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John Burton

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Biography John Burton.

Scandalous and genius John Burton.

The famous John Burton, a genius in the kitchen and does not drift in a normal life. This man won three Michelin stars and is known for the controversial driving a car drunk and fight with the police. He has three times changed his life partner and most recently was seen strolling hand in hand with the fourth. And all of this one man.

The process of becoming.

John was born in Singapore,John Burton the family of the British diplomat and spent his childhood in the Far East. As a child, he was in the kitchen helping to cook the family chef, where he discovered his natural talent and a great passion for cooking. Therefore, the choice of future profession was made at a very early age. John honed his talent, traveling the world and trying their hand at a variety of cuisines, to gain invaluable experience.

Burton could be called a daredevil so much he loves adventures, at the same time, absolutely not worrying about the future. John has worked in a lot of restaurants in England, such as В«QuaglinoВ», В«Chewton GlenВ», В«La SorbonneВ» and eventually came under the care of a super chef Raymond Blanc in В«Saisons Le Manoir AUX QuatВ», where he began His career as a chef. Raymond instantly recognized it fine culinary skills and has contributed significantly to advancing the career of John the culinary ladder.

After a while, Raymond decides to open a new restaurant in Oxford В«Le Petit BlancВ» and offers Burton to head both the kitchen and the restaurant itself, where John and seeking his first Michelin star back in 1986, the second star was not long in coming. Later, he opened a restaurant in the Landmark Hotel and devotes all his time to the kitchen. This time can be called routine work at a furious pace, when he simply had no time to look around and notice something else besides cooking.

Career celebrities on television.

In the end, this race has led to depletion,John BurtonJohn Burton and in 2002 he moved for a year to live in France with his family to remember the ingredients and French cuisine to recover the love of cooking, after many years of working in high-speed mode. This time he wanted to spend on his wife and children back to the slower pace of life.

A Channel 4's jumped at the opportunity television show based on his vacation, which was called the "French leave" and did John and his family famous, and his name has become a household name in England. Later, it was the continuation of a television show called "The Return of shef- cook. "

He earned enough money to ensure that two years later, in 2004, opened his own restaurant in Devon, titled "The New Angel", which a year later was awarded a Michelin star, and then, in a short time, followed by a good deal on writing book. All in all Burton seven cookbooks.

Family life.

In contrast to the success in the kitchen, family life of John Burton's more controversial. In the mid-nineties, he met with Kim, his second wife, who at that time was already a successful entrepreneur and chalk own business, in addition, she already had two children. Four more will be born in a marriage with John. However, the marriage can not be called successful, given the constant family scandals, quarrels and even beatings. That pink family life, which was shown on the TV to millions of viewers, had nothing to do with reality.
John Burton John Burton John Burton

In 2007, John participated in the reality show В«Get Me Out of HereВ» as selected celebrities and a few months sent to Australia where, as if nothing had happened, spending time with other participants of the show, preparing for them a variety of dishes , including from kangaroo. At that time, his wife, Kim, have to make the difficult decision to close the restaurant "The New Angel" and selling due to the difficult financial situation. In addition, she filed for divorce, the wife of convict of treason.

John left his wife and lived with her for 11 years, and six children for Suzie Ward and their three sons. At this time he begins a series of misfortunes. After the divorce, he was totally bankrupt without penniless. A few months after bankruptcy and costly divorce, television star, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Worse yet, the fiery chef, as it is called fans, was also charged with resisting arrest, which could not but affect his already poor financial situation.


However, despite all these setbacks, John did not return to the restaurant business, he chose counseling and job presenter. He loves his celebrity status, and be in the spotlight. Although John himself admits that there is rude and even drunk, he was banished from the company of their friends gathered together for dinner. However, the viewers has for several years may enjoy his sharp wit and sophisticated culinary delights on the channel ITV. He earned the love and adoration of his fans, no matter what scandals and incidents in his life.
John Burton John Burton John Burton

Besides his Michelin stars, a great intellect and rigor make John very tough judge on В«Britain's Best DishВ». At the same time he picked up the program to a higher and more qualitative level. He changed the show almost all of the methods to the appearance. And, although it may be called ostentatious, yet he tries to teach the audience something new, to give some important tips for proper cooking. "It's almost like having a private chef in your own kitchen, showing you a few culinary tricks" - says Burton.
John Burton

John in any case can not be called old-fashioned, or restricted, he may not like a certain kind of food, but still believes that the cook should try everything. And if you ask him, he can easily answer any taste opossum. But in the jungle, he even had enjoyed the sexual organs of some animals, but it is an experience and it's all you need to know the chef. Such is his philosophy.

But the quiet life is not for John Burton. Even after two divorces and complete bankruptcy of his interest in women is not lost. It can be called loving, temperamental, restless man, a brilliant chef, TV presenter beautiful, talented writers and many other epithets.

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Biography John Burton