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Nigella Lawson

Biography Nigella Lawson.

«Queen of porn Food»

This is the name Nigella Lawson fans incomparable talent ... it's because she became famous for her flirtatious manner of dealing with people and admirers, she also imposed on the cooking process.

Criticizing such behavior, many Nigella Lawson observers cite the appeal of Nigella Lawson, as exemplified by the fact that she was recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

According to a survey published in the renowned British newspaper «The Guardian», male readers admitted that they like Nigella Lawson for having desired to want to be close to this ideal woman, and women, in turn, for the desire to be like her. One critic said that Nigella can be more love for her smile than for its culinary skills.

Perhaps at first glance, not knowing the details of private life of this famous woman, it seems that it is no more than a coquettish beauty that can only flirting. However, the opinion of her changed after acquaintance with the history of her exciting life, which is full of pleasant, intriguing and tragic moments.

Uneasy childhood

Nigella was born January 6, 1960 in London in a family of powerful and famous parents. Her father had for several years served as finance minister in England and worked in conjunction with the administration of Margaret Thatcher, and her mother, a woman of great beauty Vanessa Salmon, was the heir of a vast empire «J. Lyonsand Co. », uniting under the name network of restaurants, hotels.
Nigella LawsonNigella LawsonNigella Lawson
And in this ideal family, according to many has come a tragic turning point in the relationship of parents who divorced in 1980, which in turn could not affect the relationship between a loving father and daughter, these events have caused discord in their relationship. After some time, each parent has a new family, while Nigella new stepbrothers and sisters, before that, she had two sisters and one brother. Unfortunately, Nigella still faced with a number of tragic events in her personal life.

As Lawson's father held such a high position, the family often had to move from place to place, which affected girls to school. Every year, her parents were forced to give his daughter to different schools. So, for 9 years, Lawson has replaced 9 schools. Despite the efforts and persistence in learning, behavior Nigella poor. His last place of her training was the London School for Girls «Godolphinand Latymer». After graduating from college meant for the lady «Lady Margaret Hall», located in Oxford, she received a degree in medieval and languages.

The thorny path to glory.

Initially, Lawson has worked in the publishing house under the leadership of Naim Attallah. When she was 23 years old, Charles Moore asked Lawson to write articles for the newspaper «The Spectator». Soon after beginning his career Nigella book reviewer, and restaurant critic, and in 1986 she became deputy literary editor of the Sunday newspaper «The Sunday Times». This, in turn, influenced the fact that Lawson became a freelance journalist, writing for several newspapers and magazines at the same time.

In the UK, Lawson wrote for «The Daily Telegraph», «the Evening Standard», «The Observer» and «The Times Literary Supplement», and also the author of the column about food for the fashion magazine «Vogue» and the column "All about make-up" for «The Times Magazine». In parallel, Lawson worked with «Gourmet» and «Bon Appétit» in the United States.
Nigella LawsonNigella LawsonNigella LawsonNigella Lawson
Nigella Lawson has been married twice. Her first husband was a journalist and presenter John Diamond - the father of two lovely kids. Two years later, Lawson married Charles Saatchi, founder and co-owner of one of the world's largest advertising agencies and a passionate collector of contemporary art.

Deserved rewards.

The love of cooking from Lawson manifested in early childhood. As a little girl, she liked to watch his mother, who perfectly cooked and enjoyed the process itself.

The year 1998 was significant for Nigella - she published her first cookbook, which is called the "as is". The book became a bestseller unquestionable, which sold 300,000 copies. Two years later published another book, "How to become a goddess of the hearth."

It was during this period of Lawson became the owner Book Award «British Book Awards» in the nomination "Author of the Year." Everything else, in 2000 Nigella started to conduct their own cooking program on TV Channel 4's known as «Nigella Bites». The program was accompanied by the release of another book of the same title. The show was so successful and stunning, earning Nigella cooking Writers Guild Award. However, after such a stunning success, the program rating plummeted, and it was closed.

In 2006 there is a new program under the name Lawson «Nigella Feasts», devoted to the lavish banquets and dinner parties. 6 December the same year on the channel BBC Two there was a program of Christmas kitchen «Nigella's Christmas Kitchen», followed by the September 3, 2007 - A series of programs «Nigella Express».
Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
It is known that Nigella has sold more than 3 million copies of his books worldwide. Moreover, it is known that Lawson launches own brand of cookware «Living Kitchen», which is estimated at 7 million pounds.

Coquetry vs cooking.

In truth, the inimitable British journalist, author of cookbooks and a leading TV, Nigella Lawson, recognized and valued more as a restaurant critic than the chef. Nigella has a reputation of one of the most popular, sensual, famous chefs with flirty attitude to cooking. Besides Nigella is a fan of sexy underwear and seductive outfits. Often, fans of TV presenter discussed on forums and blogs not only the dishes prepared by her recipes, but also its appearance. Undoubtedly, Nigella Lawson is unique in its approach to the preparation of food, and everything else is undeniable trendsetter.
Nigella LawsonNigella LawsonNigella Lawson
Nigella never specifically studied to cook, much less passed vocational training. By cooking Lawson refers both to the pleasure. Moreover, she does not like to call it "star chef", and do not even consider myself an expert in this field. It does not cease to say they are ready just for your own pleasure and enjoyment. According to her, the cooking process should not be a routine obligation, but rather something that looks like fun, which causes a feeling of relaxation, not tension. That is exactly what is the situation in her kitchen. The most important rule - "No rules."

It was noted that the audience listen to the opinion of Nigella products. If it is something praised during his transfer, the sale of this product is required to grow. In his broadcasts Nigella focuses on the taste characteristics of the food more than make up the components of food. It does not call for the preparation of low-calorie, low-fat food. Her culinary delights may even include a high-calorie product, as the goose fat. Unlike many celebrities, Lawson does not exhaust itself useless diets. Rather, she prefers a double portion of cream and sweet pastries instead of dietary salad.

It is known that Nigella Lawson is actively involved in social and community activities, which certainly is a plus for it so vehemently criticized by nature. Lawson is the ideologist of the social movement, created in the mid-80s, called "Slow Food". In addition, Lawson stands for the revival and preservation of national gastronomic traditions.
Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
According to the published results of the survey «The Daily Telegraph», according to the British, Nigella Lawson justifiably ranked second in the list of owners of the best profession in the world. Furthermore, it has repeatedly been among the most beautiful women in British television. And this, in turn, proves that Nigella Lawson - one such voluptuous, inconsistent, incomparable and inimitable personality in modern show business. She knows exactly how to find the way to the heart of any man.

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