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John Schenk

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The path to glory: slowly but surely.

Chef John Schenk was born John Schenkin 1957 in the city of Buffalo, NY, USA. John's father, a native of Galveston, a small town in Texas, was his first teacher in the culinary field. Food cooked father was filled with southern flavors that impact on the choice of the young John criteria in determining the quality of food they produced.

So it throughout his life, paying attention not only to their taste characteristics, but also to the very important characteristics like presentability and smells they exude. It's no wonder they say that "meet on clothes ..."


John Schenk path to culinary glory can not be called rapid. Before settling in New York, he worked in many restaurants of the country. John started his career in the 80s of the last century in San Francisco, in a restaurant В«Hayes Street GrillВ», owned by Patty Unterman. Then he went abroad to France and the exotic Kenya. Returning from a long journey in 1987, John was immediately hired as deputy chef, and where do you think? The very popular restaurant in Manhattan В«Gotham Bar and GrillВ», led by Alfred Portale, outstanding culinary personality!

Agree, very good, especially considering the inherent New Yorkers negative attitude as to restaurants and to the chefs. Mr. Schenk describes the place of work as an island of inspiration, who cherished his culinary skills, and forced to radically revise his views on the process of cooking as an art.
John Schenk John Schenk John Schenk
But "nothing lasts forever." Despite the fact that this is a place of work suited him, In 1992, Mr. Schenk was succeeded at a restaurant in the West Broadway, which before his arrival was struggling for survival. What caused such an extraordinary solution, history is silent. But the fact remains that soon after John led kitchen unprofitable restaurants, became in him a chef, the newspaper New-York Times in one of his reports awarded the restaurant a rating of "Star", commented on his decision as follows: "The Miracle of the year, or the most rapid transformation of the restaurant in 1992 ". A menu of this institution, which developed the John Schenk, the newspaper said the words "almost all of his dishes taste just detonate."

But here it does not work for a long time. Leaving is a catering business, John worked in the kitchens of several Manhattan restaurants, including a pretty popular «Monkey Bar». In 1995, work in this institution was first lighted the name John Schenk in the pages of Food & Wine, who named him one of the 10 best chefs. Only 2 years later, in 1997, John had the courage to open his first restaurant «Clementine» (Clementine) in Greenwich Village, a residential area of ​​New York City on the west side of Lower Manhattan. Over time, the institution has gained in popularity and has become a meeting place for many regular customers. Such a warm attitude enabled him without any difficulty to control "Clementine" until 2004.

Jobs В«Strip HouseВ».

What's next? After 47 years of fruitful creative life chef, by and large, it is just beginning. Such thoughts led to that organize the work of his restaurant, he walked away from the immediate work in it, receiving from its activity passive income, and began looking for a new place for self-realization.

The search did not last long. The next place of his employment (2004) became a corporation В«Strip HouseВ» - a network of snack bars and restaurants, focuses on the high kitchen. As time has shown, it is thanks to the work in this company, he found not only professional, but also public recognition.
John Schenk John Schenk
It is interesting that with their employers, Peter, Penny and Matthew Glaser, John first met in 1994. Remember, we have written above, he worked in the В«Monkey BarВ»? Its owner at the time was just that Glazier-trio so successful experience of joint work has already had a positive impact on that career advancement Mr. Schenk. So, in 2006 he was transferred to the position of corporate executive chef (the executive chef of the corporation). One of his duties was the supervision of the restaurants В«Strip HouseВ», located in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Las Vegas and Texas. At least 1 time per month, he must check these establishments. It would seem - a purely administrative work, but Mr. Schenk finds time to search for new ingredients and flavors in order to give the dishes prepared in a classic performance inherent in the kitchen В«Strip HouseВ», a new taste.


Television could not ignore the increased popularity of supervised their restaurants. John Schenk was invited to various popular television shows. We mention some of them: В«Today ShowВ» on NBC; goes every Saturday morning В«Chef on a Shoe StringВ» on the channel CBS; В«FOX & FriendsВ» on the channel Fox New Channel; В«Ready ... Set ... CookВ» in the В«Food NetworkВ».

In addition, Mr. Schenk often gives master classes in culinary arts В«The James Beard HouseВ». A distinctive feature of this show is that it is not in the shooting carried kinopavilonov, and in one of the halls of the James Beard House. It can get everyone, with the broadcast of the show is carried on the air.

In addition, the Internet can find videos shot in the kitchens of restaurants В«Strip HouseВ». The address of one of them is:

In the process of making it was captured steak and potatoes, which can be ordered in any of these establishments.

But to learn the skill of cooking can not only on TV! The network has the following information: citizens who seek to learn the culinary secrets of John Schenk can call it directly to your home (not free, of course). He will hold for 5 people a short course of preparation of his signature dishes based on local seasonal ingredients, not in words but in deeds. What is required? From the customer only 4 things: the kitchen, tasting room (to put it bluntly - a dining room), wine enthusiasts and society. Food company will provide a chef! That's it, no more, no less! Thus, the slogan of the Soviet era - "The Art of the masses!" - Transformed by the Americans in the "Recipes - to the masses

Eun Joo Lee.

John Love to odors become stronger after John Schenkhe married Mrs. Eun Joo Lee (1976), Korean, and, simultaneously, a vegetarian. She often buys and buys the house seafood plant (algae), with very strong, fragrant smell.

Before Inspection trips, Mr. Schenk, a loving husband, a wife is preparing a meal that she enjoying it, thought of his wife. One of the dishes that loves Ms. Eun Joo Lee, is the onion soup, the recipe of which John learned in 80 years of the last century, during his stay in the town of Boca Raton, Fla.

When he described the recipe for my wife, her first words like sweet caramelized onion soup with croutons vprikusku covered until bubbling melted Swiss cheese! Indeed, a gourmet meal!

Rwanda broke me: John Schenk

Schenk & Potatoes - Chef John Schenk - Las Vegas

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