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Rachel Allen

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Rachel Allen - Queen Irish cooking.

Rachel Allen Ms. Rachel Allen was born in Dublin on March 21, 1971 in the family business, though not large, but successful.

So, her mother, Hallfridur Reichenfeld, having Icelandic roots, worked in the fashion business and was the owner of several clothing stores.

Her father, Brian O'Neill, served as director of the plant for the production of shoes in town Winstanley. This company he inherited from his parents.


The first culinary experience, Ms. Allen got in the kitchen of his house, where she was on a par with his sister, cook biscuits, introducing himself neither more nor less than the most Delia Smith (renowned chef and popular television personality). This fascination was with the approval received by her parents, so when Mrs. Rachel was 18 years old, they are "blessed" Woman to enroll in prestigious universities В«Ballymaloe Cookery SchoolВ», unaware that the institution of their daughter, devoted many years of his life .

Career cook.

After graduating culinary education, Rachel Allen Ms. Allen has worked at the restaurant В«Ballymaloe HouseВ». But after a short time, she returned to school, to the position of teacher of cooking art. And not to lose the experience gained culinary skill and multiply it, she continues to work in the kitchen of this restaurant, combining, thus, the work of the teacher and chef. Note that around the restaurant В«Ballymaloe HouseВ» of his attendants were planted real plantation plants rich in vitamins, which is why, in cooking places, mainly used fresh, local, "purely Irish" herbal ingredients.

In 1998, 27-year-old Rachel marries Mr. Isaac Allen,Rachel Allen son of the founder of the school in Bellimeylou. Unlike many of his colleagues chefs, Mrs. Rachel during his professional career did not change the place of employment, and was betrayed by one single institution catering - В«Ballymaloe House RestaurantВ» and the school В«Ballymaloe Cookery SchoolВ».

But despite the work in the province, thanks to the recipes of Mrs. Allen and great taste made in accordance with these dishes, spread around the Irish culinary world. Numerous graduates of the "School of ..." contributed to the emergence in the culinary scene of Ireland star named Rachel Allen, sharing with your friends impressions on its excellent cuisine and affordable methods of teaching. Many restaurant owners began to invite her into their establishments but received a polite refusal.

Style cooking Mrs. Allen characterized, above all, simplicity, ease and practicality - features that have always attracted and will attract, housewives home kitchens. But along with this, its dishes are unsurpassed elegance and taste, which is not a sin to boast not only to close friends, but in front of friends, is invited to the gala dinner.

Television and literary activities.

Advances in the culinary scene and well-organized, with elements of delicate irony, it contributed to the emergence of Mrs. Rachel Allen on TV screens. So, in September 2004 in one of the pavilions of the National Television Company of Ireland (RTE) started shooting the TV show В«Rachel's Favourite FoodВ», which releases later broadcast on TV every Saturday morning VVS2. In addition to the UK, it can be seen on television in Australia and several European countries.

The book В«Rachel's Favourite FoodВ» was released specifically to fans of gourmet food, after referring to Mrs Allen recipes presented in TV shows can often return to them, turning over the pages of the publication.
Rachel Allen Rachel Allen
The popularity of the book and the predetermined transmission output to TV screens another equally popular amateur culinary arts program В«Rachel's Favourite Food for FriendsВ» and books, which received the same name and became a bestseller.

But the story of the brand В«Rachel's Favourite FoodВ» is not over. On television screens aired another show in this series, called В«Rachel's Favourite Food At HomeВ». It was broadcast, this time, the broadcaster BBC1. The transfer also had a spectacular success, and the word "bestseller" insufficiently reflects the rate of sales of the book accompanying the show, which has the same name, which was released in 2006 by publishing house В«HarperCollinsВ». She was literally swept away from the shelves of bookstores in a few weeks!

The fourth, the last series of serial television series В«Rachel's Favourite FoodВ», dubbed В«Rachel's Favourite Food for LivingВ» and the corresponding book expecting a huge success. This show was broadcast on one of the channels BBC1, and the book was published by the same publisher В«HarperCollinsВ».

In late 2008, the network cable and satellite television В«UKTVВ» start broadcasting regular programs with the participation of Mrs. Allen. The name of the show sounded kind of call to action: В«Bake!В», And his approval rating, according to experts В«UKTVВ» exceeded the corresponding figure of all hitherto broadcast on the channels of the transmission network! As you might expect, the book В«Bake!В», Also became a bestseller, and the show itself, broadcast, and More on BBC1 and RTE.
Rachel Allen Rachel Allen Rachel Allen Rachel Allen
In 2009 was published "Diary of Rachel AllenВ» - В«Rachel Allen DiaryВ», but cooperation between Ms. Allen and В«UKTVВ» continued at the beginning of the broadcast network channels Film about the program В«Rachel Allen: Home CookingВ». Further events are well-established pattern: a huge success - publishing house В«HarperCollinsВ» - the same name book - relaying show on BBC1 and RTE.

Year 2010. Mrs. Allen began working on their next drive, the emphasis has shifted somewhat. In it she, besides cooking, much time to leisure. Title transmission speaks for itself: В«Entertaining at HomeВ». In 2011, the program was broadcast on the channels we already know the companies В«UKTVВ» and В«RTEВ». But only one in the UK show the transfer was not limited to: the show was seen in most of the world!

In addition, Ms. Allen writes articles for many Irish periodicals, including such popular magazines as В«BBC Good Food magazineВ» and В«AWT At Home magazineВ».

Personal life.

Currently, Ms. Allen lives in County County Cork in southern Ireland in Shanagarry in a wonderful town house overlooking the sea. As we wrote above, her husband, Isaac, also has to do with cooking and television, however, indirectly through his mother Darina Allen. It also, as Mrs. Rachel - renowned Irish chef and popular television personality. It Darina Allen is the founder of the world-famous Ballymaloe Cookery School, opened in 1983 in Shanagarry. As you may remember, in this school, Mrs. Rachel graduated and worked as a teacher.

In July 2012, Mrs. Rachel was awarded the University of Ulster 's degree "doctor" for her contribution to the development of cooking. Ceremony doctoral robes took place at the famous В«Waterfront HallВ» in Belfast. Note that in-law Rachel, Mrs. Darina Allen, was awarded the degree of Doctor, and, by the same institution, but almost 10 years earlier, in 2003.
Rachel Allen Rachel Allen
Mrs. Rachel Allen - a great lover of distant travel to exotic destinations. So, in 2011, she, along with his entire family spent two weeks in Mozambique (the African coast of the Indian Ocean).

This tsunami of criticism, Ms. Allen has caused placing on his Facebook page pictures, in which she captured the result of a successful hunt. Naturally, the outrage of "green" is not caused double-barreled shotgun in her hands and lying on the hood of a car belonging to her "Audi" killed game. To discuss "her misbehavior," Rachel was invited as a guest of the respondent on the show В«The Saturday Night ShowВ». The invitation was accepted, but the parties, unfortunately, consensus was never reached.

Ms. Rachel Allen gave her husband three children: two boys - Joshua and Luke, and daughter Scarlett. I have this happy family and a common favorite - dog Buddy.

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