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Gabriel Bremer

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Biography Gabriel Bremer.

A child with a key!

Gabriel Bremer was born in 1977Gabriel Bremer in Concord - the administrative center of the state of New Hampshire, on the river. Merrimack. Increased Gabliel outside Cleveland in Lakewood, Ohio.

When Bremer was four years old his grandfather pulled a chair up to the plate to Gabrielle was able to get up to the plate and help cook. As a child Gabriel on Sunday with his mother worked pastries. They bake all kinds of breads. To go to school Gabrielle began to prepare to get the money. In high school, Gabrielle was a kid with a key that is in high school, which was left to himself, because his parents were busy at work.

Gabriel wanted to write a weekly menu, shopping and cooking dinner, but he tried not to think about all of this, as was strongly focused on his music career. After high school, he and his family opened a store in Portland. She worked for about two years. After they closed it because there was too much food and coffee shop has become a place for lunch. How much food, visitors and staff was not the fact that his family wanted.

Life studio musician is not very rosy.

During his musical career Bremer made several jazz projects with the Cleveland Orchestra. But the more he advanced in his musical career, the more he became convinced that the chances of getting a job with the orchestra were very small, and that the life of a studio musician is not very rosy. At age 18 he left the American Conservatory and decided it would be to cook and finds time to play the music on the side.

Bremer did not attend music school. As he himself says he was lucky to work with the right people in the right place, which provided him with more traditional learning - the simultaneous practice and theory in the field of cooking.

After receiving the award from the James Beard Chef Sam Hayward restaurant В«Fore Street RestaurantВ» in Portland, Bremer realized that his career may be in the kitchen. Bremer got a job in a restaurant В«Fore Street RestaurantВ» Hayward, executive chef who at the time was Esau Crosby. Sam Hayward during their joint work has taught him much more things than just the art of cooking. Sam gradually pushed Gabriel Bremer in the right direction. During their co-operation has been done a lot of trial and error, Gabrielle just to educate ourselves, devoting much time to study and research the culinary works of other famous chefs from around the world.

The first beginnings!

Do not engaged in careful deliberation Bremer opened his first restaurant В«Gabriel'sВ» in Portland. Then in 2000 he moved to Boston to get there chef В«RialtoВ», where he received another award under the direction of James Beard Chef Judy Adams. In March 2004, Bremer and his wife, Analia Verolo, opened a new restaurant В«SaltsВ» in Cambridge. The restaurant is located on the central square in Cambridge and its clients are first people living in the area near the restaurant, and then when his fame was sold and connoisseurs of haute cuisine.
Gabriel BremerGabriel BremerGabriel Bremer
The restaurant offers a menu in which udvchno mixed American and European flavors. At this point, Bremer does not see himself in a different place than В«SaltsВ», he is their strength and soul invested in him to do even better. Chef Bremer seeks to preserve its menu simple, maintaining creativity and sophistication. Pet peeve, or shall we say phobia Gabrielle is dirt in the workplace. He has a very small kitchen, and he tries to keep it in a perfect cleanliness. Great influence on the cuisine of the restaurant Gabriel had people like Michel Bras and Ferran Adria.
Gabriel Bremer Gabriel Bremer Gabriel Bremer Gabriel Bremer
The space is now occupied by a restaurant Gabriel Bremer "Salt" earlier in the course of two decades was a place of fine dining restaurants and inherited as old and exquisite equipment. With a small budget Bremer uses these unique curiosities. Officers Gabriel Bremer, anal Veroli, and their team of the restaurant В«SaltsВ» committed to working hard and trying to use in their work the best products from the earth.

A simple philosophy of ordinary people.

The philosophy of the restaurant enough Gabriel Bremer is simple and is to return dining concept in everyday life and to give full attention to the client, no matter who it is - a person who lives next door and wandered on salad and a glass of wine, or a foodie who is engaged in wine tasting. The purpose of the restaurant: not a lot to push the boundaries, as well as creative and fun to lyudam opportunity to spend time, but not in the order they come in the restaurant pondered what does still cooked a particular dish. That is, in other words, the purpose of the restaurant lies to make people think about the combination of flavors and textures that may be unique, but the use of fragrances that they know and understand.

Menu of his restaurant Bremer is trying to formulate as easy as possible, so that people come to the restaurant did not feel uncomfortable due to the fact that they do not understand the menu. Although the menu is creative, but it still remains recognizable. This again follows from philosophy, is fundamental in the restaurant Gabriel Bremer and his wife.

All fresh vegetables such as onions, poreyu, carrots, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and plenty of tomatoes restaurant gets a heirloom - a farm owned by his father. The farm is located outside of Concord, New Hampshire, and to her about an hour away. Father Gabriel always take care of her.
Gabriel BremerGabriel Bremer
in 2007, Bremer was awarded the В«Food and Wine 'sВ» in the category "Best New chef". He also appeared in the pages of magazines "Culinary Arts" and "Travel and Leisure". My favorite cookbook is a book of Gabriel Paco Torreblanca "We are at the peak of the sugar in the kitchen."

Tip future chefs from Gabriel Bremer is: "Before you spend money and time to go to culinary school, find a restaurant to work there for a year or two."

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Biography Gabriel Bremer