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Jasper White

Biography Jasper White. (Jasper White)

Expert seafood

Recently acquired enormous popularity of such delicacy as seafood. One such food people like it, others do not. In some cultures, seafood supplanted traditional dishes. Now, this delicacy is available to almost everyone. It is known that seafood contains many nutrients needed for our development and functioning. Moreover, seafood can be prepared not only an exquisite gala dinner, but they can be used in everyday life.

To learn how to pick up, Jasper White correctly prepare and cook delicious seafood knows professional in their field Jasper White - Chief -povar veteran with 40 years of experience specializing in cooking seafood.

Born seafood connoisseur in New Jersey in 1954. There, on a farm, off the coast of New Jersey, and he spent his childhood. Love of good food he instilled in his grandmother - Italian. Culinary Career Jasper began in 1973. After the end of "the Culinary Institute of America", he devoted several years of work and travel throughout the United States of America.

Before settling in Boston, Jasper White worked in New York, California, Florida and elsewhere. In 1979 he met the chef Lydia Shire, who later became his loyal business partner. Together with Lydia, Jasper was responsible for work in the kitchens of the most respected hotels in Boston, such as «The Copley Plaza», «Parker House», «The Bostonian Hotel» and others. As previously, these three hotels are the core of the Renaissance, White and Shire submitted Boston modern American cooking. Depth study of the historical and cultural aspects of New England cooking, as well as many years of experience in the field of gastronomy, did Jasper White «center of trust" with respect to food of New England, especially seafood.

Jasper White Jasper White

In 1983, Jasper White and his wife, Nancy, graphic artist by training, was opened in Boston's historic restaurant called «Jasper's Restaurant». Both the restaurant and the chef received numerous awards and were widely reported in all the national and local media. Opening their own restaurant led him to a new generation of Boston chefs and owners have reached a noble position.

Delicious food should not be "high" and refined

After a while Jasper White Jasper White's prospects appeared manage an excellent restaurant, which is located in the middle of Big Dig . In 1995, White closed his «Jasper's Restaurant» and began writing books. Among the popular cookbooks know the following: «Jasper White's Cooking From New England», published in 1989; book «Lobster At Home», 1998 release; «Fifty Chowders», 2000 release. Latest book titled «The Summer Shack Cookbook - The Complete Guide to Shore Food» White published in 2007. All books Jasper White is still published and sold very well, bringing a good income.

Cookbooks Jasper White - is not just a bright colorful editions and irreplaceable godsend for many amateurs and professionals as well. His books are full of necessary and useful tips on how to better equip your kitchen, how to enjoy the process of making, how to choose seafood for a particular dish, how to clean a fish. Moreover, the books Jasper White, you'll learn how to easily remove the shells from shellfish and oysters, how to cook "ceviche", a salad of shellfish and other seafood delicacies. Also in the book White a lot of recipes for cooking delicious soft drinks such as cocktails, punches; light summer dessert recipes, for example, layer cake with strawberries and others.

Unexpected return

In May 2000, Jasper White Jasper White is back in the culinary field after a short period of copyright. Then for many unexpected was the opening of his new restaurant called «Jasper White's Summer Shack» in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If it «Jasper's Restaurant» was quite elegant and formal, the «Summer Shack» - blatant shack, holds about 300 people in five different zones. The menu is a wide range of dishes, from fried clams to the traditional bean stew. If the environment has changed, the quality of the dishes - no.

For seafood lovers «Summer Shack» is a mecca. Incredible success of Cambridge restaurant influenced the opening of two identical restaurants in Boston's Back Bay, and Connecticut. From the appearance of «Summer Shack» receives rave reviews of local and national press, including those obtained in 2001 the prize «James Beard Award» in a nomination for "Best New Restaurant».

«It is not always enough when love and food come together»

Jasper White inimitable deeply convinced that sharing a meal whether with friends, whether with family members, or with loved ones is very important because it is a delicate process, a kind of expression of intimacy and deep love for loved ones, especially after kakogo- a holiday or just for no reason.
Jasper White Jasper White

Well go to a restaurant together and celebrate something or stay at home alone with each other and cook something delicious. What could be better than a romantic evening. If you really want to leave a memorable evening spent together, you'll have to try very hard, and will help you in this cooking tips Jasper White. "Enjoy your meal. Enjoy the precious moment when food and love are one "- that's the main board of the professional Jasper.

Jasper White at Summer Shack

Jasper White - Cataplana

Jasper White's Clam Chowder

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