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Jill Sandique

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Biography Jill Sandique

Jill Sandique - cook "from GodВ»!

Jill Sandique - enough Jill Sandique popular personality in the Philippines. Popularity has brought her job as a manager and, at the same time, a skilled chef of one of the pastry, hospitably opened the doors to locals and tourists vacationing on the islands.

Jill was born in a family of doctors and engineers, so her choice of profession chef began to everyone by surprise. Although her memories before you come to an understanding of his addiction to cooking she comprehended her initial lessons in her family, where family meals cooked by her mother Dr. Lita Fran Sandique. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of sauces.

Further emphasis culinary creativity Jill Sandique re targeting the pastries. His first knowledge of cooking muffins she received while studying at school, during the listening of short cooking courses. This passion and determined the fate of the girl. So, having completed his studies at school, she went to the United States to continue their education in the field of baking and confectionery manufacture.

Eminent teachers and friends.

Among her teachers were such prominent figures as - Nick Malgieri - Program Manager Training Institute of Culinary Education baking. Earlier this institution was known as Peter Krump's Cooking School, New-York; - Ewald, Susan Notter - International School of Confectionary Arts; - Mark Furstenberg from the Culinary Institute of America; - Peter Rainhart - the founder Brothers Juniper's Bakery; Marie Cech - a famous pastry chef cooking located in Utah.
Jill Sandique Jill Sandique Jill Sandique

Jill Sendic in due time entered the top ten experts in baking magazine В«ChocolatierВ» and became the winner in the "Expert baking", awarded by the votes of leading chef cooks America.

But the biggest influence in her opinion it had three short courses in Italian signoras since 1986 have such notables as Mary Innoscenti in Florence, Jo Bettoja in Rome and Hell Parasiliti in Milan, in the course of these lessons, she realized the true soul of homemade Italian cuisine.
She also studied there work in a restaurant, studying products and markets. And this period of residence in Italy had the greatest influence on the formation of her style in cooking and inspiration. During this period, she read a lot and learned valuable skills from books Martha Stewart. She was in vogue at the time.

During this period, she acquired a teacher and idol and then friend and mentor Tony Parsons Titus, whose sense of aesthetics and elegance is unmatched.
Together they traveled to Tuscany, and gained invaluable experience.

The following institutions - schools Peter Kampa and Culinary Institute of America - Jill Sandique listened specialized course in classic French cooking. Moreover, during the training she was able neither more nor less than to win the "blue ribbonВ» (Blue Ribbon) - the main prize of the Higher School of Culinary Arts, a trendsetter in the field of French cooking. By the way, now in 15 countries around the world open 25 vocational schools under the guise of Le Cordon Blue.

But progress does not stop Ms. Sandique. She continues to explore the cuisine of other countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco and others.
Currently, the main focus for the study are the Philippine rice snacks, called "kakanin", a kind of product of Southeast Asia "kuih" , the so-called "hawk" and other dishes.
Jill Sandique
Now Jill Sandique is a leading teacher of the Council of Chief Culinary Overseas US Department of Agriculture, and also culinary theater in Manila. Its object of study are marginalized local communities, and the subject - the organization of the production of means of subsistence. Agree, very noble mission!

Mention, too, that Mrs. Sandique involved in the creation of the "Guide to restaurants in Manila" and in the writing of manuals on "Basics of cooking and baking" She conducts research of rice dishes and worked as a consultant for large networks of bakeries in the country.

В«World Wide Web and televisionВ»

Internet community could not ignore the culinary talents of Jill Sandique. For example, a very popular site Maya Kitchen regularly devotes several pages to it, in which the chief cook shares her secrets.

In New York, Jill Sandique is the leading show on television "Food Show". This transfer is not only a cooking show, but also explores and illuminates many aspects of the food industry. It includes segments that describe the cuisine in the historical and cultural context, visiting places, and a description of where and how you can buy the best ingredients for cooking, etiquette is discussed at the table, as well as analysis of scientific explanations on the interaction between an ingredient. Jill Sandique a chef consultant for several food companies and has its own pastry shop, Delize.

Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lemon Grass with Chef Jill Sandique

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Biography Jill Sandique
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