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Gino D'Acampo

Biography Gennaro «Gino» D'Acampo

Do not those people at the wrong time in the wrong place ...

The famous Italian chef, television star Gino D'Acampo scandalous person, Gino De Akampo born July 17 1976. Raised Gino with his sister Marcella in Naples, Italy. Unlike its rivals, who since childhood dream to become a chef, D'Acampo never wanted it, on the contrary, he was more attracted to the white robes of dentists, whom he regarded as "klёvymi." But, all the same love for food was inherited from his grandfather - the main chef «Costa Cruises».

And at age 13 Gino De Akampo enrolled in college, which was called «Luigi de Medici Catering College». Further culinary experience De Akampo acquired while working in the best restaurants in Europe, among which was the restaurant «Perignon» in Nice and Sylvester Stallone restaurant «Mambo King» in Marbella, Spain.

In 1995, at the age of 20 years, Gino Gino moved to the United Kingdom and works in a restaurant «The Orchard Restaurant», which is located in Hampstead, as well as in «The Cambio Restaurant», located in Guildford. Just at this period with Gino De Akampo unpleasant situation occurs.

He was accused of hacking into the home of a popular singer Gino D'Acampo 80 Paul Young and sentenced to two years in prison.

It is learned that he had stolen platinum disc collection of guitars and cost 4000 pounds. Undoubtedly, this fact from the past has played not the best role in later life Gino, but he is still doing its best to change your life for the better.

Gino says himself that all was not in the best of circumstances, when he came in contact with the wrong people.
But we - you know, that everyone deserves a second chance and Gino is no exception, so now, the unpleasant event from the past eclipsed its current merit.

Hero TV screen

Gino De Akampo is co-owner of the company «Bontà Italia Ltd», the main supplier of Italian ingredients, and it is engaged in activities to develop finished products, together with the corporation «Tesco». This experience led him to the world of television. Gino first appeared on television screens «UKTV Food» in the transfer of «Great Food Live». So, he began his new career - TV stars.

Soon, Gino De Akampo withdrew transfer called «Essential Ingredients», which focuses on the preparation of the only Italian ingredients. Gino became a regular guest of «Saturday Kitchen» on the channel BBC. D'Acampo quickly became a favorite of viewers. He starred in such programs as «Daily Cooks», regularly appeared in «Ready Steady Cook» on BBC 2, as well as the Italian national program «La Prova Del Cuoco». In 2005, De Akampo starred in the transfer of «Chef v Britain» together with the charming Claire Sweeney. A little later were shooting his program «An Italian in Mexico».

Gino D'Acampo Gino D'Acampo
Gino can be seen standing on channel Five in programs such as «This Morning», «Too Many Cooks» and «The Terry and Gaby Show». In 2009, competing in a program called «I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me out of Here!», D'Acampo won. Immediately after the show Australian police accused him and Stuart Manning cruelty to animals, rats, they killed and cooked during the TV show. However, all charges were dropped after the channel has assumed full responsibility for the incident. Soon Gino once again pleased viewers by their appearance in the programs «The Paul O'Grady Show», «Celebrity Juice», «Celebrity Grime Fighters».

January 27, 2011, the program «This Morning» D'Acampo showed a master class on cooking ham and Italian mushy peas in the nude. After the incredible success of the TV show, Gino won national television. August 8, 2011, D'Acampo with Melanie Sykes starred in the transfer of «Let's Do Lunch With Gino and Mel».
Gino D'Acampo Gino D'Acampo
Currently working on Gino shooting of «There's No Taste Like Home "channel ITV. According to the story of the program, he will be traveling to different parts of the UK, to meet with famous chefs and learn the secrets of their recipes that have been handed in their families by inheritance.

Life as a "top"

Gino De Akampo does not recognize the routine and inactivity, so he always knows how to channel their energy in a peaceful course. In addition to filming on television, D'Acampo took part in Sunday's debate culinary show on radio station «LBC» with a frequency of 97.3. A local radio "6 Towns Radio» he gave an interview to transfer under the name «Stoke-on-Trent».

As it turned out, Gino De Akampo also a good writer. He has published five books under his publishing house «Kyle Cathie». His famous book: «Fantastico!», Produced in 2007, «Buonissimo!», 2008, «The Italian Diet», 2010, «Gino's Pasta» and «Italian Home Baking» 2011. Recipes of his books are simple to prepare, dishes full of flavor and are suitable for recreation at home. Gino De Akampo convinced that cooking fantastic meals do not need hundreds of products, innovative kitchen utensils and unearthly abilities in the art of cooking. It all depends on the person, his energy and desire.
Gino D'Acampo Gino D'Acampo Gino D'Acampo Gino D'Acampo
In his work Gino D'Acampo always adheres to the recipes simple Italian dishes, Italian classics. He is often the case in his college «Luigi de Medici College», communicating with students and teaches them all by their example. Moreover, he is a member of «Federazione Italiana Cuochi» and «Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani». D'Acampo was lucky enough to take part in the preparation of a formal dinner for the legendary Pavarotti in 2002, as well as a private party for the Italian ambassador.

The leader of the rebel

It is said D'Acampo, he - a man, Gino D'Acampo which everything is under control. Always and everywhere he -lider. Moreover, many people do not understand his sarcastic sense of humor. With such people, it is also easy to leave, as well as acquaintances.

Currently, Gino De Akampo is married to Jessica. They married in 2002 and now has two sons. For their boys Gino tries to be the perfect father constantly gives them an example, and does not want the boys to see him, as he occasionally smokes.
Gino D'Acampo
Being a busy man, he dreams about the rest.

The most ideal option to rest for him - to be alone with yourself, when you can turn off the brain and indulge in moments of peace and tranquility. But, to be able to relax - this is his main problem, because he can not just sit back and not think about nothing.

Therefore, we can be sure that as soon as Gino De Akampo still surprise us more than once.

Gino D'Acampo Cooks NAKED Live On This Morning

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