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Nigel Slater

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Biography Nigel Slater

Name Nigel Slater in the majority of the British coming Nigel Slater of age is associated primarily with the author, writer, columnist, TV host who knows how to cook, but not vice versa - the chef, who is able to speak or communicate clearly express their thoughts on paper. Indeed, it does not have its restaurants. Moreover, he does not own any of the place of business, and most of its dishes made rather an amateur rather than a professional level.

Each of them can be very difficult to apply the epithet "exquisite", they are simple and do not claim, according to Mr. Slater, the title of "the best dish in the world." He does not feel a special affection for the bustle of the kitchen, preferring to just dinner, made "with the feeling, really, with the arrangement." However, in his view, the preparation of good food for themselves or for other people, can become such a powerful source of inspiration, which does not compare any other type of activity.

Nigel Slater
It has recently become a very popular film biographies of famous chefs in the world, one of the gurus of cooking Nigel Slater became. In 2010, the film "Toast" in which popular and very colorful main thrust of the young Nigel reflected the conquest of his father's position, which he tried to recover through culinary delights, one of which was the "Lemon meringue". After watching the film "Toast" very much wanted to try it a meringue: with lots of lemon cream and a lush layer of whipped egg white. Presenting your attention the same recipe from Katherine Tidy, food stylist movie "TOAST".
Nigel Slater
As a child, he soon lost his mother and was forced to fight with her stepmother for the attention of his father by the scene of the battle kitchen. We present to you one of his amazing recipes - Spaghetti Baloneze. The dish that will please you and your loved ones.
Nigel Slater
The world-famous in the film "Toast" by Nigel Slater in this recipe focuses on lemon, diced. Thus, tender slices of lemon, peeled, become an independent part of seasoning, and all meals. You use the lemon as a fruit, but do not put it in the usual lemon juice.

Childhood and education.

Sir Nigel Slater was born April 9, 1958 in the city of Wolverhampton, which is located in the county of West Midlands. A happy childhood is not his name. Early lost his mother (she died from asthma, when Nigel was only 9 years old), he was forced to prepare their own food. At first, the process of cooking the teenager was given a hard time, but soon, he said, he understood.
Nigel SlaterNigel Slater

His father, the owner of a small factory for the production of spare parts for cars, paid little time raising his son. He left his son at home and spend days and nights working. 9-year-old boy came home in the evening after school, cook your own dinner and eating it himself, went to his room to sleep. But the night's rest did not bring the desired calm. Nigel was scary one in the house, he did not have a person who would free him so familiar to us all fear of the dark as a child. Loneliness - which usually appears in older people, Nigel Slater met in childhood.
Nigel Slater Nigel Slater
But even in those rare evenings when my father was at home, the feeling of fear never left him. If the boy did something that is not what the father told him: "Immediately go to bed, and I'll come and uplift you." Can you imagine, with some fear, lying in bed, listening to Nigel approaching his room steps! After losing his wife, the boy's father, without experiencing love for him, Nigel saw only as a burden, prevents to live freely.

But bachelorhood Slater Sr. did not last long, less than a year, he brought home his second wife Joan Potter, stepmother Nigel. Secondary education has received in youth "Woodfield Avenue School", which is located in the village of Penn near Wolverhampton.
Nigel Slater
He then continued his studies at Chantry High School in Worcestershire. Here it is with great pleasure to write an essay on the culinary theme. Cooking has become a sort of "battlefield" between boys and his step-mother, who worked as a cleaner.
Nigel SlaterNigel Slater

The goal pursued by a young Slater in this culinary "battle" was the most ordinary: to curry favor with his father, and the object of the competition was the lemon meringue pie that Slater Sr. adored. We must pay tribute to his stepmother: she made him great, but at the same time, cake recipe kept secret. Therefore, in order to calculate how many eggs she uses in the preparation of their baking, Nigel once studied for the trash contained in it amounts eggshell after stepmother baked lemon tart. As they say, "Why not do in order to win!". And he got his way: once, try this confection, which appeared from under the hand of a young man, the chief referee of the competition in the face of his father admitted that the cake turned out no worse than that of his wife! After finishing his studies at the Chantry High School in 1976, Mr. Nigel Slater began his career.


