «Momofuku Ssäm Bar» side of 13th Street in Manhattan. In turn Ssäm Bar uses the vacated space at night as the bar, and during the day - as a place for lunch, composed of dishes which must include articles of ducks.

In May 2010, Mr. Chang opened the restaurant «Má Pêche» in the area of ​​Midtown Manhattan. Half a year later opened its first restaurant Momofuku Group outside the United States - a 30-seat restaurant «Momofuku Seiobo» in Sydney, Australia. And in March 2011, the media reported that in 2012 it is planned to launch another restaurant Groups in Toronto (Canada).

David Chang-winning restaurant.

The collection of the owner of Momofuku Group has accumulated enough. Only В«James Beard Foundation AwardsВ» Mr. Chang honored its award-winning 7 times! Thus, in 2006 and 2007, David was named the winner in the nomination В«James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year NominationВ». In 2007, the Foundation also honored him with the title of "Best Chef of New York" and in the same year it was awarded for the victory in the nomination "The best new restaurant."
David Chang David Chang David Chang
In 2008, the James Beard Foundation has recognized the fact that the best chef in New York working in «Momofuku Ssäm Bar», assign the title of Mr. Chang.

The following year, in 2009 the same title - "Best Chef of New York" - he received for his work in the restaurant Momofuku Ko В», which he opened last year.
Edition Michelin Guide restaurants are also not spared his attention Groups. For four consecutive years, from 2009 to 2012, the restaurant В«Momofuku KoВ» were awarded stars in the nomination В«Excellent cuisine, worth a detourВ».

Literary creativity David Chang.

It should be noted that Mr. David Chang is not so prolific in literary terms as his colleagues - famous chefs. However, the same can be said about the participation of David in the TV show.

Only in October 2009, he was in partnership with Peter Meehan, a former employee of New York Times, published the highly anticipated US citizens, lovers of fine food cookbook that contains recipes from restaurants Momofuku Group.
In 2011, in the journal В«Lucky PeachВ» published three articles written by Mr. Chang, who has drawn for this, besides the above-mentioned Peter Michael, another co-author - Chris Ying.
David Chang David Chang David Chang
By the way, you pay attention to the identity of the name of the magazine - "Happy Peach" with the interpretation of the word "Momofuku" Online David Chang, which we discussed earlier in this article? The coincidence is not accidental: it is the owner of the magazine, Mr. Chang. Each issue focuses on his particular topic. The purpose of publishing - to provide a platform for the publication of articles unorthodox authors (such as a journalist Bourdain), writing on the subject of nutrition. The journal is intended for an audience, including both gourmets and fans of literary creativity.

Despite the fact that Mr. Chang wants to have his family, he is single. But he has a friend with whom and plans to combine legal marriage.

Inside David Chang's Secret Momofuku Test Kitchen

Munchies: David Chang

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