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Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay great and terrible cook.

Gordon James Ramsay - consummate restaurateur and Gordon Ramsay famous chef UK, storm chefs and lazy most scandalous star culinary showbiz. Ramzi owner of 13 Michelin stars and the main "special" in French cuisine, does not tolerate vegetarianism and running the London Marathon. In the kitchen, his main restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea suffered their culinary skills Blair and Abramovich.

Attitude to the master among fellow shop far from unambiguous. Indecent manner of Gordon Ramsay and explosive nature of unbalanced Scot not add friends to it, but rather alienate many who wanted to communicate with him. With one voice recognizing his talent, colleagues simply can not put up with his rude and too straightforward and believe that this is detrimental to its popularity.

But it does not think his fans - spectators Gordon Ramsay and his show, "Hell's Kitchen", "Kitchen Nightmares" and В«The F-WordВ». His style of cooking, appetizing comments at this memorable movements and facial expressions riveting the attention of the audience, and the usual scolding perceived nothing more than a spicy addition to showing.

В«In England there are not accustomed to, and refuelВ»

The famous Scot so no pazu Gordon Ramsay and do not recognize where it came from him - a taste for good food? "In England there are not accustomed to, and refuel without disassembling the quality of food" - somehow put it not very flattering about his tribesmen. Undergo training in France, he saw that it is possible to enjoy food, its colors. Therefore, and set out to teach it to do and his countrymen.

Today, in his numerous interviews guru is very pleased that the joint efforts of progress is: in the UK in recent years began to appear Restaurants new level, enabling the British taste this food.

Moreover, they have become less and have good food, according to Gordon Ramsay, as well as a luxurious wine, quickly brings pleasure and satiation. However, he admits that his life has long controlled the food on the food and it is built - in professional terms and in terms of getting pleasure from the process.

instead of a soccer ball Ladle

Born in the Scottish city of Johnstone, in 1976 the age of 10 he moved with his family in Statford-upon-Avon, England. Father Gordon Ramsay is not very successful businessman, his mother - a nurse. The family had four children. In childhood and adolescence he was seriously interested in soccer: playing in different age teams, and in 18 years signed a contract with the club Glasgow Rangers. However, the leg injury crossed his entire football career.
Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay
He tried to enter the Royal Navy and the police-not enough points. Yet it is hard to explain why the guy at the ninety-meter tall, dreaming of football and will not fit in the shoes size 50, opted for the restaurant business.

Already during his college career, he decides to seriously engage toque craft. During these years, manifested the qualities that formed it still under the influence of football: perseverance, commitment, teamwork. And let instead of a football field and ball in front of him were now cooker and a sharp chef's knife - ahead loomed the same success, leadership, so it was something to strive for.

В«Use your strengths and improve weaknessesВ»

After 26 years, already world-famous master says: "In cooking, there are only two ways - either you go with it, and just in front of it, or untraceable kanesh. The secret of success is to imitate you. If it does not, then you are not successful. Therefore, use your strengths and improve weaknesses."
Gordon Ramsay

In his usual eccentric manner, this brawler admitted to reporters: "I am preparing a hell of a lot." And then he added that without the constant pursuit of new ideas and constant cooking, he would never be where I am now - the owner of three Michelin stars and 69% stake in Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited.

Working 15 hours a day, it demands commitment and subordinates. He knows exactly what is happening at this moment in each of its restaurants holding - that is prepared, if maintained at the same recipe. This was made possible thanks to the set of plates cooks webcams, allows you to watch online for the operation of each of them.
Gordon Ramsay

Of course, his first after graduating from college, the workplace, Harvey's restaurant in London, there was no webcams. Yes in them and there was no need: his boss Marco Pierre Uyata worked alongside. While it is increasingly attracted the French cuisine - subtle, refined and this is not like the English. With experience, two years later, the guru goes to the famous Albert Roux in the no less famous three-star French restaurant Le Gavroche. A year later, leaving with him to France in the newly opened luxury resort in the Alps restaurant Diva.

Many years later, recalling his internship in France, he says, he felt among the French ugly boy, acutely aware of their inferiority is so arrogant seemed to him this nation.

Path to Success Gordon Ramsay.

When four years later he returned to London, he was already a mature master. He was immediately taken chef at La Tante Claire, and soon at the invitation of the same Albert Roux, he goes to Aubergine. Here also appears irrepressible nature Guru: three years of work in the restaurant a young but talented chef raised his rating to two stars.

1996. Gordon thirty. He owns a quarter of Aubergine. But this is not enough to him, he has matured to ensure that open their own restaurant. This year in general has become special for him: he published his first book, "Passion for taste", he married Elizabeth Kayetane Hatchenson, and soon leaves the Aubergine. His authority among his subordinates was so great that with him dismissed the entire staff of the restaurant - from chefs to waitresses.

