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The English diet

The English diet.

time Length - 21 days
laughing Features: alternation of multiple menus on a "2 by 2»;
money Costs: minimum;
lol Effect: minus 10-15 kg;
recourse Recommendations: no more than once a year;
love An additional effect: a habit of eating less and less;
no Not recommended: pregnant women, nursing!
The English diet

feel Any diet is a strong stress for the body, as each of us strives in the shortest possible time to lose a greater amount of kilos. Most diets are based on the principle of exclusion, or the so-called mono-diet, where the discarding of certain components of a food or fat or carbohydrates. The result of most of these diets is becoming something that after a while the lost weight comes back again! We present you a "soft" diet designed for a longer period (20-22 days).

The English diet The English diet
British diet - causes severe stress in the body, does not cause reduction of the tone and appearance of fatigue from lack of calories.

British diet in strict compliance with it guarantees the loss of 10-15 kg. and long-term stability appeared slim figure. Its main feature - is the ability to adjust to the needs of diet is your body! Agree, it is very important!


request British diet - 21 days does not pose any threat to your body. However, prior consultation with the doctor, of course, can not hurt. It is always better to be safe then to deal with instead of losing weight does not cure!
Specific contraindications to this diet is not observed.

what * IMPORTANT *

smile Strictly adhere to the following rules - after 19:00 there is not recommended. It is also not recommended for strong alcoholic beverages (not allowed a lot of dry wine), beer, lemonade, sweet, flour, fried potatoes and white bread, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, grapes and melon sweet varieties - such food is rich in calories, which is not going to benefit figure . Do not eat salty foods - salt retains water in the body.

British diet begins with two hungry days.

2 hungry days:

1 liter of milk, 1 cup tomato juice, 2 slices of black bread.

2 protein of the day:

angry Breakfast - a cup of coffee, you can of milk, a slice of black bread, a teaspoon of oil, a teaspoon of honey.
:dort: Lunch - a plate of meat or fish broth, a piece of boiled meat or fish can be with two tablespoons of peas and a slice of black bread.
bullyAfternoon snack - cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey.
cryingDinner - One piece of cooked meat or fish, or a fatty ham, or two eggs, 50 grams of cheese, a cup of yogurt with a piece of black bread.

2 vegetable of the day:

angry Breakfast - 2 apples or 2 oranges.
:dort: Lunch - vegetable soup without butter, a slice of black bread, salad or salad.
bullyAfternoon snack- 2 apples or 2 oranges.
cryingDinner- no later than 19.00, a salad with a slice of black bread, 1 cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Hungry days are not repeated, alternating only vegetables and protein days. From the English diet is better to go slowly, using milk a day and then gradually add different products to your daily menu.

The English diet

British doctors about the English diet.

Doctors in England thoroughly analyzed diet menu - reported that on average about 42 percent of the energy in the English diet is obtained by eating fat. The Committee on Medical Aspects of Food Policy recommends reducing fat intake to 35 percent of the diet, while the National Advisory Committee on Nutrition Education recommends a maximum The English diet of 30 per cent fat content. The relatively high fat content - and especially saturated fat - in the British diet, doctors believed, contributes to cardiovascular disease in England. United Kingdom as a whole has a very high rate of heart disease compared to other 15 countries of the European Union.

Multivitamins in the English diet.

During the English diet is recommended to take an additional multivitamin supplements containing chromium. It will help to strengthen muscles and prevent sagging skin with weight loss and reduce the feeling of hunger. Before starting the diet is very important to consult a doctor. Subject prolonged diet is important to remember that the start easily and to finish the job difficult. Much depends on your mood and attitude. Recent help you lose extra weight exercises in the gym, gymnastics and aerobics. Also do not forget that keeping the body in good shape after weight loss also require some effort. You always have to keep yourself in their hands and watch your diet and daily routine.

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