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Donald Link

Donald Link - southern star on the culinary horizon.

Donald Link, south, temperamental man, grew Donald Link up in the heart of Louisiana, Kazhёn country (the so-called American French-speaking population of Louisiana), where he developed his love for home Southern food, and that made him so famous.

t is famous for its uncompromising technology, attention to quality ingredients and delicious results of the work in the kitchen.

The chef and owner of several restaurants

The back room of an elegant restaurantDonald Link «Herbsaint» celebrity chef Donald Link crowded with the usual office stuff, electronic devices, photographs of his wife and children, a few chairs. But something in this room can draw attention - a sausage closet. Where is typically stored paper, various detergents, Donald changed the space added to hook and loop and now at this point of the wall to hang sausages.

This place is fully equipped for sausages, the temperature is maintained at 55 degrees, and nearby is a small tank, spraying water, dilute vinegar for the preservation of the form of sausage.

All of these devices have been invented for the restaurant «Cochon Butcher» before opening it. This restaurant is perfect for people who want to not only eat, but also buy meat products home. The restaurant specializes in homemade sausages such as salami, mortadella, fresh ham and many other varieties of sausage. Him some extent can be called a restaurant, shop.

Actually «Cochon Butcher» the third restaurant open Donald over the last ten years. The first of these «Herbsaint» - Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in the style of a French bistro. It's kind of a combination of French and American, this restaurant is a huge success and love visitors. While «Cochon», opened after much failure and obstacles related to the hurricane "Katrina", very southern, and differs from «Herbsaint», this is probably the only restaurant in New Orleans, which is prepared to truly kazhёnskuyu kitchen This restaurant, which uses the products and methods of preparation, in which he grew up as a child helping his grandfather in the kitchen.

The opening of the restaurant «Cochon» was the cherished dream of Donald, why, despite all the obstacles and delays, he achieved his goal. Not so long ago saw the release of his new restaurant «Calcasieu», which serves excellent wines from all regions of the world with an emphasis on French drinks, and prepare wonderful Louisiana food, and are unlikely to stop there, Donald. "I'm always ready with a passion, and eventually I realized that you can be as passionate owner of his own restaurant," - says Donald, and more and more to turn their dreams into reality.
Donald Link Donald Link Donald Link
Donald Link often travels the country in search of good farms for delivery of fresh, home-grown produce in its restaurant, preferring to use the products at home, even from his own garden, which can be reached directly from the back door in the kitchen. Simple and clean food are ideal for cooking Southern cuisine. Donald was a child aware of the importance of attention to detail that has helped him to develop an individual style of cooking.


Donald grew up in Louisiana, in a large Donald Link family cook with a lot of relatives, most of whom are self-made pork sausages, grow their rice and engaged in breeding crayfish. He began working at an early age of 15 years got a job in a restaurant busboy. But after a while it gets to the kitchen and began his professional work as a cook.

After several years in restaurants Louisiana, Donald Link Donald moved to San Francisco to improve their skills. At first, he had to work in a few small restaurants, but soon his talent was spotted and Donald was invited to elite restaurants where he could give free rein to their imagination and put their long-standing dream. For all the time, Donald reveals not one restaurant in San Francisco, are increasingly improving their skills in the culinary business and leaving no hope for on-site restaurant. In 2000, he returned to New Orleans, Donald finally gets the opportunity to realize his dream into reality and discover your own culinary institution.

In 2007, Link received the James Beard Award for Best Chef of the South, and its restaurant «Herbsaint» entered the 50 best restaurants in America. Another of his restaurant «Cochon», the James Beard Foundation, was nominated as the best new restaurant in America, and is also listed in the New York Times as "one of the best restaurants."

 In 2010, Donald starts cooperation with, launches a new original video program explores the link between local ingredients and famous local cuisine around the country. Do not miss the opportunity Link participate in various charity events and fund, trying as much as possible to help people and actively participating in public life of the city and the whole country.

Future family "Links".

This purposeful southern guy is not going to stop there, setting a new and new goals and objectives, embodying all the new dreams and desires. Donald loves his family: his wife Amanda, the daughter of Cassidy and his son Nico, and, of course, his family loves it. While Link's wife does not love all the dishes Louisiana cuisine, but it respectfully and proudly refers to the talent of her husband and daughter Cassidy is already trying to learn the basics of culinary art and, according to her father, she is doing well. It is possible that soon the world will know about the great and talented dynasty Linkov, and yet it only helps the Pope in the kitchen.
Donald Link

Quiet and unassuming, Donald Link has taken its rightful place among many other stars of the profession and became a world-renowned chef for its gourmet cuisine and a great love and passion for cooking. It is simply impossible to imagine a South American cuisine, and is not mentioned in this Donald Link.

Cooking lesson with Chef Donald Link

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