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Darren Simpson

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Darren Simpson - Biography

Italian opera with an Irish accent.

Darren Simpson, as a true fan of his profession, Darren Simpson sees in cooking is not trivial mixing certain ingredients in the right proportions, and in strict accordance with the recipe.

For him, this is one of the main sources of life with joy, bright, positive emotions.

The secret of its success lies in the fact that for every visitor he prepares essentially the same thing, but unique, unique in its own way a dish based on the recipe known only to the master.
And this dish is called happiness.

Talent requires cut, and it should be trusted only masters.

For those who have already had the pleasure of personally culinary delights created by the hands of a native of Northern Ireland, it is obvious that talent alone is not enough - feels solid experience behind him cook. Indeed, the secrets of his skill taught more than one year and not amateurs. In the sacrament of his culinary art devoted such grants, whose names are known to all gourmets planet.
Darren SimpsonDarren SimpsonDarren SimpsonDarren Simpson

Simpson acquired their skills by working with Paul Rankin, Albert Roux, under whose guidance La Gavroche became the proud bearer of 3 Michelin stars, and from under the wing of which was published many famous chefs. An important milestone in the development of this master began the period of time when he worked at River CafГ©. It was here that he was filled with the charm of Italian cuisine, which favors today.

Simpson training in the above-mentioned and other professionals took place from 1992 to 1999. This period in addition to the invaluable experience brought Simpson also the first award. After only two years of the twenty one-year Darren was awarded the title of "Young Chef of the Year" in the UK. Moreover, it was and remains the youngest chef ever to receive this award.

The Conquest of the fifth continent.

Actually, Darren Simpson did not set a goal to take over before the hearts of Australian gourmet. Once it goes out. Hedhantery Simpson recruited as a chef on behalf of the owners of the bar-restaurant Aqua Luna, located in central Sydney, close to the world famous Sydney Opera House. In 2005-2007 headed Irishman tireless team of chefs at the restaurant La Sala, is located in one of the most fashionable areas of the Australian metropolis - Surry Hills.
Darren Simpson

Further, in 2008, followed by the move had already stellar chefs, pet throughout Australia, on the northern coast. Simpson moved to a small quiet area Palm Beach. Here, he allowed himself a small and well-deserved rest, after which new forces transgressed the project, involves opening your own restaurant.

The beginning of 2010 in the cultural life of Sydney was marked by the opening of La Scala on Jersey. Darren Simpson put into this place all their energy, vitality, brightness and ease, and visitors will appreciate it. He created the concept of full menu for this institution. With a light hand of the artist from cooking, it joined a classic sophistication and modern lightness and dynamism of Italian cuisine. Darren did not forget also to take into account specific local conditions, the seasonal range of products.
Darren Simpson Darren Simpson Darren Simpson
But Simpson self-realization in this project was not limited to the development of the menu. Together with business partner Dean Haritos Irish chef involved in the development of design solutions for the restaurant and cocktail bar. As a result, the institution has turned out very nice, democratic. You can come here with the whole family: children will surely enjoy here, especially dishes from a special children's menu. From the comfort will be held here and a business lunch and a romantic dinner. In general, the restaurant creates a feeling of being powerful, sparkling energy, joy and passion. But this is all the inherent attributes of Italian flavor, including, probably, the creators of places still managed to bring to life the concept originally conceived.

One of the basic postulates, which tries to adhere to Simpson in the preparation and design of their dishes, is the desire for simplicity. However, the most sophisticated know what's what, and easily make out of this very, external simplicity of this master work, invest in each dish all his tremendous experience, bright personality and just all-consuming love and cheerfulness.

La Scala on Jersey Private Dining Room & Functions

Star chef. Doctrine "of healthy and delicious food" - to the masses.

Truly enthusiastic person is able to clock selflessly, in bright colors and with many details to share their knowledge about the favorite business. And remarkably, like speech, as a rule, regardless of the will of the speaker, dazzle the listener, forcing him to penetrate deeply into the subject of the story. And if such a passionate hobby add an open friendly smile, mischievous, sparkling look and flavor is unobtrusive Irish accent, we get Darren Simpson - popular TV presenter, pet all fans of culinary TV show in Australia.
Darren Simpson Darren Simpson Darren Simpson

Darren regularly shares the secrets of his art with the general public as part of the program of performances in Sunrise on Channel 7. He teaches viewers not to try each time to fulfill all in full compliance with the recipe, and allow yourself to experiment, though, advising, like him, strive for simplicity . Simpson also participated as chief judge in the popular show My Restaurant Rule's on the same channel. In addition, he holds the position of co-lead program on Channel Live This Lifestyle.

Charming Irishman is also in demand as a leading all kinds of events, which are the main theme of cooking or wine. But tireless chef and this is not enough. His articles are published in the pages of several prestigious glossy magazines such as Esquire Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald good living, Food Feature writer and so on.

The eternal family values.

Darren in his life sees two main sources of happiness Darren Simpson - is a favorite job, giving the inner fullness, allowing for self-actualization, and, of course, family. Celebrity chef does not rest on his professional activity even at home - his boys, Angus and Hamish, eat only food or home cooking from the restaurant menu, when with their parents go to a similar institution.

Even baby food parents prepared for them personally. Simpson believes that children should be from a young age to impart selectivity in food, commitment to quality and healthy food. In addition, they need to be trained to prepare delicious and healthy dishes with quality products independently. In his spare time, Simpson often arranges free cooking lessons for children and teenagers, which explains to them that cooking - it's quite simple and, moreover, a very exciting experience that brings joy both to the process and the result.

Their children Daren also tries to instill a love of "cooking", often involving them in the process, but without pretension to create a dynasty of chefs. He is of the opinion that the child should choose something for everyone, that it brought him joy and satisfaction, and he, as a loving dad will be glad to any choice, as long as the children were happy.

In an interview with Darren Simpson was asked if he had a role model, to which he replied that the person on whom it is always equal to, is his great-grandfather. It was he who taught once Darren little fun. And this joy of life, the ability to be happy and smile all over the world came from Northern Ireland carried through his life, trying to share the lessons learned in childhood with everyone he meets, implementing it as well as the principle of its work, that probably brought him a real success.

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