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Guide rouge de Michelin

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Red priority - French authority


The history of the Michelin

"Old" restaurant guide was born a hundred years ago - back in 1900. This child break periods, born at the turn of the century, could not be innovation and breakthrough in the guidebooks , and, indeed, " Michelin Red " was the original guide to visiting culinary schools in Europe first , and then the whole world.

Unusual can be called and the fact that its founders were not restaurateurs, chefs and not even culinary critics and... tire manufacturers. Brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin is originally famous for its revolutionary tires, which helped win the prestigious cycling race unknown before this rider Charles Theron. In the following decade they greatly multiplied their achievements in this area , winning leadership in the market of "Shine" not only for cycling , but also for the rapidly incoming fashionable cars.
Guide rouge de Michelin

And at the same time, Andre and Edouard Michelin, avid travelers ourselves, we decided to help other errant motorists useful tips on long journeys where you can easily relax and have a snack. And created the first book under "car" brand "Michelin" , which initially covered only their surveys France: here were designated hotels and service stations. Several years in the publication, which came out a little 35000th copies and distributed free of charge only indicates motels category depending on the price per room, not taking into account the quality of service, cuisine, comfort and other criteria. However, even after 10 years, the popularity of the recommendations "Michelin" increases so that its contents are forced to become more exhaustive and complete, so here include an evaluation not only hotels, but also places of entertainment is good and tasty dinner or breakfast.
Guide rouge de MichelinGuide rouge de MichelinGuide rouge de Michelin

And further credibility and inclusiveness guide continues to grow exponentially. Already in 1914 he reached a circulation of 80,000 copies in its pages is a place not only French, but also Belgian, Luxembourg, Dutch, Swiss, Spanish, Portuguese, British hotels and restaurants. Oddly, the hardening position handbook further contributed to the First World War , as the French soldiers with great pleasure that used it as a practical guide for an unforgettable stay while visiting various European countries during the war .

In the postwar years, "Michelin" completely changes your status : first, ceases to be free, and secondly, fully applies to reviews of hotels and restaurants for all who need such information, and not only for motorists. And accompanied by a review of the recommendations of the best schools in this area. At the same time guide and acquires his famous red cover, which is now his business card, and sets its "star" rating system , originally based on the price criteria , excluding gastronomic factor. But a few years later, the system estimates changed: the existence of star restaurant has come to mean a positive recommendation of his kitchen is precisely gustatory priority, regardless of the price in it. A little later - in the 30 XX century asterisks marking institutions acquired the kind that we have seen on the pages of the guide today.

Many years have passed, but the popularity of the "Red Michelin Guide" has only grown, leaving long beyond Europe and covering half the world already. Unquestioned authority of the directory, go to his page for any restaurant is indispensable success and recognition. In France, the output of each issue of this guide for the culinary world is like giving the award "Oscar" in the world of cinema: it is also widely commented on in the media and has, as a rule, a large public outcry, because foodies advance wondering how to distribute the stars in the next rating who remain "a horse" and who falls overboard. And being able to check in at the "Michelin" is a huge incentive to work for many famous and talented chefs and restaurateurs.

An appetizer

Preparation and drafting rating

The technology of compiling restaurant rated "Michelin" is quite simple: Inspectors - foodies visit fine dining establishments around the world , and then based on what he saw and Savour decide the fate of a particular institution. But only at first look, in fact there are a lot of interesting nuances and subtleties.

First, all the culinary critics, inspectors are to official state employees "Michelin", which is not any more one other restaurant guide. This officious has certain advantages : the inspectors take their job very seriously, fulfill it systematically and meticulously, their status editorial staff "Michelin" and its authority opens the door to even those doors that are usually very difficult to get. This situation eventually affects the nature of the material of the guide - he becomes more objective and significant.

Secondly, the experts are incognito, ie no one in the restaurant does not know who exactly of visitors a culinary inspector. He appears and reveals his name only after eat and pay off the bill. Therefore, restaurateurs, eager to get into the highly rated "Michelin" must constantly be alert and take a closer look to each guest.

