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How and where to apply lemon

How and where you can use lemon

Lemon - an evergreen
How and where to apply lemon plant belonging to the genus Citrus. No wonder the lemon is one of the most popular tropical fruits in many families. His achievements are a number of useful properties for the body.

Lemons are not just useful, they have a rich composition of healing substances, including vitamin C in the lemon contains about 7.1% carbohydrates in the form of sugars, they are dominated by easily digestible fructose and glucose. A large amount of pectin, which are in a peel reach almost 16% dry matter in the pulp - 11%. Lemons contain a fairly large number of fruit acids, citric acid dominates. Higher acidity (8%) had the fruit collected in November and fruit collected in April - from 4 to 5%.

In lemon peel contains essential oils that have a strong bactericidal action. Lemons can boast an abundance of mineral salts.

Vitamin C is given a separate role, he is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, helping the proper functioning of the liver in the removal of toxic products.

How to choose a lemon

The choice of lemon depends on what purpose you will use it. For human consumption or for medicinal purposes, it is best to choose ripe lemons. Please note that the fruits were not soft. Insufficient rigidity of the fetus indicates its over-ripeness, which means that its medicinal qualities are not as pronounced.

How and where to apply lemon How and where to apply lemon
It is recommended to choose a slightly unripe lemons. Shelf life of the fetus is much more. Keep lemons better in a cool dark place.

Refuse to buy lemons with a rough skin, because it is thick and will occupy a significant portion of the fruit. Therefore, prefer smooth leathery fetus.

Applications lemon

Lemon can be used
How and where to apply lemonпорой in the most unexpected areas. Naturally, the main area of ​​application is given cooking. With the addition of lemon peel, pulp and juice preparing a variety of dishes.

The value of this abundance of fruits give vitamin, essential oils with a particular flavor. It is known that lemon juice is perfectly compensates for excessive fat content of some foods, thus making them easier to digest by the body.

Lemons are known as one of the best cleaning agents. All thanks to the low pH and antibacterial properties. They are suitable for cleaning pots. To get rid of limescale, pour the water into the teapot and pour a little shredded lemon peel. Tea must be brought to a boil, then remove from heat and allow to cool. Next tea should be washed thoroughly. With abundant scale, this procedure can be repeated several times.

Every housewife knows that to clean the microwave from all spots are very, very difficult. To return to the microwave oven in decent condition, pour into a bowl of water, put the lemon zest. Put a bowl in the oven and set the maximum mode oven for five minutes. All you have to do - wipe the oven with a cloth.

Lemon peel can be used to clean up the trash. Not only do you get rid of bad breath, but also kill the bacteria.

In the cold season, How and where to apply lemon apartments and houses aired much less, because the air is too dry it. To bring freshness to the house, raise the humidity, you'll need a pot with water and lemon peel. Put the zest in a saucepan with water and put on fire. Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat slightly. Not recommended for this procedure before going to bed, because the essential oils of lemon will not let you relax and fall asleep.

We already know that lemon - this is a great anti-bacterial agent. To prevent microbial growth, etc. a cutting board, drench it with boiling water and rub with lemon, leave for a while and then rinse with water.

If you grind the dried lemon peel without the white part, such powder is useful in recipes as lemon extract. This extract can be mixed with regular sugar, it will replace your sugar and lemon for many recipes.

From a mixture of lemon and pepper extract can be obtained extremely unusual and original spice.

Lemon peel can be How and where to apply lemon used in the preparation of candied fruit. A lemon peel successfully cope with the peculiarities of problem skin.

Before the advent of special creams, softening dry skin of different body parts, use the following recipe. Dry area of ​​skin rubbing lemon, kept on soda, washed, wiped dry and lubricated with a nourishing cream. Very effective.

Make sure to try the lemon body scrub. To do this you need to take half a cup of sugar, grated lemon zest, olive oil. Mix all ingredients until creamy state. Use of this scrub with a cold shower will only strengthen the rejuvenating effect of this home remedy.

We introduced you to all of the possible areas and ways of how you can apply lemon. In fact, for there is much more lemon applications available that you can on the Internet.

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