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Jo Pratt

Biography Joe Pratt.

Jo Pratt - real food for real people.

Jo Pratt - belongs to the category of culinary connoisseurs case, recipes that are not only creative, but also easy to implement, that is, the majority of gourmets can use them on a daily basis. However, it can be called, is also a stylist from food and an active promoter of cooking craft is used for this as the media and television.

Start a career.

Jo Pratt was born August 30, 1973 in Jo Pratt town of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England. Received secondary education, she continued to study at «John Moores University» in Liverpool, which ended in July 1995 with distinction in the degree of BA in "Home Economics".

His career Jo Pratt beginning as an assistant economist at Liverpool Scientific Hospital Supplies. Her duties included preparation of diets for people who need a special diet, such as suffering from gluten intolerance or gluten (celiac disease is called) but also showed how necessary to prepare such dishes. In addition, it helped patients in terms of consumption of food, advising them, if those problems arose.

While working in the Hospital Joe Pratt established friendly relations with the editor of «BBC Good Food Magazine», which served as the impetus for beginning work as a freelance journalist of this edition.

Since then, her career began to develop very rapidly. So, she worked with Gary Rhodes, famous restaurateur, chef, and, at the same time, the writer of culinary themes, when he traveled to the United Kingdom. While it conducts master classes, Joe was in front of the audience to prepare various dishes. However, she did not forget about his calling to art. After examining the dishes prepared according to the recipes of the master, she wrote an article for large professional kitchens.

Jo Pratt Jo Pratt

To these recipes can be used at home, she scaled a number of ingredients, cooking and helped arrange all the eminent collection of "home cooking" in the form of a book. Mrs. Joe describes this period of his activity as a truly productive, because as a result she got respect from other famous chefs, who also began to offer her cooperation. Among them were such prominent artists as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and John Torode.


Over time, Ms. Jo Pratt became a frequent guest of many popular British television programs, which include Daybreak, aired on weekdays from 6:00 to 8:30 on channel ITV, "Daily Cooks Challenge" and "Ten Miles Menu". Of publications in which it appeared recipes will call only a few: the magazine «ELLE», magazine «Sainsbury», and the magazine «Glamour», edited by Jo Pratt was over 4 years.

Jo PrattJo Pratt

She does not forget about the promotion of culinary affairs even during the holidays. So, being in 2011 at the Mexican resort Sensatory, located on the Caribbean coast, she spent leisure master class in cooking delicious dishes, such as "Duck, fried with papaya and lemon" and "Cheese Cake with strawberry pitaya. Such informal communication with travelers and local residents, according to the organizers, among other things, promote the development of tourism in the region, and, therefore, an active and healthy lifestyle.

Her first book of the chef's case - "The Nation Favorite Food" - was released by «BBC Books» in 2003. This publication is allowed to enter the name of Jo Pratt in the prestigious "The author's book for the Future" from Waterstone. Success inspired her to write new works. The following books have been called "The mood for cooking» (Mood for Food, year of publication 2007) and "The mood for fun» (Mood for Entertaining, 2009). Now preparing to release fourth.

Jo Pratt Jo Pratt

 Mrs. Pratt, also actively collaborates with the British Channel 4 / Alli, where it presents its recipes for low-fat foods in video format. During the program, leading often asked her various questions that it is always ready to respond. Questions relate mainly topics of proper nutrition.
Jo Pratt

From under her pen in 2009, a series of recipes, dubbed "So good Fat-free Soya Milk" within her own campaign "is not greasy and amazing."

A year earlier, in 2008, she presented to the public a series of diets on the channel «». At the same time she was involved in the evaluation of wines brand «Rosemount» held during "British Academy of Film and Television Arts" products competition in this segment of the food market, and was awarded the right to confer the prize to the winner.

Jo Pratt

Jo Pratt is the face of the program "Gentle Trunk Broccoli" and takes part in the campaign "Beautiful Food" company «Appletiser».

Even lit up at the "Constellation Chefs from Michelin", and, despite his busy schedule, she has not ceased to pay attention to his family. And the slogan "Real food for real people," she successfully embodies in his kitchen. Husband Phil (according to him, he is the most well-fed man in London!) And children, Oliver and Rose (in her words - the most stringent criticism), during which she was very grateful. And seeks to help the hostess in all.

Jo Pratt Jo Pratt Jo Pratt Jo Pratt

 The roots of the unique style of Joe Pratt are in its ability to make best use of the knowledge gained in the course of working together with the aforementioned Michelin stars to create recipes trendy, tasty and healthy dishes that anyone can easily cook in your kitchen.

Spaghetti Bolognese with Jo Pratt

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