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Sarah Wiener

"Green chef."

In the modern world greatly increased Sarah Wiener the number of so-called "green" or environmental groups. Austrian Sarah Wiener is precisely such a defender. She has her own foundation named Sarah Wiener, the company that uses only environmentally-friendly products and materials, and it is an outstanding cook and a good wife and mother, a loving home comfort, warmth and a glass of wine in the evenings in the family.

Obstinate personality from an early age.

Sarah was born twenty-seventh of August 1962 in the city of Hull, in the Province of Westphalia. Her father's name was Oswald Wiener and his mother was an artist by the name of Laura Hyuyerman. My parents were divorced, and she first lived in Vienna with her mother, and then it was sent to a boarding school. But at the age of seventeen, Sarah ran out a long time and traveled to Europe hitchhiking, not wanting to go back to school. Odd jobs, Wiener lived in search of themselves in this world. But it was over the fact that she was pregnant, and she had to take a difficult decision for themselves and return home.
Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener
She returned to Vienna at the age of twenty-four years and got a job as a waiter at first, then worked in a pub «Axbax», and later was hired by his father in a bakery pastry, without having any formal training. Even her father she could earn money by preparing meals for employees of nearby advertising agency.

Start ascent.

Maybe Sarah would have continued to be straining at several jobs until he could take more or less profitable position, but fate had treated her differently. Once, at a dinner at Bernd Koberlinga she met Tilda Swinton, who offered her a job at the studio. The duties of the Viner included cooking for the whole crew. And then Sarah was struck by a brilliant idea. She created the company «Sarah Wieners Tracking Catering», which provides power to some film company. For a start it was necessary to take the credit, and the food transported by lorry IFA W50, but eventually the fame of the company increased Sarah and her mobile food served all film studios in Poland, Austria, Germany.
Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener

Sarah Wiener
The famous chef and TV presenter Sarah Wiener presents one of their unique recipes renowned German specialties. It is not simple but exotic and incredibly tasty. Get ingradienty to cook it difficult to ever try venison meat sauce with mashed potatoes with nettles and savoy cabbage baked in the oven.

Making dreams come true.

Gradually Sara succeed her company prospered, and Wiener was decided to take the next step. In 1999 in Berlin-Mitte, it opened its first restaurant «Das Speisezimmer». And then life rushed like a snowball. In 2001, it opened the restaurant «Mutter und Schraube» in the German Museum of Technology. In 2003 the opening of the restaurant «Sarah Wiener» at the Hamburger Bahnhof. In 2005, Sarah opened the bistro at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, near the Brandenburg Gate.

And in 2009 it opened to the public just two places: the restaurant "Gottlieb" in the service center «Mercedes-Benz» in Bremen and the "Museum Cafe" in Berlin's Museum of Communications. You also need to mention that since 2004 successfully operating company «Sarah Wiener GmbH». She has dual headquarters in Berlin and Hamburg, it controls all of the above, and also restaurants serving a variety of activities. The company currently has more than one hundred and sixty people.
Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener

Career TV.

And then Sarah wanted to create your own cooking show. It is called the "Culinary Adventures of Sarah Wiener." The point is that Sarah is traveling to different countries and with the local chefs prepare different national dishes, and guest judge then evaluate these options. Start the air took place in early 2007. Sarah traveled to France. The success of the show was simply stunning, so the fall of the second season was launched dedicated to Italian and local cuisine. And in 2012 it was released long-awaited sequel, in which Wiener talked about the UK.
Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener
Sarah also released ten episodes show "Sarah and kitchen children." It Wiener took to his homestead twelve children from different parts of Europe and taught them to cook healthy and tasty food from the fact that you can grow yourself. But the TV does not end the life of Sarah. Her films have been translated us many languages ​​of the world, sales of DVD-ROM drive is increasing every year, and has even released a computer game dedicated to Sarah Wiener and her life..

Social and literary activities.

The world-renowned company, popular shows and world fame. Unless there is about the dream of the common man? But Sarah Wiener is one of the most extraordinary people. It is always a force in the community service, as well as writing a cookbook with recipes for a correct and healthy food. You can endlessly talk about the achievements of this courageous woman, but only the most important of them: it is one of the German ambassador to the United Nations on biodiversity on the planet, Sarah member of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, as she organized his own foundation and actively participates in the work of such associations as "For the love of nature", the fund promoters and fund for livestock healthy children who fights for what all children can eat only healthy food.
Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener
Wiener also takes an active stance against the use of genetically modified products and their company uses only environmentally friendly raw materials, setting an example for others not so honest businesses. There are even a few interesting cases on this subject. Sarah once sued a businessman who advertised his instant soups, a sticker with a photo Wiener than really angered her. Examination showed that the soups were substandard, and it undermines the credibility of Sarah as an environmentalist, but the Constitutional Court refused to Sarah fully penalties, ie compensation of one hundred thousand euros, and appointed a penny to five thousand euros. We also know that all sellers Wiener ordered his books wrapping them only paper produced from recycled materials, thus emphasizing their views.
Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener
But it is also worth more to highlight its creative book. In total, she has released ten books, each of which is not just a tool for cooking, but a guide to the right way of life, what to do and what not. From them you can learn a lot of new, open up the whole universe, hitherto unknown to themselves.

Personal life.

Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener Sarah Wiener
Despite all his care, Sarah Wiener always manages to be a real woman, tender and vulnerable in the domestic circle. She has a loving husband, son and daughter. A favorite pastime is relaxing in your favorite chair with a glass of fine red wine and a plate of something tasty that prepared her husband, Peter Loymayer.

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