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Jason Wilson

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Biography Jason Wilson.

В«Only high quality products and a good pinch of philosophy - the main ingredients of my dishesВ»

Philosophical approach to the art of fine dining - it is quite unusual, but Chef Jason Wilson does not think his profession differently. And his views have long been paid off, bringing the current owner of one of the best restaurants in Seattle В«CrushВ» numerous awards and honors. Philosophy Wilson at first glance quite simple: the use of American local organic ingredients only the highest quality and the constant search here for something new in the technology of preparation, but in practice it is implemented in numerous original recipes variety of delicious dishes that bring cooking philosophy deserved respect recognition and love gourmets and critics.

The best among equals.

Jason Wilson without exaggeration Jason Wilson can be called "star" chef, because the number of its awards and honors be compared only with the number of stars in the sky: he had several times been named the best new chef in the top 10 of the authoritative magazine В«Food & WineВ», won the Audience Award at the Award of Excellence in 2007, and in 2008 and 2009 years won the title Rising Star Chef and Best Chef of the Northwest version of a prestigious culinary awards James Beard Award, was nominated for the title of best chef in the Northwest and in the next 2010. His restaurant Crush has a rating of 3.5 stars and was ranked among the best institutions of its kind in the opinion of Seattle Metropolitan magazine.

Personal charm, sincerity and openness in communication and warm charisma Jason Wilson made a welcome guest at various cooking shows, participation in which he never gives up. He likes to smile cook different delicious things in the process of talking about the details of his philosophical and culinary system. In addition it is always glad to see as a guest chef at the leading international social events, such as Holland America Line cruises, Epicurean Week on Maliouhana in Anguilla, Bermuda during rest Gourmet, International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon and others.

Jason Wilson has its own modern approach to cooking, choosing their dishes only the freshest quality products that it purchases from local farms. And it must take into account the seasonality of certain ingredients and builds its own restaurant menus depending on this, believing that in this way the food is even more environmentally friendly, healthy and wholesome. This is his personal philosophy and personal style, the impressions of which critics describe as a "dining experience, sharpens the sense of beautyВ».

It all started in California ...

After all, studies at the California Culinary Academy and was the starting push, which, in the end, Jason Wilson erected on top of recognition and fame. Even then, he distinguished himself as an outstanding creative person who is constantly searching for new ways in creating gourmet dishes, experimenting with new emerging technologies cooking and looking for the best ingredients to improve the final quality of the food. Graduated from the Academy in 1995, he, nevertheless, did not finish the training process, continuing his time as a chef in various restaurants of the West Coast.

His passion for new experiences and ardent love for the work gave him the opportunity to try yourself as a chef in the best cuisine of the region, gradually polishing their professional skills and gradually identify with individual style. But this was not enough for him: he travels to Southeast Asia in search of new culinary ideas and impressions. 1996 Jason Wilson holds in Singapore, where the sushi master in star restaurants, then moved to France where he learns to make delicious dough and examines the specifics of the best wine lists.

In 1998, he returns to the United States to participate in the project open star bar and cafe, and since that time firmly settles in Seattle, where dreams of opening his own restaurant with time.
Jason Wilson Jason Wilson
It is a concrete shape these dreams become a few years later - in 2001, when Jason Wilson married and in the face of his wife Nicole gets a reliable ally and partner, warmly supported all his undertakings. Together they discuss and think through the interior design and decoration of the future of the restaurant, paying attention to every detail, down to the color of the walls: they are from the very beginning it was decided to make the colors of cappuccino with milk-white finish. Himself Jason Wilson says that the interior of the restaurant was the ideal showcase them with Nicole passion for each other and love both to haute cuisine. Hence also the name of the institution В«CrushВ», that in colloquial English means "a fervent passion for anything or anyone."

The restaurant opened its doors in 2005 and since then has consistently comes to ranking of the best schools in Seattle, using a well-deserved love of culinary critics and celebrities. The charm of this place consists of many elements, especially of whom are professional approach to cooking, flavored with a portion of the author's philosophy Jason Wilson, menus, developed on the basis of products of local farmers and focused on seasonal ingredients, as well as the use of high quality raw materials and new culinary techniques. All this has made В«CrushВ», in the opinion of many experts, a fine example of American haute cuisine in its modern sense.

