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Spinach is a vegetable?

The origin of spinach

SPINACH Spinach is a vegetable? - is a leaf vegetable plant, which belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae. Often in our latitudes spinach bred as a vegetable garden.

The appearance of spinach dates from the 6th century. Middle East, Persia is considered the birthplace of spinach. In the Middle Ages, spinach sold fresh or boiled form. Closer to the 16th century there have been several varieties of spinach. It has been used in almost all cuisines, prepared with sugar or used as a purgative.

In Europe and Russia spinach brought Moors somewhere in the 9th century. For a long time did not find here spinach recognition. It was only after the Second World War greatly increased the popularity of the vegetable.

Useful properties of spinach

great value has a composition of spinach. It contains potassium, magnesium, folic acid, antioxidants. Spinach is rich in vitamins B, PP, A, C, N. It has a lot of minerals. Besides spinach contains beta-carotene, proteins, carbohydrates, fat.

The presence of phytochemicals, reduces the risk of blindness. Spinach is considered the richest protein content compared with young peas, green beans and other vegetables.

Spinach is an indispensable source of iron. It is recommended for children, adolescents and women. Moreover, spinach perfectly assimilated, because it contains substances that contribute to improving the performance of the pancreas and salivary glands.

Regarding caloric spinach 100 g in its contained about 20 kcal. This means that the spinach is suitable for dietary menu. Spinach is also recommended for people suffering from anemia.
Spinach is a vegetable? Spinach is a vegetable? Spinach is a vegetable?
The composition of spinach can be considered, in truth, the unique. All the vitamins and nutrients that are part of it, favorably affect the human body. So, one of the key properties of spinach is the elimination of toxins from the body.

Spinach, experts recommend to use for prophylactic purposes, as well as for the treatment of several diseases, including problems with the teeth and gums, the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, tumors of various kinds.

To all other merits, spinach different tonic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. Spinach is effective in the treatment of gastritis, hypertension, enterocolitis.

Spinach brings huge benefits to those who have problems with the nervous system, those who are subject to constant stress, shocks. Spinach helps restore balance and human performance.

Solve the problems of the thyroid gland and the power of spinach. It contains iodine. Everything else, spinach regulates carbohydrate metabolism. Contained lutein improves the functioning of the eye and is the prevention of degeneration of the retina, reduces fatigue. Therefore, people who spend a lot of time on the computer, must include in your diet this useful vegetable.


Perhaps the main drawback is the excessive content of spinach sorrel acid. For this reason, spinach is not recommended for people suffering from nephritis, urolithiasis, or any other diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Spinach should not be used in case of problems with the liver, duodenum, biliary tract.

How to choose and how to store spinach

Choosing spinach, Spinach is a vegetable? pay attention to its leaves are intact, fresh, no stains or other damage. Prefer lighter young spinach leaves. Color quality fresh spinach to be lush green.

Remember that purchasing spinach for the future is not worth it, because it is very perishable. The maximum storage time of spinach in the refrigerator no more than two days. Wash spinach recommended before cooking. Cooked spinach is not more than 10 minutes in a little water. It is possible that spinach is reduced in volume after heat treatment - this is normal.

So that the plant did not lose its beneficial properties and that it will not oxidize, do not scroll fresh spinach in a meat grinder. Store in the refrigerator need spinach, placing it in a container of water. Increase the shelf life of spinach can freeze it. As such, the spinach can be stored for up to several months.

Spinach in cooking

Neutral taste of spinach adds sophistication of many dishes. It is added to mashed potatoes, desserts, dough. Winter spinach usually quench and added to soups and summer use raw in salads and dressings.

For example, in Italy is very popular color lasagna with spinach. If spinach Add cutlets, they will be more juicy. As a healthy breakfast, spinach enough to connect with curd cheese ...

To prepare a salad with shrimp and spinach

Spinach is a vegetable?


• 200 g boiled shrimp
• 60 grams of fresh spinach leaves
• 30 grams of fat granulated cottage cheese
• 1 tablespoon of sour cream
• 1 boiled egg


Cut the white cubes, place in a bowl, add the coarsely chopped spinach leaves, put the shrimp, cheese. A little salt, pour sour cream, sprinkle with chopped grated yolk. Salad is ready.

Lasagne with spinach and cheese curd

Spinach is a vegetable?

Ingredients :

• 200 g cheese durum
• 100 grams of cottage cheese
• 100 g spicy cheese
• 50 grams of spinach
• 50 g parmesan
• 9 sheets for lasagna
• 2 tomatoes
• 2 eggs
• 2 bell peppers
• 1 tbsp. tablespoon butter
• 1 tbsp. Spoon bread crumbs
• 1 bunch of parsley and dill
• black pepper, salt


The first thing to cook lasagna sheets. Lower sheets in boiling lightly salted water and cook over medium heat until soft. Fold the sheets in a colander and rinse with cold, but boiled water.

Wash the tomatoes, blanch in boiling water, remove the peel, cut the stalk and cut into thin semicircles. Then you need to wash the peppers, remove seeds and cut into half rings. Then you can cut thin slices of cheese. As for the parmesan, it must grate and mix with breadcrumbs. Go to the cheese. Chop the cheese, wipe with curd cheese. Spinach, including all the greens, rinse, dry, chop. Then mix with cheese and curd cream, add salt and pepper to taste. Boil eggs, cool, peel, chop and combine with the cheese mixture and greens.

Grease a baking dish with butter and place on the bottom of the 3 sheets of lasagna. Top with 3 slices of cheese, tomato, bell pepper. Then cover it with a layer of cheese mixture all, eggs and herbs. Repeat 2 more times. The last layer sprinkle with a mixture of parmesan and breadcrumbs. Preparing lasagna about 20-25 minutes in a preheated 200 degree oven.

Gentle fritata with spinach and mushrooms

Spinach is a vegetable?


• 250 grams of mushrooms
• 3 tbsp. l. olive oil
• 60 g of bacon
• 125 g spinach leaves coarsely chopped
• 6 eggs
• 2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
• Salt and black pepper to taste


Heat the oil in a frying pan for frying. Put the bacon, mushrooms and cook over high heat until crispy bacon will not. Add the spinach and make a smaller fire. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl, add salt and pepper and whisk thoroughly. Pour the egg mixture to the mushrooms with spinach and cook all over medium heat about 10 minutes. Once the eggs for baked, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and place the pan for 10 minutes in the oven. Serve fritatu hot.

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