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Delia Smith

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Queen cooking Delia Smith

This is the woman without exaggeration be called a favorite chef UK. Over these three decades, she strives to teach to cook traditional English food, making it a simple, business style.

Queen cooking.

Delia Smith

Occasionally skips negative reviews of the Delia of too much salt in her recipes use do not always useful products, but her fans much more than critics.

Many consider it the usual recipes and cooking methods impassive, but this is the success of Delia Smith, it does not teach tricks in the kitchen, she teaches us how and what you can cook in the home kitchen, so it was tasty and qualitatively.

How it all began.

Being a fairly ordinary schoolgirl, and no different to any talents and aspirations, Delia without regret left school at 16 years old, trying his hand at various areas of the barber shop to the travel agency. And if it was not a great desire to impress your loved one, perhaps the world never would have learned about her great talent. Working in a travel agency, she once walked into a tiny restaurant В«The Singing ChefВ» and was fascinated by that food, which was prepared in this institution.

Determined to become a chef, Delia gets a job at this little restaurant. He began his career with a simple dishwasher, Delia boasts passage for each step of kitchen hierarchy, and in the end, it has made the opportunity to participate in cooking. After working for some time in the kitchen, at Delia appears expedient issue of lack of interest in traditional British food, preferring the French or Italian, they resolutely refuse to British food. Showing a fair amount of perseverance and dedication, Miss Smith spends his spare time exploring and trying out recipes of English origin, with far-reaching plans for the revival of British cuisine.

Delia Smith Delia Smith

Her efforts were not wasted, besides this knowledge helped Delia make a new stage in her career, now as a writer. In 1969, she was invited to the magazine Daily Mirror, the work in which besides fame brought her more and marital happiness, after her marriage to Michael Wynn-Jones, worked as the deputy chief editor of the same journal.

Woman records.

Just a few years, Delia advantage Delia Smithof the situation on the market, could its culinary books fill a niche, giving the British what they lacked for many years. Her books, one after another, become bestsellers and beat every conceivable record sales. In his books, Delia's goal is to return to the basics of the British classic, but delicious and healthy cuisine. To date, probably there is no question that Mrs. Smith would not embraced in his literary masterpieces.

This "Cooking Course", "How to cheat at cooking", "cookbook standards for dinner" and "The Book of cakes from Delia Smith" and many others. Just at the moment it is written and published 23 books (and this is unlikely to limit). Not surprisingly, these books are published in millions of copies and experiencing a second or even third birth, so great demand for them. Keeping pace with the times, Delia wrote a book about the opportunity to grow a vegetable garden at home and gives new recipes every month for seasonal products. The fact that her books have been translated into German, Italian and Swedish speaks for itself.

Brilliant literary career Delia Smith supplemented by even more brilliant career in television. Set himself the task to teach the English cook, Mrs. Smith does this all means at its disposal. Delia Smith's cooking classes at the Air Force had a wildly popular and went on for several years. Later she returned several times on TV and every time it was a sensation and a huge success.

Its Christmas program broadcast so far in all the major channels of the country. "Even with a busy schedule and a big-time, people want to eat well and actually cook a meal, rather than rely on ready-made meals to take away" - the main idea and philosophy of lifelong Delii Smith.

Video gallery of recipes from Delia Smith what wassat


This amazing woman one of its advertising can save the company from bankruptcy or, for example, lead to a shortage of certain goods on the shelves of all stores in England. So it was with cranberries for example, after the product was mentioned in one of the television Delia Smith, his long time it was difficult to find in stores. It has a huge hit with his fans and enjoys their boundless love, but unfortunately, her personal life is not everything turned out so easily and smoothly. She was married in a fairly young age, and had lived all his life with her beloved husband, she was never able to experience the joy of motherhood.
Delia Smith Delia Smith

В In addition, in 2004, Delia has announced his retirement from television: "Now people want to be entertained, while I was trying to teach them how to cook." Heartache, more and more increases in the heart of Delia helped move the religion. Trying to give at least half an hour in the morning and evening for prayer and solitude, she was able to find peace through God's peace and tranquility. Passing baptized in the Anglican Church, it is a child attends Sunday school and receives ongoing involvement in youth groups. Delia has also made a huge contribution to the charity of England. The mere participation raises ratings of charity events to several percent.

This Englishwoman

Delia would not be present Delia Smith Englishwoman, if not in her blood flowed a great passion for football . All her life she "hurt" for the team Norwich City, and in November 1996 became director of the football club. She takes an active part in the life of a football team, trying to help her achieve success on the field.

Now Delia own five Delia Smith restaurants in the Canary Islands, as well as bars, cafes and conference rooms where you can taste all year round food prepared according to recipes Delia Smith.

В And in 2001, fulfilled her long-cherished dream. Was established personal website Delia Online, giving the opportunity to constantly be in touch with their readers, to share new ideas, to express their views, share interests. After all, the motto of the site "None of us are smart as all of usВ».

Delia Smith - YouTube

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