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Gennaro Contaldo

Genaro Contaldo.

"The person who prepares an angel, and not the ordinary angel."

These are the words of the reporter, Matthew Norman, Gennaro Contaldo employee well-known newspaper «SUNDAY TELEGRAPH». Uninitiated this statement may seem too loud and flattering, but the one who has ever tried a dish cooked Genaro Contaldo, can not but agree with Norman.


Genaro was born twenty-first in January 1949 in a small provincial town of Minori, which is located on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

There it from an early age began to learn the science of the national cuisine, as regularly went with his grandfather and father on the hunt, where they butchered and cooked prey. His mother taught him to collect and dry the various herbs, talked about their properties and what they eat better.

Never late to learn. And it is not too early.

At the age of eight years Contaldo went to work as an apprentice to a local restaurant. So he lived to twenty years, improving skills and rising through the ranks until he decided it was created for something bigger and moved to London in 1969 at the age of twenty years, to stay there for life.
Gennaro Contaldo Gennaro Contaldo
For some time, he pulled away from the art of cooking in order to improve his financial situation and engaged in trade Italian antiques, which brought him, though not very big, but a steady income. In 1974, Genaro married, then he had three children. And then he decided to return to his favorite cause.

The return of the master.

It is said Contaldo for its national cuisine Amalfi primarily need two ingredients: mushrooms and game. And both the United Kingdom has had enough, and Genaro hurricane burst onto the local pedestal best chefs of the country. He began to work as a chef in a London restaurant on the street St. John's Wood.

Gennaro Contaldo Gennaro Contaldo Gennaro Contaldo
Позже he went to work in a restaurant «Neal Street», ranging in Covent Garden in the same position. The owner of this establishment is well-known chef and restaurateur Antonio Carluccio.

Own restaurant.

In 1998 Contaldo left Antonio Carluccio and his «Neal Street», thinking that he might just get. Therefore, in 1999, opened its doors his own Italian restaurant «Passione», which brought him great fame. In 2005 «Passione» was awarded «Tio Pepe Restaurant» "Best Italian Restaurant of the Year." For Genaro it was a huge success, the coveted international recognition to which it was his entire adult life.
Gennaro Contaldo Gennaro Contaldo Gennaro Contaldo
Unfortunately, the restaurant only lasted ten years. The global economic crisis has affected and Contaldo, not just touched, and completely destroyed his cherished child, «Passione» was closed in 2009 due to the general decline in business and big money difficulties for Contaldo.

Cook, writer, traveler and broadcaster.

Gennaro Contaldo Fortunately, after closing its own restaurant Genaro has not remained in a trance. Currently momentv his credit, there are four very popular books, he is involved in many TV projects, and actively helps his famous protégé, Jamie Oliver.
Contaldo teaches professionals to network British restaurants Oliver and makes up for it a special menu that can not be found anywhere else.

Generally, Contaldo and Oliver had a long and close friendship. Genaro was James mentor in the restaurant «Neal Street», taught him all that he knew, for the latter grateful to him until now. And when in 2003 the restaurant was robbed Contaldo, Oliver announced a huge reward for any information about the incident.

Later, Jamie is regularly invited to show their culinary Genaro as a judge, such as the popular TV show «The Naked Chef». Once Contaldo even was an assistant to his pupil cooking show "Iron Chef America" ​​in which Oliver was a duel with Mario Batali. Another known record Genaro, who has no surpassed.
On the TV show "Saturday Kitchen" he cooked an omelet of three eggs in just sixteen entire thirty-six hundredths of a second.
Gennaro ContaldoGennaro ContaldoGennaro Contaldo

Returning to the literary activity Genaro Contaldo can be called in all four of his cookbooks, but each of them is worth a whole library devoted to the art of cookery. First, «Passione», devoted entirely to his native cuisine Genaro, Amalfi. It was released in 2003 and won the prize for "Best Book of the Year of Italian cuisine" in the framework of the program «Gourmand World Cookbook». His second book was published in 2006 and is called "Italian Genaro year." The third was released in 2008, entitled "Preparation of Italian food with Genaro", and the fourth was released in March 2010 and is called "Italy - it's easy with Genaro".

Gennaro ContaldoGennaro ContaldoGennaro Contaldo

Yet everyone who loves and looks transmission BBC, need to know about the contribution Contaldo in this area. In 2011, along with his former employer Antonio Carluccio in the framework of the "Two Greedy Italians" he made a trip to the regions of Italy, talking about the local cuisine. Was released just four series, but they were so huge success, the project was extended. And in 2012, was released sequel titled "Two Greedy Italians still hungry."

Personal life.

At the moment, Genaro Contaldo already sixty-two years, he has a loving wife and three children. He walked away from the turbulent career, leading only a few TV shows and helping his protégé Jamie Oliver in operational issues.

Family Ragu with Gennaro Contaldo

Perfect Tomato and Mozzarella Linguini | Gennaro Contaldo

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