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Jeremy Fox

Biography Jeremy Fox.

The king of vegetables.

Chef - prodigy - Jeremy Fox Jeremy Fox goes beyond the conventional understanding of the term "haute cuisine", and his name becomes world famous thanks to his philosophy, boundless love for vegetables and innovative culinary art skills. Since childhood, little Jeremy wanted to manage their restaurant. His grandparents had their own pizzeria in Chattanooga. As a child, he associated the good times with dinner in the restaurant. For the first time, started work, Fox did not aspire to become a chef, holding a cook, he immediately knew what he wants to do.

After graduating from the University called «Johnson & Wales» in Charleston, South Carolina, Jeremy Fox began to acquire experience on the best kitchens in Europe and California, including the kitchen revered restaurant «Anson» in Charleston, «Mumbo Jumbo» in Atlanta, as well as restaurants «Rubicon» and «Charles Nob Hill». Moreover, his career has contributed to the work of the Belgian restaurant «De Snippe», awarded 2 Michelin stars, working in a restaurant «St. John », as well as a restaurant with three Michelin stars« Gordon Ramsay », which is located in London, England. For many years, Jeremy Fox trained under the watchful guidance of masters of gastronomy, which undoubtedly influenced the change in approach to his kitchen.

In 2003, Jeremy decided to stir up a bit of the event. Once he got a job in a restaurant «Manresa», which is owned by David Kinch, Jeremy realized that this is exactly the place where he wants to work. Jeremy worked for over a year under the leadership of David Kinch. It is working in «Manresa», Fox began to look at the different vegetables. In addition, David Kinch taught him to control himself, right to work in the kitchen, as well as with respect to work in a team. For the kitchen of his restaurant Kinch created a garden, high-quality and fresh harvest is used for new and innovative way to prepare unusual dishes.

A new look at traditional vegetable dishes

Work only with natural ingredients and flavors, influenced the idea of ​​opening a restaurant of a new generation of vegetable. A unique restaurant, a kind of yoga studio is a restaurant called «Ubuntu».
Jeremy Fox Jeremy Fox Jeremy Fox
«Ubuntu» embodies all Jeremy ideas regarding the vegetarian menu. So, Fox became a suitable candidate for the post of head chef and partner. Unlike traditional vegetarian cuisine, «Ubuntu» does not imitate meat and does not mask the crops. Each dish is a mixture of flavors and textures found in plants or grains. Fox and his team are constantly experimenting with ingredients and come up with new ways to feed them. Jeremy Fox delivers homemade pasta «fregola», as a tasty alternative to traditional pasta.
According to the philosophy of Fox eating process should be enthusiastic and cheerful, in pleasant surroundings and a friendly service. Biggest inspiration in the work of Jeremy is, of course, the garden. For him valuable time when he walks through the garden and see at what stage of maturation are products, and he knows how long they will get him into the kitchen, and that will create a unique menu of the day.
Jeremy Fox Jeremy Fox Jeremy Fox
No one dish is not planned in advance. Everything depends on what kind of crop can be collected in the garden. Only after all collected ripe vegetables, Fox began to develop recipes. Most often, Jeremy relies on spontaneity.

Jeremy Fox has acquired a national reputation, driving the best and unique vegetarian restaurant in the country. Bold decisions Fox attract attention. He received rave reviews from Frank Bruni. In 2008, he was named the best new chef popular edition «Food & Wine», as well as the best chef of the year the magazine «San Francisco». International Congress of Chefs awarded Jeremy Fox award for "Rising Star».

New targets.

Cooking vegetables, definitely, Jeremy Fox passion for Jeremy, but it's not the only part of who he is. The desire to learn new things and explore different ways and ideas that influenced the fact that in 2010, Jeremy Fox left his job at «Ubuntu».

He is currently working on opening his Jeremy Fox own vegetable restaurant called «Paper or Plastik», developing menus and searching for a suitable place for its location. In addition, Fox is working on the creation of the book, the concept of which can be called as "one year in the life of the garden." With this book, Jeremy tries to combine harvest garden with cooking.

The next step, which is planned to carry out Jeremy - it absorb from people all the information about the architecture, art, design, logos, and many other areas. He seeks to learn as much as possible of the new. Also in the future, he dreams of becoming a father and create a strong united family. However, Fox does not seek to become an expert in everything, he just wants to be a competent person.


Chef Jeremy Fox on Craftsmanship

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