And how familiar role rowdy and profanity? Its reserves for the camera. Kind of marketing ploy for his numerous television shows, moreover, very good. And then, in 1997, Aubergine were forced to close, the damage in the three months of inactivity was estimated at one million pounds sterling. So Gordon had to shake down another and problems with former companions.
Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay

Whatever it was, six months later, in 1998, on the site of La Tante Claire in Chelsea opened his first own restaurant Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, and three years later, in 2001, he already had three stars.

Also in 2001 he founded the Gordon Ramsay Holdings, who quickly stepped outside the UK. Restaurants were opened by 2-3 per year and within a short time became owners of Michelin stars. Today Ramsay Restaurant Empire has about 30 restaurants: 11 in the UK, apart from pubs, the rest abroad - in Ireland, Italy, France, UAE, USA, Canada. There are even in Japan and Australia.

This is confirmed by his numerous titles: He holds three prestigious awards Catey: as best newcomer (1995) as the best chef (2000) as the best restaurateur (2006). In 2006, he became the most influential person in the UK hospitality industry, beating Jimmy Oliver. It should be added to the above Order of the British Empire, which gave him in 2005 the Queen Elizabeth II. No less famous Scot and as a writer. He has written about 14 books, many of which have been translated into Russian.

The secret to success: be not like all

But only one restaurant business books and master would not earn half of the wide popularity that he has today. "Great and terrible," he began, thanks to television. It all started with the documentary program "Boiling Point" in 1998. But the real fame brought him the TV show В«Ramsay's Kitchen NightmaresВ», В«Hell's KitchenВ», В«The F-WordВ». Beautiful psychologist, he quickly realized that I needed to give us something to stand in a long line, in general, similar culinary show - theme demeanor. Not need to become like everyone else, and even better - to shock the viewer.

Thus, a successful, memorable name transmission "Word on the letter F» ​​was based on the coincidence of the initial letters of the words fuck and food habit and its leading star swearing over and without. The eccentric celebrity so do not skimp in terms that watch his transfer after nine in the evening, when the British censorship lifted on the word fuck, parents in the presence of children is strongly discouraged.
Gordon Ramsay

The most popular of his show "Kitchen Nightmares Ramsay" (2004) - a kind of investigation into the viability of culinary establishments. Ramsay takes any one restaurant during the week does not get out of his kitchen, meticulously studying the state of affairs, identify problems and immediately taken to solve them. All this, of course, is accompanied on his part unflattering epithets against the institution, its management and staff. One has only to imagine what all this is to listen to the shame of the. But, thanks to his experience and investment, in each case it is possible to rectify the situation.

In the end, everyone is happy with, Gordon Ramsay owners reviving institutions solemnly promise not to lower the bar, but when after a while he revisits the restaurant, often there are the same problems. Most of all, while the famous pros infuriates the reluctance of owners and staff to change something, irresponsible attitude to work, inability to position itself, which inevitably leads to ruin. But do not forget that it's still a show - so often in the presence of an insufficient number of problems in the selected object they just invented the starry host. "Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares" was a huge success and in 2004 was honored with BAFTA. In just three years left five seasons of the show. In 2007, it migrated to American TV.

In another of his famous reality show "Hell's Kitchen" (2004), the emphasis is on survival: beginners and pros will compete with each other in culinary battles. All this takes place in conditions of severe psychological pressure (primarily from the very guru) and unimaginable physical stress. Gave up the slack with the humiliation expelled, the strongest survive - and professionally and psychologically. The award - the prize money and work as a chef in one of the prestigious restaurants owned by the devil. It should say that among the newcomers was a lot of celebrities. The show is still breaking all records of popularity. Issued for 9 seasons. In 2005, began to leave the US version of the show.

The action of another of its popular program The F-Word happens in a real restaurant kitchen where the famous chef invites any star and compete with it in cooking. Guests programs define what dish more delicious. Sometimes that won and invited. Recipes winners were then used in the restaurant Ramsay.

About the dangers of showbiz and my father's concoction

His seemingly innocuous show sometimes fraught with unforeseen dangers. Thus, В«The F-WordВ» sometimes show the whole process of cooking - from capture or raising animals and birds, whose meat will go to this dish.

During one of such filming in Iceland in 2008, the famous Scot was almost killed. Hunting Atlantic Puffin, whose meat is intended to be used in an episode of the show, he fell off the cliff and fell into the icy water. For 45 seconds, until he tried dropping heavy clothing and shoes, float, he was already mentally said goodbye to life.

But there is a silver lining: the story with a happy ending a very positive impact on the (already high) rating transmission. In the first season of participation in it took the children and culinary celebrities. He has four of them: senior Megan thirteen, twins Jack and Holly - eleven, Matilde - nine. Sometimes the star's father takes culinary videos right at home, in the kitchen, which he calls a laboratory, and the family of Gordon helps him.

Therefore, in his huge London house has two kitchens - the second is preparing his wife Tana. And yet the fact that children's cooking it like it more than my mother. This was publicly stated in one of his movies "Family dinner on Sunday." However, the children were very young and did not realize how lucky they were in life ....

Good luck to you in the culinary creativity Ramsay

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - An Interview with Clare Smyth

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