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Bergamot - everything about this wonderful fruit

The origin of what bergamot?

Of course, WHAT IS BERGAMOT? you have heard about Bergamot. However, what bergamot, in fact, not all known. Bergamot - it is an evergreen citrus tree with oblong green leaves and large fragrant flowers. Another name bergamot - orange-bergamot. It is obtained by crossing citron and orange. Southeast Asia is considered the birthplace of the hybrid plant.

The plant has been called "bergamot" in honor of the Italian city of Bergamo. It was there for the first time began to cultivate and sell oil of bergamot. There is another version of the origin of the name, according to which the name of the plant comes from the Turkish word «beyarmudu», which means "prince's pear" or «beg armudy» - master's pear.

Despite the fact that the fruit of the plant resemble a pear shape and light yellow color, in fact, bergamot pears to has nothing to do. So do not confuse it with the same kind of pears. The more so because the taste is far from sweet taste of pears, fruit taste bitter and sour.

Since bergamot produced mainly in the province of Calabria, Italy, that it is the entire region of the main character. There are other plantations, which grow fruit - it's plantations in Argentina, Brazil, the state of Georgia.

Application and useful properties

As a rule, the fruit itself is not eaten. From fruits and flowers recovered oil, which is used in perfumery, confectionery and microscopic techniques.

This fruit is widely used in medicine. Since it is used in aromatherapy skin, for the treatment of depression and improve digestion. The oil helps to strengthen the immune system, has antibacterial, antiviral, antipyretic and expectorant action. These properties have been successfully used in diseases such as herpes, acute respiratory infections, inflammation of respiratory and urinary systems.
As for cooking, an Italian manufacturer engaged in the production of food products from the fruit marmalade fruit. In Greece, for example, is especially popular jam from the peel of bergamot. Due to its content of thymol, such drinks can be used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and throat.

Bergamot oil plants well suited as a perfume for ointments. Because the peel of bergamot blends well with different flavors, creating a stunning bouquet of aromas, it is used in perfumery.

For the first time about the healing properties of bergamot talking at the beginning of the 19th century. In the essential oil of bergamot contains more than 300 chemical components. Linalyl acetate, limonene and linalool - these are the main therapeutic agents, which provide an antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and sedative effects.

It is proved that regular use of oil normalizes blood pressure, cholesterol, and improves the rheological properties of blood. In addition, bergamot part of some dietary supplements have a stimulating and toning effect on the human body.
Another useful feature is the essential oil of the fruit that it is effective to cope with the problem oily skin, regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Bergamot - amazing medicine that is more suited to the male half of humanity. It enhances the "sexual power" of men. In addition to the above diseases, bergamot helps to cope with cystitis, colic, fever, stomatitis, vaginal itching, gonorrhea, and other diseases.

However, the fruit has a number of contraindications. Furokumariny contained bergamot have photosensitizing properties which may lead to severe skin pigmentation. Therefore, rubbed with oil in the summer is not recommended, especially before going to the solarium. Particular caution should be allergies.

Recipe refreshing tea including Berg and mint.



• 170 g of powdered sugar
• 1 kg of lemons
• 1 tsp tea with bergamot
• mint leaves


Prepare a liter of freshly brewed strong black tea. Cool, pour into molds for freezing ice and put a freeze. Frozen ice crush with a blender. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and mix with powdered sugar. Put on fire and cook over low heat until smooth consistency. Ice lay in bowls of ice cream, for example, fill sweet lemon juice and garnish with mint leaves. Serve.

This cool tea is especially good in the hot season of the year, but in general this tea to raise your vitality and improve your mood.

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