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Interesting facts about nuts

Interesting facts about nuts

 Not everyone knows that the nuts are among the products effective antidepressant. Eating nuts helps to maintain and, moreover, to improve your health. In this article, we'll tell you the most interesting facts about nuts.

1. This walnut, hazelnut known as Interesting facts about nuts since ancient times. Our ancestors did this nut special charms against evil forces and natural disasters. Hazelnut is rich with plenty of vitamins A and E. It improves brain activity. Furthermore, hazelnut effective in chronic fatigue, diabetes, enlarged prostate, varicose veins. Hazelnut is recommended to use raw. Due to the high caloric content, a wide range of vitamins and minerals this nut is indicated in patients with obesity.

2. Cashews are used Interesting facts about nuts to prepare various dishes, including appetizers, sauces and desserts. A unique feature of the cashew is manifested in strengthening the immune system, improving cardiac function. Cashew can even soothe toothache. Eating twenty cashew nuts a day, your body will get the necessary daily requirement of iron. Experts recommend cashews people suffering from psoriasis, anemia, depression, metabolic disturbances. Before use nuts, they should fry as raw they are tasteless.

3. Funny, but true, pistachios Interesting facts about nuts called & laquo; smiling nuts & raquo ;. Despite the fact that these nuts are low-calorie and rich in minerals and vitamins, they should not be carried away. Fifteen nuts & ndash; Here is the daily rate for an adult. Pistachios help in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory tract, anemia and jaundice, with toxicosis in pregnant women. They are capable of increasing the reproductive ability of men. Other no less unique properties of pistachios are: bracing, tonic and restorative effect; decrease in heart rate and a predisposition to heart disease; beneficial effects on the brain and liver.

4. Almonds - nut that Interesting facts about nuts rich in phosphorus, potassium and iron. It is often used in the preparation of desserts. In Spain, considered the most elite almond nut. Buying almonds, pay attention to the large nuts without damage. Good to know that sweet almond is recommended for high cholesterol levels, hypertension, tumor diseases, eye diseases, diseases of the bile ducts, heartburn. Almonds with sugar is recommended for cough, asthma, pleurisy and hemoptysis, but bitter almonds are used in the treatment of gynecological disorders, as well as in diseases of the upper respiratory tract and kidneys.

5. walnuts contain Interesting facts about nuts a large amount of essential amino acids, tannins and valuable minerals. Walnuts are effective for anemia, physical exhaustion, diseases of the nervous system, stomach and heart. Particularly necessary and useful walnut men. Their regular use protects against impotence. In addition, walnuts eliminates the problem of insomnia, helps with dermatitis, colds, nervous disorders.

6. On the beneficial properties of cedar Interesting facts about nuts nuts wrote back in the medieval period. It is known that different pine nuts rich in vitamins, macro- and microelements, it's all at a low fiber content. Especially useful pine nuts to children and the elderly. However, prone to obesity people should not abuse them, and it is better to restrict the use of pine nuts in general.

7. Brazil nut is considered Interesting facts about nuts the most delicious. It is widely used in cooking, for the preparation of appetizers, salads and desserts. Only two nuts a day is enough to get your body daily requirement of selenium. As you know, the lack of selenium leads to premature aging. Brazil nut rich in vitamins A and B, as well as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. In addition, Brazil nuts will give you an energy boost, energy, beautiful, clear skin, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

8. Perhaps coconuts Interesting facts about nuts the largest. The weight of one of the nut can be up to four pounds. Nuts have a wonderful flavor and aroma. They contain large amounts of B vitamins, macro- and microelements. Coconuts positive effect on the immune system, vision, digestive system, thyroid gland, and coconut milk has a rejuvenating effect.

9. Peanut differently Interesting facts about nuts called peanuts. Allocate about 70 species of peanuts. These nuts - excellent antioxidants that improve sight, hearing and memory. Peanuts are used for different purposes, such as food or as a raw material in the chemical industry in the manufacture of plastics, synthetic thread and adhesive.
Interesting facts about nuts
10. Chestnuts & ndash; one of the most favorite treats many French and Italians. There is a cafe where you can enjoy delicious with the addition of chestnuts.
This can be soups, souffles, salads, pastries and delicious desserts. However, not all types of chestnuts can be eaten. You can only eat the fruit of the seed chestnut, namely they contain large amounts of fiber, vitamins C and B.
Nutritionists strongly recommend chestnuts include in your diet all vegetarians.

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