Thirdly, the review process is not limited to the restaurant tasting its cuisine, although this point is key. After the meal, be sure to inspect the inspectors kitchen area, utility room, talking to restaurant owners, chefs and other workers. Also taken into consideration criteria such as comfort of the restaurant hall, interior style, atmosphere places, quality of service, etc., that is, anything that creates an overall impression from visiting places. Naturally, such an approach can not be specific evaluation criteria , it all depends on the competence and preferences inspectors who have backed the views of other restaurant patrons, expressed in letters to the editors guide coming in large numbers - more than 23 thousand annually. Yet , often as a reproach, we hear statements that the experts preference for French cuisine to bypass other, talking about it and statistics on which Parisian restaurants have more stars than similar institutions in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands combined.

And yet, the main object of evaluation - a restaurant kitchen. Therefore , most attention is rewarded inspectors chefs and their work , and from them depends primarily on whether to get a cherished institution star or not. All other factors - related advantages, critical they have not.

Some restaurants awarded several visits , especially already having a star "Michelin" fine dining establishments. After rating is not established once and for all, it changes every year, and the star may well be removed and given to another applicant, sat down for this will, according to experts, serious grounds.

More interesting is the fact that credit assessment inspectors "Michelin" given only to restaurants with "high" author cuisine. Stylized national flavor, glamorous fashion and entertainment will never enter here - this is not a suitable format for the guide as a culinary factor in such places is not the principal, and therefore does not have a proper high-level a priori. And the fact that the directory only really get star of the culinary world, says the reputation of the guide: it is firm, strong and authoritative for everyone who has to haute cuisine. Score "Michelin" - is undoubtedly a sign of quality of a great restaurant.

Specialty of the house
Form and content of the guide

What actually is a "Michelin Guide" inside and outside? What lies beneath a bright cover and what appears eyes and mind of this foodie?

Externally directory is a small-format book, printed on tissue paper, which, nevertheless, contains a wealth of useful information, the optimal amount : about ten thousand addresses institutions in Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland, as well as North American countries. Such "satellite" no problem to take in any journey, because it easily fits in your bag or glove compartment of the car and weighs quite a bit.

Contents of the guide many call too compressed and cold : there is little text ( usually a description of a pair of phrases), a lot of characters and symbols that characterize a glance institution has detailed maps. This internal structure is convenient for foreigners as a universal sign language will be understood by anyone, regardless of where they live, however, in the largest countries guide goes to the national local language, for example, in Italy in Italian, German in Germany, etc. But the accompanying text is non-binding nature , describing most of the restaurant's atmosphere and does not carry any specific information and evaluation . Those who want to learn about vending location details should refer to another, more detailed publication.

The guide is published once a year, every room faces the same day - March 1.

" Starfall " and other ratings. As mentioned above, each institution is evaluated culinary guide "Michelin" by assigning a certain number of stars - one, two, or three . Under this star sign is going to many factors, and determining the status of the restaurant: quality basic ingredients, especially their preparation , the combination of flavors, fancy chefs design dishes and, above all, the stability of maintaining high quality standards. But the final result of evaluation is also affected by the extent to which the inspector liked the quality of beverages, service, table, the general atmosphere in the institution, etc. With no restrictions on obtaining stars does not exist, even in theory three-star restaurants can be specified in the guide you want, it all depends on them.

Top ranking places form having three stars - is " exceptional cuisine, worth a special trip." Such an assessment has only about 80 restaurants in the world , 20 of them are located in France . It can safely be sent real foodies and art lovers author haute cuisine from the greatest chefs of our time. Some restaurants do not reduce your star status for many years , yet they continue to operate "star" chefs defining fashion in this area , such as, for example , Paul Bocuse , Georges Blanc, Michel Troisgros, Michel Gerard , etc.

Just below - two-star culinary place here " excellent cuisine , if you close , it is worth a look ." Behind the scenes is this status means that the dishes here already can be equated to the works of culinary art. Interestingly, the famous restaurant critic Pascal Remy , a former inspector "Michelin" , advises gourmets visit is two-star restaurants , along also with one star , because it believes that intense competition between them has a positive effect on the quality of food that everyone wants to do even better.

