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American diet

American diet.

Duration — 13 days. (Two cycles for seven days)
Features: reduction in carbohydrate intake, strict portion control and power with a predominance of protein;
Costs: minimum;
Effect: minus 7-8 kg;
Recommendation: From the 8th to 13th day of the diet should be repeated until the 1st day in the reverse order;
An additional effect: burning fat without sacrificing muscle mass;
Not recommended: pregnant, nursing!
American diet

feel American diet, there are two varieties. Classical and roller coasters. Each of them has its own characteristics and rules, the only difference is in the amount of calorie intake.

The American diet will allow to have a slim figure and tighten muscles. It combines the best diet and calorie menu contains all the necessary substances to the body's range.
The American diet is currently the most popular in the world - a low-calorie diet, implying a sharp decline, and if possible the complete exclusion from the diet, fat, alcohol and spices. This increases the number of meals to five per day.

During all of this time should keep drinking regime: about 1.5 liters of boiling drinking water per day. In strict compliance with all rules of diet can lose 5-10 kg of excess weight. With most of the extra pounds away in the first week and the second week is characterized by loss of only 100-150

fellow During the diet Angela can not eat sugar, alcohol, salt.
fellow Salads and greens can be refilled with lemon juice and olive oil.
fellow Meat can be fried in vegetable oil or boiled or steamed, use chicken, if desired sometimes replace fish.
fellow For best effect is accompanied by diet and exercise Angela massage.
fellow Drink plenty of fluids, as the fluid removes toxins and toxins
fellow Avoiding heavy fat if you eat fatty foods, it is necessary to seize its share of a pair of grapefruit or pineapple
fellow Power up to 17 hours
fellow Eating only those products that are really useful

The American diet for 13 days: full menu

wassat American diet Day 1

hod Breakfast - Black coffee
hod Lunch - 2 hard-boiled eggs, spinach, tomato
hod Dinner - A piece of boiled meat, salad sprinkled with lemon.

wassat American diet day 2

hod Breakfast - Black coffee, biscuit 1
hod Lunch - A piece of boiled meat, green salad
hod Dinner - A piece of ham, yogurt

wassat American diet day 3

hod Breakfast - Black coffee, biscuit 1
hod Lunch - Celery, fried in vegetable oil, 1 tomato, 1 small fruit
hod Dinner - 2 hard-boiled eggs, a cup of grated carrots, a piece of cheese

wassat American diet day 4

hod Breakfast - Black coffee
hod Lunch - 1 hard-boiled egg, a cup of grated carrots, a piece of cheese
hod Dinner - Large fruit salad

wassat American diet day 5

hod Breakfast - Black coffee
hod Lunch - Most low-fat fish
hod Dinner - A cup of grated carrots sprinkled lemon

wassat American diet day 6

hod Breakfast - Black coffee, crackers
hod Lunch - A large piece of chicken, green salad
hod Dinner - 1 hard-boiled egg, a cup of grated carrots

wassat American diet day 7

hod Breakfast - Tea without sugar, crackers
hod Lunch - A large piece of chicken, green salad
hod Dinner - Normal, as without a diet, but a little.

The American diet number 2, or "Roller coaster».

Known is the fact that the addiction to a particular diet, weight loss slows as the body gets used to the diet and starts to pass on saving mode calories. To prevent this, it is necessary to constantly change the number of calories consumed - it stimulates further accelerated metabolism. This is the theoretical basis Diet "Rollercoaster».

Its duration - three weeks, while there is a scheme of changing the amount of dietary calories. SUMMARY diet is consumed in the first three days of 600 kcal per day, the next 4 days - 900 kcal for a week and then be consumed each day in 1200 kcal. Over the next week perhaps the same amount of calories as during the first week.

According to reviews, this kind of American diet is not easy to comply with, but effective. The sensation of hunger here is quite evident at first follow a diet, but gradually the body gets used to the prescribed regimen and follow it becomes progressively easier.

wassat Sample menu for a day

hod Breakfast - small piece of rye bread, unsweetened tea.
hod Lunch - Beef, better cooked (100 g), boiled rice. Plus fresh salad of radish and cucumber without refueling.
hod Dinner - 1 egg, a cup of yogurt.
Total calories is 600 calories.

wassat Menu when the content of the American diet of 900 calories.

hod Breakfast - grain bread, black tea, green apple.
hod Lunch - pasta (not more than 100 g), salad vegetables, low-fat fish. Tea with sugar.
hod Dinner - boiled egg, banana, low-fat cottage cheese (100 g).

wassat Menu when the content of 1200 kcal.

hod Breakfast - oatmeal (200 g), tea with sugar and rye bread.
hod Lunch - boiled chicken (200 g), buckwheat.
hod Dinner - fruit salad.
Between meals can eat. At the same time there is a hunger for the first three days following the diet.

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