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Eggs in a "coat"

Recipes with eggs as a filling

Today we are pleased to offer you a few recipes using eggs and minced meat. In this case, the eggs will act as a kind of stuffing for stuffing. All recipes are easy to prepare at home and feature unusual taste. Let's start with the preparation of eggs in the juicy meat interlayer under fragrant crisp & ndash; this dish is called

Eggs Scottish-

Recipe eggs Eggs in a "coat" Scottish-- quite famous and popular. The dish can be served as cold and hot, accompanied with spicy sauce, mustard or sauce. It all depends on your taste preferences and fantasies.

Indeed, eggs Scottish & ndash; excellent versatile snack for all occasions.

Moreover, the recipe for Scotch eggs perfect for festive menus, to the point that such an original appetizer easy to prepare at home.


hod Chicken fillet 300g
hod Quail eggs 12 pcs.
hod Egg 1 pc.
hod 2 tablespoons flour
hod 1 clove garlic
hod Parsley
hod Salt
hod Pepper
hod Breadcrumbs
hod Oil for frying

wassat How to prepare:

Quail eggs must be cooked and cool. Quail eggs to cook 3-4 minutes is sufficient.

At this time you are ready to cook the meat layer. To do this, rinse thoroughly with chicken fillet, cut into small pieces and grind them in a blender. Here you can just add the parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. Grind everything.

Then you will need three plates. One roll in flour, lightly whisk in another egg with salt and pepper, and a third place breadcrumbs. Start making balls.
Eggs in a "coat"

Now it is necessary to clear the quail eggs. Meat part is subdivided into lumps. And so, we begin to sculpt. Meat layer & ndash; conventionally be called test in this case. Take a piece of dough and flatten our on the palm in the center put a quail egg, wrap it like a coat, carefully attach the ends, form balls and roll in flour, then in egg and finally in breadcrumbs. When all the quail eggs are bundled up in a fur coat meat, you can start roasting.

Roasting balls need a lot of oil, so that the balls can save a little fry in a pan for a few pieces. Pour enough oil so that it has closed on the half ball. Before frying, heat the oil well. Fried balls of about 5-6 minutes until golden brown. Excess oil can be wet cloth.

Here and ready our beautiful, delicious and versatile snack! Another recipe, which we want to share with you is called.

Roll of minced meat stuffed with eggs and spinach

Be sure to try to cook this gentle roll (polpettone). It is easy to design a home and will be enjoyed by anyone choosy. As the layer you can use any ingredients. In this case, a boiled egg and spinach, as well as the & laquo; coats & raquo; minced pork and beef.
Eggs in a "coat"


hod 700 g minced meat (preferably beef and pork in the ratio 50-50)
hod 300 g of spinach
hod 150g mozzarella cheese or other soft
hod 20 g of cheese (grated parmesan for example)
hod 3 eggs
hod One onion
hod Garlic
hod Parsley
hod Salt
hod Pepper
hod Baking paper

How to prepare:

Heat water in a saucepan. After boiling, add salt and put to cook pre-washed spinach. After 20 minutes, the spinach leaves become dark green. Drain and squeeze the leaves.

2 hard-boiled eggs Boil, cool and cut into halves. Into slices 3-5 mm thick need to cut and mozzarella.

Then, proceed to the preparation of minced meat. Add to it the remaining egg, grated cheese, chopped onion, garlic, parsley, salt and spices. Mix thoroughly.

Cover the pan with paper baking. It is better if the paper is larger than the size of the roll of 20-25 cm. Spread stuffing on paper. In the center, place half of the total mass of spinach and top halves of boiled eggs. Put the eggs remaining spinach and cover it slices of mozzarella. With the protruding edges of the paper roll forming. Roll must be wrapped in paper like candy.

Baked loaf about 35 minutes at 200 degrees. Then roll should be freed from paper packaging and hold it in the oven until golden brown 10-15 minutes more.

It would be nice if you appreciated this article!

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