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David Rocco

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David Rocco's Dolce Vita.

Have you ever seen a slender, smart, sexy chef with a charming smile. If so, no doubt, it was David Rocco. Executive producer, director, author of best-selling cookery and a celebrity chef David Rocco, probably best known as the host of his last series В«David Rocco's Dolce VitaВ».

"I do not cook, I'm Italian!"

David was born in Canada, in Toronto,David Rocco the son of Neapolitan parents emigrated in the 50s. He was the youngest of three children. Growing up in an Italian family is not possible without a kitchen and a small David has gathered the basics of culinary art, watching my mother and grandmother cook to whip up a delightful home-cooked meals. These memories add him the inspiration to this day.

During his studies, David tried David Roccohis hand at scientific activities, which allowed him to travel around the world, while earning a degree in economics from York University. However, after graduation, he was in the kitchen, not in the Bay Street in Toronto, who invited him to work. At the same time he met his future wife, Nina. Young couple opens his restaurant in Toronto with an elegant name "La Madonnina". Pizza, pasta, wine, all this can be found in their restaurant. However, after two years of successful and profitable work, David and Nina decided on a change of direction to allow the world to see the natural extraordinary ability of David in Italian cuisine. By combining their efforts and mutual passion for cooking wife, constitute his own production company В«Rockhead EntertainmentВ» and create your own cooking show..

David did not have a long and grueling training in the restaurant kitchen, it has a diploma in cooking and never learned it professionally, but he does not hide. "I do not cook, I am Italian" - says Rocco, who is now trying to live in two houses in Toronto and Italy. "Maybe that's why I think the cookbook should not be the Bible, but only a guide. Cooking should be fun, relaxed, connecting your imagination."

Quanto basta

David loves to cook nice, simple and delicious dishes, methods of preparation which can be mastered by absolutely anyone regardless of age, profession and nationality. Paying attention only to Italian cuisine, one of the healthiest and perhaps the most popular in the world, David himself in Italian restaurants no walks, Italian cuisine is that it can and delightfully implements himself at home, so Rocco prefers to experience -What new, unknown: sushi, Indian, Chinese and many others. "When I'm at home, I cook mostly based on Italian recipes, but I take what I have experienced elsewhere and do something new, not traditional" - and it's true, because food today combines the diversity cultures of the world.

His lifestyle and philosophy are based on moderation and balance. His favorite expression David В«Quanto bastaВ», that is, "as long as necessary" or "as you want." "I'm doing for you only the recipe. I live this philosophy and use it every day, and I think that everyone should understand that Any recipe is not carved in stone, it should inspire you to take it and modify to suit your personal tastes and needs. "
David Rocco David Rocco David Rocco
All the secrets of Italian cuisine, David reveals in his book "Made in Italy", it is possible to find more than 140 simple, rustic dishes. This is something that can prepare any home chef, and all will be done in the corporate style of David Rocco. A huge number of high-quality, colorful pictures of magnificent food, the beauty of the Italian countryside, as well as tips and little tricks of cooking, described in this book inspire people around the world and allow Italy to feel at home.

Sweet Life

On the face of David appears sincere and enigmatic smile when he starts talking about his world famous show, which takes viewers on a gastronomic journey through Italy. "The show is almost like a child," compares Rocco, "and the more you educate, the more it develops". В«Dolce vitaВ» is, if I may say so, a hybrid cooking, travel and lifestyle.

In his show, David and his wife Nina are responsible for every aspect of it, for every piece, from planning to final execution and show the audience. All musical accompaniment to the program selects David himself, trying to choose those melodies that tune in will add inspiration and passion. In the В«Dolce vitaВ» the emphasis is always on fresh seasonal products and methods for their preparation, which helps maximize the useful qualities of these products.
David Rocco
Initially, the episodes were filmed in Florence in an elegant 14th-century apartment owned by spouses Rocco. Later they moved to Sicily and lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast, talking to the locals and trying to find as many interesting recipes. Shaw В«David Rocco's Dolce VitaВ» won recognition in more than 150 countries around the world, it is shown on many television channels, including Food Network Canada, BBC Food, Discovery Travel, Nat Geo Adventure and many others. David Shaw hits the spot more and more people around the world and it is not surprising that already filmed over four seasons with further plans to travel to South America for a new season of В«David Rocco's Dolce VitaВ» in Brazil. And, who knows, whose simplicity and originality of cuisine, the audience will perceive with David in the future. "People are looking for a simpler way of life" - says Rocco. And it allows the viewer to see and surrender all the simplicity and sweetness of life.

"My legacy to my children. Everything else is gravy "

David recently turned 41 years old, but he believes it is the best time in my life. Loving father of three children, all of his free time to the family. After spending a long time on his career, and now, in his friendly and growing family, David knew that "the family that eats together, stays together." "My legacy to my children. The rest of the sauce" - proudly says Rocco. They Nina is hoping to grow out of them self-sustaining, independent and compassionate people and, of course, to inculcate in them a taste for the simple and sweet life in Italian. There is no doubt that his children spend time in the kitchen with my dad not only for joint communication, but now, at such a young age, starting to learn the basics of Italian cuisine, as he used to be David himself, giving not a bad result.
David Rocco David Rocco

Celebrity chef today lives a full life, preparing not only the show, but also by participating in various charity events, David joins the various culinary grandees in support of medical research. He is trying to convey to children and to make it clear to them in an accessible form of communication of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, to teach young people today, how to eat and cook healthy meals. "I think that if you eat a healthy meal, you'll feel great," says Rocco.

David Rocco at ITC Hotels: The Dolce India series

David Rocco Meatballs

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