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Diet Angela

Diet Angela.

Duration - 13 days. (Two cycles for seven days)
Features: reduction in carbohydrate intake, strict portion control and power with a predominance of protein;
Costs: average;
Effect: minus 5.8 kg;
Recommendation: should not be abused and apply once a year, together with the load and sports massage has a significant effect;
An additional effect: burning fat without sacrificing muscle mass;
Not recommended: pregnant, nursing!
Diet Angela

feel Diet angel calculated for 13 days now especially popular in the world. In its creation attended the legendary supermodels show Victoria's Secret, (1998). Who adorn themselves on the podium playful wings.
Diet angel - helps you closer to the ideal defile the show owners of the best bodies in the world. This meal plan for two weeks, which is based on a seven-day menu. Menu for the day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack.
If you compare it with other diets is on the organization it is very similar to the famous diets, like the Japanese and chemical.
The main emphasis in the diet of an angel is on the intake of proteins, allowing to maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat.

With limited time use of such power, as well as other types of protein diets, gives a fairly quick results, tangible physical and visible on the scales, but in order to avoid health problems angel diet is not recommended to abuse and take it more than once a year.

Diet Angela Diet Angela Diet Angela

fellow During the diet Angela can not eat sugar, alcohol, salt.
fellow It is better if a portion of the green will be more than a serving of meat.
fellow Fish and chicken meat is recommended to cook on the grill with a minimum of fat, bake in the oven or use a double boiler.
fellow Green leaf lettuce can replace spinach, green celery, cabbage leaves, cucumbers, add green onions, asparagus
fellow Salads and greens can be refilled with lemon juice and olive oil.
fellow Carrots can be replaced with a tomato and vice versa.
fellow Coffee can be replaced with a black or green tea.
fellow Meat can be fried in vegetable oil or boiled or steamed, use chicken, if desired sometimes replace fish.
fellow Drink during the diet, you can only water (simple or mineral), it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.
fellow For best effect is accompanied by diet and exercise massage Angel.

Diet angel for 13 days: full menu

wassat Diet angel: Day 1

hod Breakfast - A cup of coffee with no additives
hod Snack - 1 apple
hod Lunch - 2 eggs, 1 large fresh tomatoes, green salad, optional - 2 medium potatoes in their skins
hod Dinner - Big beef steak on the grill, green salad

wassat Diet angel: Day 2

hod Breakfast - A cup of coffee with no additives, whole wheat toast
hod Snack -1 apple
hod Lunch -Big beef steak, lettuce, fresh tomato 1 cup of green tea
hod Dinner -Tarelka any soup

wassat Diet angel: Day 3

hod Breakfast - A cup of coffee with no additives, whole wheat toast
hod Snack - The cup (123 g) plain yogurt
hod Lunch - Great steak, green salad, a glass of fresh fruit juice
hod Dinner - 2 eggs, 2 slices of lean ham

wassat Diet angel: Day 4

hod Breakfast - Black coffee without additives, whole wheat toast
hod Snack - A handful of nuts
hod Lunch - Great steak, lettuce or cabbage for a couple, a cup of green tea
hod Dinner - 2 eggs, 2 slices of ham

wassat Diet angel: Day 5

hod Breakfast - Grated raw carrots with lemon juice
hod Snack - 1 banana
hod Lunch - Grilled fish, 1 large fresh tomato, a cup of black coffee with no additives
hod Dinner - steak, green salad, a glass of fresh fruit juice

wassat Diet angel: Day 6

hod Breakfast - A cup of black coffee without additives
hod Snack - The cup plain yogurt, 1 banana
hod Lunch - Chicken breast, green salad, cup of black coffee with no additives
hod Dinner - steak, green salad

wassat Diet angel day 7

hod Breakfast - A cup of tea without additives
hod Snack - Banana
hod Lunch - steak, green salad
hod Dinner - Green salad, a few slices of cheese.
Diet Angela

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