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Guy Fieri

Biography Guy Fieri.

Career ladder.

California guy Guy Fieri is known, Guy Fieri as an extraordinary personality and extravagant chef. Fieri was born January 22, 1968. American restaurateur, author, popular TV personality, at the same time co-owner of five restaurants in California.

Love for food and cooking originated in his age of 10, when he was selling delicious pretzels in his three-wheeled trailer «The Awesome Pretzel», built with his father. Although Guy is nowhere specifically trained chef secrets, he began working at different restaurants during his studies at school.

After graduating from high school in 1987, Guy Fieri found work at «Stouffer's», developing restaurant in southern California. Just Fier led the main restaurant of this network, located in Long Beach, California. Three years later, he became district manager «Louise's Trattoria».

So, selling pretzels, washing dishes, and then directing the restaurants Guy Fieri earned enough money to study abroad as an exchange student in Chantilly (France). It was there that he gained a full appreciation of international cuisine and the associated lifestyle. Fier studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduated in 1990 as Bachelor of Science in hotel administration.

In late 1996, Guy Fieri, along with his business partner Steve Gruber decided to open «Johnny Garlic's». This is a famous Italian restaurant located in Santa Rosa, California. A second restaurant they opened in Windsor in 1999, the third in Petaluma in 2000, and the fourth in Rozevil in 2008.

A little later, in 2003, in Santa Rosa, the partners engaged in the development of the restaurant «Tex Wasabi's». The second such institution was opened in 2007 in Arden Arakada. In 2011, the partners decided to open another «Johnny Garlic's» in Dublin, California.

Always striving to improve the restaurant industry, Guy Fieri is known as the three-term president of the Restaurant Association «Redwood Empire». Moreover, he is on the Board of Directors of the Educational Foundation of the Restaurant Association of California.

Fantastic showman.

After winning the second season of «The Next Food Network Star» in April 2006, Guy Fieri had the opportunity to run their own show on the channel «Food Network». Show called «Guy's Big Bite» aired June 25, 2006. The second season of the program was broadcast in early 2007. And in April 2007, the premiere of the program «Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives», this program, which Fieri talks about his travels and visiting local eateries.

In the words of a popular edition «The New York Times» Fieri program - not just a cooking show, a professionally designed reality - show. In February 2008, the program is aired «Ultimate Recipe Showdown», where the co-host Guy is Marc Summers. Program «Guy Off the Hook» debuted in September 2008. Other programs that have become popular thanks to Guy Fieri is «Dinner: Impossible», «Guy's Family Feast», «Paula's Party», «Ace of Cakes», «The Best Thing I Ever Ate» and many others.
In December 2009, the broadcasting company «NBC» declared Guy host of the show «Minute to Win It», which premiered in March 2010. In the same year «Food Network» Fieri made his face channel. A publication of «the New York Times» reported that primetime shows Fieri attract more male audience than any other program. Two years later, in January 2012, Guy was one of the team captains in the show «Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off ».

Master pen.

In addition to all the other talents Guy Fieri Guy Fieri - a great writer. In 2008 he published a book that are based on the popular show «Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: An All-American Road Trip ... with Recipes!» This book contains many recipes and memories, learn while traveling Guy. Other equally successful of his works, it conquered many readers «More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Another Drop-Top Culinary Cruise Through America's Finest» and «Funkiest». In May 2011, on the shelves appears first cookbook Guy Fieri called «Guy Fieri Food», which contains more than 120 recipes, high-quality color photos and useful tips on cooking. All editions Guy Fieri, of course, are best sellers.


It is known that in 2009 Guy Fieri began his new tour program «Guy Fieri Roadshow». Moreover, he refuses to take part in events such as the «Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival» and «South Beach Food and Wine Festival». Fieri takes an active offer in shooting commercials, including shooting in advertising «Aflac».

Fieri is making a significant contribution to the implementation of the program in which parents try to teach the basics of cooking their children. For example, California state law officially declared the second Saturday of May holiday called «Cook With Your Kids Day». And in 2011, the program was officially launched. The main objective of this program is to teach children to correct and healthy diet.

Among other things, Guy Fieri military inspired culinary professionals with their instructions and passion for the beloved.

"Fried food - it's the last thing I order"

Fieri so precisely and correctly expressed regarding the eating habits of the people, that it could not agree more: "Do not eat as much as we eat." And the truth is, everyone sitting at the table, should remember that it is better to get out from behind the desk with a small sense of hunger. Personally, Guy Fieri, a fan of good pasta and light tomato sauce, and a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, prefers to eat small meals several times a day.
Guy Fieri
Fier categorically rejects all fried. Using his skills and experience, he can cook perfectly crispy chicken wings in the oven. Very often, Guy calls himself a nice spicy guy, because he loves "bold" flavors.

You can not judge a book by its cover!

Friendly, funny enthusiast Guy Fieri often perceive not the way it really is. Many consider him wild, crazy and balanced person, as well as selfish and that looks more important for him than food. However, it is deeply mistaken view. Perhaps because of its such an extraordinary appearance, quite unusual for a typical chef, he causes a lot of heated discussions regarding his person.
Guy Fieri Guy Fieri
So what if he has bleached hair sticking out spikes in different directions; Well, what if he has a lot of tattoos. Is it prevents it from being popular and successful professional, for which fans are ready for everything.

Cool dude cool and father.

Currently, Guy Fieri lives in California with his wife and two sons Hunter and Ryder. Guy madly loves his family and tries as much as possible to spend time with her. For him no stranger to family values ​​and family concerns, so he is in his sunny California with joy bringing up children: takes them to school, kindergarten, walks with them, ride a bike or even trying them addicted to their favorite cause in life - cooking.
Guy Fieri Guy Fieri Guy Fieri
Along with his wife, Fieri trying to be, at least for a half, with the same excellent parents for their children, what are his own mom and dad. The most important thing for Guy is not to lose the close relationship that exists between him and his boys. It is hoped that this will never happen.

Guy Fieri Dub: HOT for Hungarian

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