And the bottom - one star, which shows , however , that it was " a very good restaurant ." And this is a very serious award from the "Michelin" , for which many schools would go to all . It means that the restaurant is the best in its category ( by Cuisine ) .

In addition, there is a special reward "Rising Star" , which is awarded is rated restaurants with lots of potential experts "Michelin" , which can bring a full-fledged institution star in the future.

Star ratings are never random , and just like the sky is not falling , so they are very difficult to obtain , but it is quite possible to lose . Of not insured famous chefs or places with world titles. If the inspector who visited the institution , said the changes in his kitchen to the downside , then without delay deprives him of all privileges and status . This sometimes leads to tragic consequences . So widely known for the notorious case of the suicide of Bernard Loiseau - the owner of a three-star French restaurant "Gold Coast" after the loss of two stars.
Guide rouge de Michelin

It should also be noted that the institution - zvezdovladeltsy have no right to mention his status in the guide "Michelin" for any purpose , the privilege belongs only to the directory. Violators ruthlessly excluded from the ranking and have more chances there will never get there .

In addition to stars in " Red Michelin Guide " there are other symbols that characterize the restaurants and hotels on other criteria , except for the kitchen :
- crossed spoon and fork icon pavilion and comfort mean a restaurant or hotel (there may be from 1 to 5 ) , it is understood that in such a place an appropriate environment , excellent service and support, one sign - " cozy restaurant " 5 - " luxury ", red speaks of" a pleasant experience ", etc. ;
- Image of a head on the pillow is the degree of comfort in a hotel - coins show the maximum price meals in local terms , as well as an international currency - euros or dollars ;
- Picture of grapes or a cocktail glass suggests that the restaurant offers an interesting set of exclusive wines or cocktails.

In general , as noted above, such symbolism helps to understand at a glance , what a restaurant in front of us and what individual qualities he possesses.


Interesting facts about and "Michelin"

Yet , talking about the guide "Michelin" can not mention another famous figure, having a direct bearing on this brand . This Bibendum - man of Tyre , which was long ago recognized and directly associated with motor activity of the company "Michelin" . He was born thanks to the creative imagination of Edouard Michelin , who accidentally saw a stack of tires stacked on each other, the human figure is very bulky size. But this idea would have remained at the level of intention, if not another lucky break : the artist - advertiser O'Galop showed Eduardo concept beer commercials , which included drawing thick brewer , which is extremely reminded owner Michelin his own imaginary creation . So was born "Man - of - the tires ." His name was borrowed from the Latin expression winged authored by Horace : В«Nunc est bibendum!В» (В« Drink, so now ! "), Shown in the poster with the brewer . Edward adapted it for his own concept that good tire like " drink " any surprises and bumps on the road at the right time , it is here and now .
Guide rouge de Michelin

In addition, guided "Michelin" related and other interesting facts accumulated over its long history of existence.

For example, during World War II Allied forces in Normandy faced difficulties due to the fact that the Germans completely destroyed the system of road signs , depriving U.S. soldiers opportunities to navigate the terrain . And if Washington decided to restore it using the information guide "Michelin" and the presentation of the card.

Reference has not only red cover , but also leaves in green. In " Green Michelin Guide " contains only the information of geography : maps, guides , attractions and places of interest.

Guide visited and literary character - a brilliant story Gerald Durrell " from Michelin Man ", which entered into the book "Picnic and other outrages ." In particular, it describes a situation waiting the arrival of the inspector , which no one knows in person, but that really want to calculate in advance and prepare for his visit .

To date, reference is available in 12 languages ​​, such as French , Italian, Spanish , English, German and other European languages, but Russian is not among them , because in Russia there is no restaurant with a star "Michelin" . Of conditional closest to us in the guide mentioned only Prague restaurant «La Veranda», created by Ukrainian restaurateurs - natives of Odessa Yuri Kolesnikov and his partner Savely Libkin .

To exit the hundredth anniversary of the issue of " Michelin " on the Internet opened a special website, which is a list of restaurants participating in so-called " gourmet Month ", organized tours . Here are addresses of shops where you can buy all the numbers from 1 to guide 100 in a special decoration.

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Guide rouge de Michelin