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Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs

Bow - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs

Did you know, Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs that in almost all ancient books mentioned that the monks and priestesses could not eat onions?

Reminder to ban onion present everywhere, where he was given a vow of celibacy. Otherwise, the situation was among the ancient Romans, the Greeks and the inhabitants of Arabia, who ate onions in large quantities, so still a reputation for being a good lover. Today, onions do not cease to use the residents of the eastern countries.

For example, the Arabs, the wise lovers, use onion juice with honey, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. The Romans always put out the onions, and the Chinese drank his wine. Indian and French cuisine is famous for the active use of the bow.

It is worth noting, Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs that in any ancient text is not an indication that the bow as an effect on women. But despite this fact, women should not forget about their men who just need a bow. It is necessary to accept the fact that the smell of onions from a lover can play the opposite role, but the wise woman always find the best way how to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant smell of onion to zero, and the beloved man will not remain without passion exciting dishes with onions.

A simple classic recipe can be lean meat with fried onions and a sauce of olive oil, basil and walnuts, garnished with fresh herbs. Diversify passionate "painting" help red tomato without salt and red pepper.

Ingredients onion

The Role of aphrodisiac can perform any of the products: meat, plant, volatile matter, all that is able to expand the blood vessels and cause blood to run faster.

Regarding the bow, it helps produce testosterone by means of two substances as zinc and selenium. Moreover, onion, garlic, and as a lot of vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C and E.
Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs
The B vitamins are the most useful. For example, vitamin B1, thiamine or rather, is responsible for the absence of paralysis of the legs, cramps, constipation, dizziness and pain in the heart. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin, and is responsible for creating hemoglobin regeneration. As is well known, hemoglobin is the principal conductor of oxygen in the blood to all tissues of the human body. In the absence of vitamin B3 observed depression, irritability, muscle weakness and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Also, onions rich in vitamins B6, B9.

It is known that one bulb contains a daily ration of vitamin C, which does not only strengthens the immune system and blood vessels, bone tissue, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby improving blood flow.

All trace elements, vitamins contained in onions or garlic, give a man courage, energy, forcing his blood to circulate freely, and his eyes filled playful twinkle. At the same time as the women think that the bow - a complete vitamin supplement that makes them strong and healthy.

Onions do not eat only those people who are extremely concerned about the smell from the mouth. To eliminate odor, use the following recipe. Onions need to fry with a little oil. It can be breaded in flour. You can make double breading.

Fry onions in a pure form

Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs
As usual, clean the onions, remove its plyonochku, rinse in cold water, cut into thin rings and fry in hot skillet in a small amount of vegetable oil.

Fried onions very quickly. It takes approximately 30-40 seconds to roast each side. This aphrodisiac can be served with boiled vegetables or potatoes.

Onions in flour breading

Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs
Prepare the onions. Cut into slices no thicker than 5.3 mm. Each circle roll in flour and fry. So that no fumes, before roasting shake off excess flour.

Onions in double breaded

Onions - as the cheapest and most available aphrodisiacs
In this case, the onion cut into large chunks. Dip each slice in the egg, roll in flour or breadcrumbs. Please note that the flour is completely covered onion ring / circle. Optionally, you can add in the egg favorite spices, just gently fry, because spices can be burnt. Fry onions on a hot skillet with enough oil.

Unfortunately, not all people can eat fried, boiled and do not like. In this case, the bow can seize herbs such as parsley or walnuts. Prefer more sweet onion varieties.

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