Initially, in his soul fought two passions: passion for cooking and passion for literary work. At first, a craving for cooking art prevailed, so he started working in restaurants at the hotel, located in the UK. But getting in the work in these institutions experience culinary knowledge can not be the property of only one person - Nigel Slater. So, in 1988 he began working with the popular publication "Marie Claire magazine".
Nigel Slater

Fame at the national level brought him some simple, easy to understand and just as easily prepared recipes that were published in his first book: "The 30-Minute Cook" and "Real Cooking". They were literally swept away from the shelves of bookstores! No less popular Nigel brought his deeply sinks into the soul, a memoir for the newspaper "The Observer", published in 1993. In 1998, he leads the British TV channel "Channel 4" their "Nigel Slater's Real Food Show". Thus, passion for working with the media, supported by the culinary expertise won!

Television and radio.

On the TV screen you can see Nigel as a member of such popular TV shows in the UK as "Gardener World", "Desert Island Discs", "Woman's Hour", "Front Row", "Gardener's Question Time". All of them are dedicated to the theme of gardening. On TV the BBC he regularly takes part in "The Food Programme".
Nigel Slater

In 2012, he continued working on his project "Nigel Slater's Simple Cooking", broadcast on a TV channel BBC1. In it, he talks about how at home you can easily make healthy dishes from local fruits and vegetables. Filming the series of this project carried out in his own garden and the surrounding area.

Books Nigel Slater.

Literary works Nigel has repeatedly received awards of various public organizations. Among them, such as "National Book Awards" "Simon Memorial Prize" and "British Biography of the Year".

One of the most popular of his books - "Eating for England: The Delights and Eccentricities of the British at Table (Fourth Estate" - dedicated to the British food and its preparation method. Published it was in 2007. The newspaper "The Sunday Times" described it as "modest selection of culinary treats, allowing tastefully pass while traveling on the train."
Nigel Slater Nigel Slater Nigel Slater Nigel Slater
Other works of Nigel - "Tender", dedicated to his "vegetable garden", tells the story of how it came about that in it is growing. This book - the two volumes. The first volume, which describes the vegetable garden was published in 2009, and the second is its fruit, was published a year later. This book is written in the style of memoirs and contains the results of studies of the properties and taste more than 50 of the most popular vegetables, fruit, nuts. It also presents some 500 recipes!
Nigel Slater Nigel Slater

But now public recognition brought him the book "Toast: The Story of a Boy's Hunger". This work, awarded numerous awards and prizes, in fact, is his autobiography, Nigel is focused on respect for food, his childhood, family relations and & hellip; the awakening of sexuality in it. Mr. Slater himself praised the book saying: "this is the most intimate memories of them all, ever published cookery". The book was published in Britain in 2004 and became a bestseller after having been presented at a meeting of the book club "Richard and Judy Book Club". More most popular Mr. Slater added its film adaptation. Fifteen-year Nigel in the movie played by Freddie Highmore, and his stepmother Helena Bonham Carter. Total from 1992 to 2010 inclusive, he published 13 works, 11 of which are books toques and 2 - autobiography.
Nigel Slater

In Mr. Nigel Slater has two older brothers, Adrian and John. Note that John, a neighbor boy who lost his parents, was adopted into the family Slater Nigel before birth. Currently, Mr. Nigel Slater lives in Highbury - one area of ​​North London. In his house lived three cat, which he treats the best in town fish dinner. In the center of attention when he is in the house is a garden, gifts are always present on his desk. Furthermore, as you probably noticed, Nigel often talks about it on the pages of periodicals. In general, the topic of gardening, he devoted 19 (!) Years of his life, collaborating with magazines published under the auspices of the Royal Society of the Garden which is called very simply: "The Garden".

Interview mit Nigel Slater - Toast

Toast (2010) Trailer | S.J. Clarkson

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Biography Nigel Slater