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Watermelon diet

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Watermelon diet.

time Duration — 13 days. (Two cycles for seven days)
laughing Features: reduction in carbohydrate intake, strict portion control and power with a predominance of protein;
money Costs: minimum;
lol Effect: minus 7.8 kg;
recourse Recommendation: From the 8th to 13th day of the diet should be repeated until the 1st day in reverse manner, i.e. .;
love An additional effect: burning fat without sacrificing muscle mass;
no Not recommended: pregnant, nursing!
Watermelon diet

feel Watermelon diet helps lose weight quickly, without starving, get rid of the problems in the digestive system, to support the immune system and bring the body of excess fluid.

В Watermelon diet, one of the most "delicious" and burdensome of all the existing methods of weight loss, as well as one of the easiest - because when its subject is not necessary to count the calories that you eat and starve. Menu watermelon diet - very light, the basic requirements are to use large amounts of watermelon - 10 kg body weight - 1 kg pulp of the berry. Besides watermelon during the diet has nothing is impossible, you can drink water in unlimited quantities (simple, not mineral) or green tea. What's nice, watermelon diet does not involve time limit - you can even have a chat before bedtime.

The essence of watermelon diet is as follows: Watermelon - a very strong diuretic, which absorbs a person through the kidney removes from the body all the toxins, toxins and harmful deposits, and with them the extra fat. However, compliance with this technique is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes mellitus, renal dysfunction or genitourinary system. This is because watermelon diet provides significant load on the kidneys, and if they are sick - simply can not survive.

what *WARNING! *

request Watermelon diet contraindications - can not be used with reduced kidney function, which can not cope with excess fluid in the body.
In fact, during the diet and increased kidney function that purify the blood and rids the body of water, resulting in a loss of 2-3 kilograms, but the fat from the body does not go away. To obtain the effect of weight loss should be repeated regularly watermelon diet and repeat "unloading" with breaks in 4-5 days, it does not forget to eat so as not to get depletion.

It is not recommended diet as soon as watermelon berries appear on the shelves of shops and markets, because in this case the results of watermelon diet could be dire: the amount of nitrates and other harmful additives not hit in kilograms, and your health. Better to abstain and to lean on watermelons closer to August.

what *Important for pregnant!*

smile Special warning for pregnant women - watermelon is a strong diuretic. In pregnant women in the later stages natural impulses occur more often than usual. Consumption of watermelon together with other food leads to strong gassing; and women "in position" this may even cause pain.

Benefits of watermelon diet

fellow 1. Watermelon - berry contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium, valuable vitamins A, C, B vitamins, as well as vitaminRR
fellow 2. Useful for people suffering from hypertension.
fellow 3. People with cardiovascular disease watermelon helps to excrete excess cholesterol.
fellow 4. Watermelon is rich in folic acid, which leads to normal metabolism of fats.
fellow 5. Suffer from anemia? Forget about it and make friends with watermelons.
fellow 6. Watermelon can give you a lot of organic iron, that are necessary not only for patients but also for healthy people, which is perfectly assimilated, but by the content of his watermelon is not inferior to spinach and lettuce.
fellow 7. Contains vitamin C and daily rate will be received by you without any problems.
fellow 8. Watermelons are excellent helpers in cleaning the body, parallel to the diet you will be able to withdraw the stagnant water, salts and toxins from the body, normalize metabolism and tidy up the skin.
fellow 9. Fiber contained in watermelon, improve intestinal motility. People with gastrointestinal problem excessive consumption of watermelon can cause diarrhea, which means - dehydration. In this case, the berry will have the opposite of the desired effect you.
fellow 10. Antioxidants - ascorbic acid, carotene, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine. Substances that protect the body from the infirmities of age, some of them have anti-cancer effects. However, the amounts of these vitamins, frankly, not outstanding.
fellow 11. Invaluable folic acid (or vitamin B9), without which the human body is not able to develop normally. Necessary for constructing the DNA and RNA is involved in cell division and regulates the absorption and processing of proteins. Provides a healthy complexion, improves digestion and helps young mothers, increasing the release of breast milk.
fellow 12. Sodium, potassium, iron, calcium. But a total of them there is not so much, and to get the recommended daily dose of iron, for example, have to eat almost 2 kilograms of watermelon!
fellow 13. An interesting discovery was made by scientists from the Texas Center for the Study of fruits and vegetables. According to them, in the flesh of watermelon contains the substance citrulline, which is in the process of metabolism is converted to arginine and effectively dilates blood vessels. By this action the watermelon turned out even better than Viagra.

The diet for the first option watermelon diet

The product is just one - watermelon and eat it can be enough, because for every 10 kg. your weight falls 1 kg. sweet pulp.
Divide the number of all the berries into 5-6 meals and enjoy. Nothing can be more to eat, all strictly. Drink only purified water and green tea, but you would not want the liquid because watermelon - a solid juice.
Forget about 3-5 kilograms per watermelon diet can easily, the main gathering will in a fist.

Diet for a second embodiment of watermelon diet

Following this variant, you can sit on a diet of 10 days, as to the daily rate of melon added 1-2 slices of rye bread (grain or wholemeal). A feeling of satiety will not leave you for a long time, and a good mood too. If you want to lost weight did not come back to you as long as possible, then experienced nutritionists advise observe correct way out of the diet. It lies in the fact that for 10-15 days you must eat vegetables, fruits, different gruel, cereals, fish, lean meat and dairy products for breakfast, lunch and in the evening, about 3-4 hours before bedtime need to eat watermelon. Eat it should be based on the formula 1 kg. 30 kg of berries. body weight.

Sample menu at the output:

wassatBreakfast cook some porridge or muesli, and you can eat cheese with apple / pear tea.
wassatFor lunch, an excellent option is vegetable salad with lots of greens dressed with lemon juice or olive oil, one egg or stogrammovy piece of meat / fish. Tea coffee.
wassatAt dinner nakushatsya watermelon (1 kg. Per 30 kg. Weight), but do not get carried away, because it is a diuretic, and the case goes to sleep.
The results are impressive watermelon diet, many women and men having tried once, returning to her aid all the time, as soon as feel the need to get rid of two or three gain.

Watermelon Diet for Weight Loss

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Watermelon diet