В«All I something French, something American, suddenly inspiredВ»

Of course, to a greater extent the success of the restaurant В«CrushВ» ensured its creator Jason Wilson and his personal culinary style. Himself chef describes it: "My style of cooking - work for the future, do not limit yourself to some framework and direction, I do not see, for example, is nothing strange to follow the traditional French cooking methods, combining it with modern American-style cooking. It is imperative to use only the best quality and freshest products, properly grown, local fruits and vegetables."

Jason Wilson Jason WilsonJason Wilson Jason Wilson
The ingredients that are used in their dishes Jason Wilson, clearly talk about the extensive American geography: in his restaurant comes from Montana lamb, pork ribs OREON of fish from Alaska, lobster from Maine. The only non-American here is the octopus coming straight from Portugal, as the poor quality of local cephalopod chef is not satisfied. Experimenting with these products, it is trying to achieve the same high quality for its culinary delights, like the raw material, while maintaining all useful properties and taste, and adding new ones.

The ability to carefully observe and constant search for new techniques of cooking allowed Jason Wilson to conclude that different products have a seasonal peak, when the dishes are tasty and will be optimally useful. For example, salmon flavor will have different shades depending not only on the method of preparation of fish, but also as a function of time, when they have been taken, and locations of the catch. Of great importance is the fact whether the fish caught in the natural environment or artificially grown: Wilson believes that in the latter case, the meat is tasteless and inappropriate for a good meal.

Jason Wilson
Unique approach to the selection of ingredients for their culinary experiments made Jason Wilson to study sciences such as agronomy and horticulture. For example, he devoted much attention to reading articles on the use of pesticides in agriculture for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, in order to learn how to recognize the products that have undergone a chemical treatment, and in any case does not prevent them from falling into their dishes. As a result, he came to the natural conclusion that the external beauty of raspberries or carrots are likely to say that their growth is stimulated by chemicals. The brighter and smoother look berries, the more likely that they did not grow themselves. Roots, in this case do not even have a characteristic smell, not to mention the complete absence of the taste. And mashed potatoes grown on pesticides, smacks of clay instead of deep velvety creamy taste of natural clean potatoes. Even the chips in this case would be "wooden" and unappetizing that much to say about the gourmet cuisine.

Therefore, for their original recipes chef always chooses only natural and high quality products. However, he admits that the technology of preparation is important, not less than the feedstock: dish can have three or four simple ingredients, hand-picked and processed in such a way that the food of them becomes the food of the gods. Jason Wilson willingly shares his culinary secrets in this area: "Our mashed potatoes are always prepared in several different ways, but for each of them, we use the best butter that came from Oregon Willamette Valley from, as well as salt, imported from Alaska, as it no iodine taste and it does not interrupt their own taste of potato. "

In addition, the chef tends to use the products as fresh as possible, such as carrots gets him into the kitchen almost from the garden for a few hours, completely shifting to the table its entire natural range of flavors and aromas. Handle it, of course, also have to quickly - within 4-5 hours of receipt of the bins in the restaurant. "Only such a carrot is correct" - with a smile says Jason Wilson - "and only her, I have the moral right to offer to its visitors as foodВ».

Family, plans, and prospects.

Jason Wilson Jason Wilson Jason Wilson
Home life celebrity chef revolves not only around the cooking, although family kitchen and is the site of his close attention: it discusses the various plans drawn up menu family dinners, and five year old son Wilson gets here first lessons in the culinary arts. "At home, I tend to cook very simple meals, - says Jason, or even trust this business to his wife, leaving her to the appropriate instructions, I love to do this together with his son: I show him how to turn on the stove, how to set the timer and other simple things. It's like a game - and entertaining at the same time useful.

When he was four years old the first time I noticed that he was interested in kitchen appliances, and since then I try to tell him constantly and clearly demonstrate how it all works. We both like it, that's why we're doing it together. More time for cooking at home I spend, when to expect a visit friends: Jason Wilson then we often just do ribs or grilled steaks, which are very good for a bottle of excellent wine. Very nice then sit on the front lawn with nice people to me, enjoying good food and easy communication ".

Jason Wilson, despite the success and recognition, is not going to rest on our laurels yet. At the given moment, he not only manages its own restaurant, but also an active member of the American Culinary community, collaborating as a representative of a company PiГ±ata Apple, teaches at Seattle Culinary Academy, developing new flavors for soft drinks, is involved in a variety of popular TV shows such as " delicious journey "and send Martha Stewart. And in the future chef plans to visit several foreign countries to save up for a gourmet experience and philosophical ideas to their dishes.

Behind-The-Scenes With Chef Jason Wilson At CRUSH

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